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April 13, 2013

Happy Birthday.. now eat some fruit

This past weekend was my neices birthday party. I wanted to bring an appetizer but the idea of adding more cupcakes to the already-hopped-up-on-sugar children, seemed like a bad idea. I thought fruit would be a good snack and if it was “cute” maybe the kids would want it more than the cupcakes.. Okay who am I kidding.. what child doesn’t want cupcakes. BUT the fruit boquet was a hit! And was ALL gone by the end of the party. I guess kid’s liked it afterall.


I have to say I was really intimidated of this idea at first and thought it was going to be SUPER hard. It wasn’t necessarily “easy” but once you get the hang of it, its smooth sailing. And I do apologize I didn’t take any pictures of the “in progress” action.
AND see that adorable mermaid cake in the picture.. her Dad made it. YES her dad, it came out sooo cute and all the kids loved it!

Supplies Needed:
-Fruit ( I used one large cantalope & a bag of grapes)
-vase or container for your boquet
-ribbon for accent
-dipping sticks
-styrofoam base to stick your fruit into (I used a 4″ one from Micheals”
-kale or lettuce to “fill the vase”
-cookie cutters – I used flower shaped ones

So all you have to do is slice flat peices of your fruit. Honestly cantalope was hard to  work with, trying to get the slices to have enough “flesh” to fill the cookie cutter was annoying, I might use watermelon next time. But just cut your shapes out, then use grapes to stick either in the middle or on top of them. Push with the stick and insert into the styrofoam base. Now do this about a hundred times..haha maybe not a hundred but at least 30. I also added chocolate dipped marshmellows too.. because come on, you have to have a little chocolate in the mix! Once you fill your entire vase just insert small peices of kale or lettuce into the base to hide your styrofoam. I tied a pink ribbon to finish it off. And there you have it! I’m definitly going to be doing this one again.. maybe I’ll take more pictures next time 😉


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