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June 3, 2012

Handy Dandy Bag O’ Buttons


So this past weekend was my cousins baby shower, and I wanted to give a gift that was personalized and unique. After hours pinning on Pinterest, I was inspired to create a button covered canvas with the baby’s first initial. Since it was for a little boy’s room I kept the color scheme pretty neutral but of course had to throw the ribbon hanger on there too 🙂

Total Project Time is about an hour and a half.

Supplies You’ll Need:

-scissors   -hot glue gun   -needle and thread   -blank canvas (any size)

-ribbon    -fabric (to cover the canvas)    -bag O’ buttons


Step 1

Once you have all your supplies the first step is to cover your canvas in your chosen fabric, I used burlap. Measure the size of the canvas (mine was 8in x 10in).  Add about half an inch all the way around to cover the sides of the canvas. NOTE: Ive also done this project using scrapbook paper instead of fabric and it worked just as good.

Pull the fabric tight around all edges and staple into place (you could hot glue the fabric if you don’t want to staple it).


Step 2

Cut out your letter to size using scrap paper. You could use a stencil but I just free handed mine. Next lay it on top of the canvas where you want the design to be and trace around your letter. I used a thin marker, you want the line to be visible so you know where to sew your buttons. This line will be covered up when your all finished.


Step 3

Once you have the shape of your letter traced onto the canvas you can start sewing your buttons in to place. This entire project required about 50 buttons. I chose to use dark brown buttons but you could use any color or multiple colors. I found it to be easier to start from the top and work your way down. It’s better to start with the larger buttons and then use the smaller ones to fill in the gaps. You could also hot glue the buttons instead of sew them, but I think sewing them is a little more sturdy. This part is the longest, it takes about 45 minutes to sew all the buttons into place.


Step 4

Once you have all your buttons sewn on the final step is to hot glue a ribbon to the back to hang the canvas. Lastly (this step is optional) I glued ribbon around the entire canvas edge and topped it off with more buttons. This adds just the finishing touch but you could easily leave it off.

And VOILA! Easy Right?! This makes such a great gift and is sure to add that extra cuteness to any room .


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