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September 15, 2012

I love lamp

Happy Saturday everyone! I bought this lamp about a year ago from goodwill. I paid $.99 for the stand. It was a very outdated gold color. And I spray painted the base silver. Then I bought a $10 plain white shade from Target. I have had it in my office for a while and it bothers me that it’s pretty boring. So I decided to jazz it up. The whole project took about an hour, not too bad.

-Supplies you’ll need:
-acrylic paint or fabric paint
-paint brush or foam brush
-stencil or free hand your design
-tape (this is very important)
-paper towel

First: Place your stencil on your shade where you want it, and tape it down. (I tried without taping it down and the stencil moved around too much causing the paint to smudge. I used scotch tape but you could use painter’s tape.
Second: Using your paint brush fill in the entire stencil.
Third: If you are creating an all over pattern like I did, it is important to wipe down the back side of the stencil after every use. Otherwise you will get paint smudges on the shade.
Fourth: Keep rotating your shade and placing the stencil in the exact place you want the design. You could create an all over pattern or just a couple designs.

I think it turned out pretty cute, I added a couple burlap flowers too, but those are optional. Happy Crafting!

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