Let’s Get Real: Jamie Eason Live Fit Challenge

Let’s get real for a second shall we?
Don’t worry there will be loads of DIY tutorials, free printables and Recipe Updates in the weeks to come. This weeks blog post is very personal and I’m going to open up about a few things going on in my life!

{Deep Breath, Okay here goes}

Since I love you all I thought I would share, in a way its very therapeutic for me to write down my thoughts, whether anyone else is going to care or not is to be determined :)

I LOVE my job doing product development /graphic design at Natural Life, I also LOVE creating invites for my etsy store.  However I have recently realized between working 40 hours a week PLUS the minimum 30 hours a week I spend on my Etsy orders (usually at night and on the weekends) I am working about 70 hours a week! I LOVE all of it but unfortunately I (as much as I hate to admit it) cannot do it all right now. It has left me with little time for my husband, family and friends and lastly myself. I have put soooo much effort into my work and my etsy that I have forgotten about myself and what I need.

As you know I ran the Donna Hicken Half Marathon in February and LOVED it, Im also planning on doing the St.Augustine Half Marathon in November. I Love running but I have been so focused on these other main areas that I wasn’t able to give quite as much attention on my running / training as I would have liked. I honestly I have a tendency to get bored with just running alone.

So here I am in August, after much prayer (and talking it over with my husband) I have decided to (EEEEEKKK I even hate typing it) put my Etsy store on hold for a while. This could be a couple months, it could be just for a few weeks, I am not sure and don’t want to put a deadline on it (I will still be doing custom orders for close friends but will not be opening up & accepting new orders for a while). Right now I know I need to focus on my marriage, my relationship with God, and mainly myself. I need to remember why I LOVE graphic design instead of getting burnt out from it. This is a HUGE challenge for me since I have a tendency to try and carry so much at one time and hate to admit when I need to slow down & reevaluate.

This isnt a new years resolution, it’s not a “I want to be better by Christmas” game plan, it’s not a “I cant handle this so Im quiting” this is simply “a step back and putting my priorities where they should be” life change.

This may seem easy but for me, I have worked so hard in school that my career is something I am so passionate about and it is difficult to put my Etsy store on hold even if for the best reason. Okay with all that being said this leads me to my discovery of the Jamie Eason 12 week Live Fit Challenge.

Let’s be honest when I go to the gym I run on the treadmill, I might throw a couple crunches and pushups in there, but I never touch the weight machines. Not necessarily because I don’t want to but mainly because I don’t know the proper way to use them and I don’t want to look like the stupid person trying to do squats on the pull up bar (okay thats a little dramatic but you get what I’m saying).

So what better way to meet all these needs?! The LiveFit challenge is not only going to make me RIPPED (haha probably not ripped but hopefully toned & a few pounds lighter) but it’s also a great way to set some personal goals and remind myself that I am worth that hour a day in the gym, that’s my time to get all my frustrations out & prove to myself I can lift weights and KNOW what I’m doing! Working out is not a punishment, its a privilage and I need to remind myself of that often, and not just by running on the treadmill. I want to spend the next 3 months really dedicated to my family, fitness and overall health. I have a really close girlfriend who is taking on this challenge with me and who actually introduced me to the program. I cannot tell you what a difference it makes when you know someone is waiting for you at the gym, that their time is valuable too! I highly recommend doing this program with a friend!

For the next 12 weeks I’m going to blog about my entire experience. Log all of my food, share my recipes and workouts!
I am doing this mainly to keep myself accountable and be a reminder why I started this program BUT also in hopes to inspire others! It’s not easy and in fact I haven’t done a MAJOR evaluation in a LOOONNNG time! This is going to have ups and downs and challenges along the way. I know there will be blood sweat and tears (okay hopefully not blood, eek!) but I know it’s worth it! Might I add that this program is FREE! What I know?! Crazy right? So now there’s no excuse!


So who’s with me?! Want to make your health and fitness a priority for the next 12 weeks?

Every Sunday I’m going to post all my food from the past week, my workout schdule and my thoughts on the experience so far! Stay tuned, tommorrow I will be sharing my experience from the first week :)



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