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And for my latest obession….

So one saturday morning of too much coffee and hgtv marathons, I decided that I would start making hair pins (since im a graphic designer, it seemed like the same thing?) After many trial runs and blisters on my fingers from hot glueing (the glue is very HOT.. who woulda thought?!), I finally succeeded. Ah my first precious flower, so satisfying.

Well about 25 pins later im still enjoying it, and cant stop. Im even dreaming about different patterns (addicted much?) I use all fabrics that I already have, mostly shirts that I havent worn in years, I also use old buttons for a dash of cuteness. They are super fun and super easy! I love making different patterns and textures, and using items that I have around the house (paper towels and cupcake holders word great too!). Looking forward to perfecting my style and branching out to rings, earings and shoe clips :)


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