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March 7, 2011

Nosh…a light snack

So here is the final package design for my Capstone Project. I chose 3 different flavors, the one pictured below is the “Savory Salsa Hummus” for Nosh. I wanted the package to be modern & simple, to attract urban couples and families. The concept behind the brand, was to create a healthy snack alternative that is ready with no preparation. The word nosh means a “light snack” which is exactly what this is, its made from chickpeas, spices and olive oil. Healthy & Delish! And coming from an anti-hummus person only a short time ago (dont judge me), I have now come to the good side and I like to think of myself as a Hummus-pusher.

You dont like hummus?

Its because of the word isnt it?

I know.. but look at my beautiful packaging! Just give it a try.. (this is where the customers will fall in love with Nosh & go from Hummus Haters to Hummus Lovers)…a girl can dream, right?

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