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January 30, 2013

Buffalo Chicken French Bread

So it all started when David came home Sunday night with a bottle of Buffalo Sauce and Ranch Dressing (he sure does know the way to my heart..)  I’m usually not a big fan of buffalo sauce or anything spicy for that matter.. But for some reason I was intrigued by the new ingredients.. So to my handy dandy Pinterest I turned.. And I found this recipe that was OMG mouth drooling over. Once again How Sweet it is, astounded me by her amazing recipe!! I followed her recipe for Buffalo Chicken French Bread. It was super easy and SOOOO delish!

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Ingredients Needed:
-raw chicken breast (approx 2 peices of chicken)
-half a loaf of french bread
– Handful of Shredded Cheese
-Sprinkle of Gorgonzola Cheese
-3 tablespoons of chives / green onions (enough for garnish)
-half a cup of buffalo sauce
-2 tablespoons of ranch
-2 tablespoons of minced garlic

Heat your oven to broil on LOW. I figured this out after slicing my french bread and burning when I turned my broiler to HIGH. So lesson learned, LOW is the setting to choose. Slice your french bread into 2″ thick slices (depending on how many people you are serving). Place your slices on a nonstick cookie sheet and broil on LOW for about 2 minutes then set the bread aside. While they are broiling, dice your chicken up and place into a medium size sauce pan on Medium Heat. Cook the chicken thoroughly for about 8 minutes. Next add your garlic to the chicken, sautee for about 2 minutes. Then add your buffalo sauce to the chicken, sautee another 2 minutes. Then brush your french bread slices with a thin layer of ranch dressing, top with the chicken mixture and a heaping handul of the shredded cheese and sprinkle with the gorgonzola cheese.
Broil your slices on LOW for about 5-6 minutes until the cheese is bubbly and ENJOY!

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