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September 13, 2012

Dollar Store frame… MAKEOVER

Last weekend I had a girls night & decided to give my dollar store picture frame a makeover. I was recently at Peir 1 and saw a felt flower picture frame, for $45.00! I don’t know about you but I am cheap and crafty, so I grabbed some felt and went to cutting and glueing! The entire project costs a total of $4.00, not too bad right?!

-$1.00 picture frame, -$2.00 for the bag of marbles, – $1.00 for 4 sheets of red felt (8 x 10), and I already had the hot glue and scissors.

Step ONE: use your current picture frame, any size will do.

STEP TWO: Take your felt peices, and cut as many circles as you can.. I just free handed the circles and cut them out, but you can use the cap to a jar or the bottom of a paper tube to trace your circles.

STEP THREE: Cut your felt circle in an inward spiral. In the shape of a snail.

STEP FOUR: Roll the flower up starting from the inner curcle to the outer edge. And then hot glue the nd of the flower closed. Now this next step is optional. To give the flowers a more unique look I took a lighter and lightly singed the top of the flowers, it gives them some nice dimension.

STEP FIVE: Repeat about 500 times, well maybe just about 3o times, just enough to cover the front of the frame & the sides.Once you have created enough flowers to completely cover the frame (do not cover the bottom so that the picture has a flat surface to stand on), then glue them one by one onto your frame. I chose to cover the 3 sides as well.

And once I had the frame covered I added clear pebbles from hobby lobby ( only $2.00 per bag).

So total cost of the project was $4.00 which is pretty good compared to a $45.00 frame 🙂

Happy crafting!!

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