Jamie Eason Live Fit Challenge {Week 2}

This is a recap of the end of my second week of doing  Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Challenge.

So far so good! I think I’m gettin the hang of this thing! I’ve lost 8 pounds so far! Woo Hoo!
Which is more than I thought I had, it feels really good to know my hardwork is paying off!

The clean eating is going good! I think spending 5 hours on Sunday meal prepping makes all the difference! It makes it sooooo much easier during the week. And honestly I’m getting used to straight up coffee with just one stevia packet.. which is sooooo not me! I usually like my coffee WHITE with creamer before I drink it! HA But with this program I have to give up my beloved carmel machiatto flavored creamer.. sigh. The first time I drank the coffee without creamer I almost couldn’t drink it! HA its a big difference and sometimes I add a little unsweetened almond milk so that seems to help. But after reading the ingredient label on my coffee creamer Im glad I switched! 15 ingredients in coffee creamer, half of which I couldn’t pronounce.. Um no thanks!

I think that’s my biggest lesson so far, really knowin and being aware of what I’m putting in my body. There’s no more just grabbing stuff and eating it, I now look at everything and think ahead before I eat it. All my meals for the past two weeks have been all homemade and when I knew we had a family dinner on Saturday night, I ate before I went and then just had a small side salad. UGH it was soooo hard to turn down shrimp & grits, sweet tea and birthday cake! Im a Southern Girl yall and um those are my faves! I know that this is lifestyle of really eating healthy and I could have ordered something to eat at the restaurant, but these first couple of weeks are so crucial and I really want to stick to the program no matter what! And I realized after the dinner that it was really about being with family and it didn’t matter if I had cake or not, I still had a great time just being with the people I love. And the best part, I didn’t feel overly stuffed or guilty for eating too much! I was really proud of myself for sticking to my plan! It’s hard but I’m really determined and don’t want to stop now.

Let’s talk Clean Eating Meal Prep shall we?!


So for the first week I got the majority of my ingredients from Costco which was sooo great! OMG we saved so much money, and then a couple items that I only needed a little bit of, I went to publix. Now on week 2 I still had a good chunk of my food ingredients from the first week, I only needed a couple more things, like veggies and stuff.

So for ALL my meals on week 2 –  I only spent $40.00!
This includes my 6 small meals a day PLUS dinner for me and my husband! I think thats a great deal! :)

If I go to Costco once a month (spent about $100), I will only need to spend about $25-$40 per week mainly on fresh produce!
I’m sure you could buy in bulk more at Costco.. but there’s some items I just prefer to buy at Publix.

For this week’s lunches I had, steamed brussels sprouts, steamed sweet potato, baked chicken and tomato.
I also added a little quinoa on three of the days this week.
I also made my egg white & spinach muffins for breakfast too! Placed a small handful of spinach or brown rice and the eggs on top, easy peasy and delish!


I have to say though after eating Brussels every day for 7 days I think I’m over them! HA I will have to spread them out next time.



Week 2 – Meal Plan

Meal 1 – 2 egg white muffins with 1/2 a cup of brown rice
Meal 2 – Jamie Eason Turkey Meatballs (I make these at home but follow her recipe) with a handful of spinach
Meal 3 – 4oz of baked chicken, half a sweet potato, half a tomato, and however many brussels I can fit in the tupperware!
Meal 4 – 2 of Jamie Eason’s Chocolate Protein Bars (I make these at home but follow her recipe)
Meal 5 –
Protein Shake (preworkout)
Meal 6 – Dinner, basically whatever I have on hand, this week was alot of baked chicken, brown rice and veggies. I mix up the dinner meals though, I don’t want to get sick of the food!

Meal 1 – 2 egg white muffins with 1/2 a cup of brown rice


Meal 2 – Jamie Eason Turkey Meatballs (I make these at home but follow her recipe) with a handful of spinach

Meal 3 – 4oz of baked chicken, half a sweet potato, half a tomato, and however many brussels I can fit in the tupperware!

Meal 4 – 2 of Jamie Eason’s Chocolate Protein Bars (I make these at home but follow her recipe)
Im going to have a blog post on these soon.. I added greek yogurt and apples to her recipe and OMG I love them! Now they are no double chocolate brownie, ha… but they’re a great source of protein!

This was dinner one night, Quinoa crusted Chicken on a bed of spinach with (you guessed it) brussels and a sweet potato. So one thing that I’m also getting used to in the kitchen is not grabbing my panko breadcrumbs for every meal. HA Im so used to putting them on everything.. they add such a nice crunch! And although thats probably fine I know there’s a healthier way so I decided to use my already cooked quinoa to create a nice crust on the chicken.. UM it was delicious! I’m def going to be doing this more often.

I topped the chicken with mashed avocado, and drizzled with Greek Yogurt + Ole Bay spice! UM it was amazing, I accidently layed the sauce on a little thick. HA But the spinach makes up for that right?! :)

Another night my husband and I made Turkey Lettuce Wraps. We used extra lean ground turkey, onions, corn with tomatos and avocado and a side of black beans!


Okay enough about food.. what about the workouts you ask?

They are still only about 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week (Monday – Thursday)
So on week 1 I really wasn’t sore but um ya I def was this week! I upped my weights (according to what Jamie recommends) and it felt great! I was soooo sore after Leg Day! But I can already tell I’m getting just a little bit stronger! I’m guna be honest the whole no cardio thing is soo hard! I really want to break a sweat and be drenched when I leave the gym (for some reason it makes me feel like I did more) But this whole program is really about easing your way into lifting weights and from what I’ve read on Phase 2 (when we start adding cardio in), Im def going to get my wish! I know the workouts are only going to get more intense.

Picture 1

O don’t mind the blurry pictures, my hands were just shaking after my workout. HA! 😉
Bring on Week 3, Im ready for ya!

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