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March 13, 2013

Run girl Run

Okay so I have to admit that alot of my posts lately have been about food & recipes.. haha can you tell I LOVE cooking?! But theres’s also been another hobby of mine that has been making my life more interesting too!! And that is RUNNING!! So this post is actually a little late, I should have posted a while ago BUT you know better late than never, right?! I am creating a new “page” on my blog “Run Girl Run” … which is dedicated to my love of running. And by love, I mean my love/hate relationship with running. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy it.. but theres def days I don’t want to do it, and then I do it anyway and end up feeling so much better! Not only is it a great stress relief but I have been able to do my training with my dad! Which is awesome. My parents only live 45 minutes away, but between working full time and running my etsy store on the nights and weekends, my spare time is pretty full with activites. So my dad and I have made it a point to have our long runs on Saturday mornings. For the past couple of months we’ve met once a week and ran anywhere from 4-9 miles in training for the Donna Hicken Half Marathon.

Race Number
And then on February 17th, we DID IT!! After working so hard and spending my Saturday mornings getting up at 6 am and driving to St.Augustine and running with my dad, we finally completed the Donna Half Marathon!! This was my fourth half marathon (Ive done the Disney Half marathon twice and did the Donna Half last year too) and I have to say I think it was my favorite Half so far! That could be partially to the fact that I loved being able to spend one on one time with my dad (did I mention I’m a daddy’s girl?!) and he listened to me talk about graphic design, natural life, all about the ups and downs of my etsy store, my latest pinterest project & my adventures with cooking, hes so great! 
Half Marathon Day
Insert Instagram caption “4:45 am wake up call, 30 minute delay start & crazy traffic.. getting ready to run my fourth half marathon with my dad.. PRICELESS!!” And even in Florida it was FREEZING!! OMG the whole race was sooo cold, okay yes I sound like a brat seeing that the average temperatures in Florida are 90 degrees, BUT it just happened to be SOOOOO cold the day of the race! But we sucked it up 😉
Start of race
The start line!! Finally.. I was so excited & freezing, but mostly excited!
Beach Run
this was my Favorite part of the run.. the beach!!
Mile 10
Only 3 more miles! Honestly I felt really good at this point, except for the bottom of my feet. I started to realize that maybe I need to retire my running shoes and get new ones. They have been very loyal BUT I could really tell after 2 years I need a new pair. BUT I was happy that for the most part I really didn’t feel tired or anything, overall I felt really good! Which made me so happy that my 4 months of training really paid off! I followed the Hal Higdon Training Schedule, which was great! It was alot of hardwork but I could tell my endurance was really up.
Half Marathon Finish
We did it!! Woop Woop!! Such an amazing feeling to complete my 4th half marathon with my dad! I think our official time was a little over 3 hours (about a 13-14 minute mile pace) which was pretty good… I will talk about my improved pace in a later post 🙂
Okay so now I have to brag a little bit.. my dad has seriously completed like a Jillion Half Marathons (okay maybe not a jillion, but at least 12 or more, hes also done his fair share of FULL marathons probably 10 or more, I dont know the exact number but he is TRULY my inspiration and is such an amazing man!! I’m so glad that he has inspired me to be a runner and encourages me to reach my goals too! Now I just have to pick my next half marathon to train for.. Disney Wine & Dine?! I’ll keep you posted.

For my half marathon training schedule I followed: Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Schedule 
To learn more about the Donna Half Marathon: Finish Breast Cancer
*PS one of the reasons I LOVE the Donna Half Maraton is that 100% of proceeds go to finding a cure for breastcancer!! So awesome! Go get your RUN on!!

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