Jamie Eason Live Fit Review {Week 6}

Okay okay.. so I’m a little late in my recap this week, it’s been a BUSY couple of weeks around here!
HALFWAY THROUGH!! WOO HOO! Can’t believe I’ve already done 6 weeks of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Challenge!

I am down 13 pounds!! (SNEAK PEAK, I am actually writing this post during my week 7 and I am down a TOTAL of 15 pounds!!!) I am just so excited I figured I would tell all of you!
It feels really great, I am def getting the hang of this program. I know I say that every week, but I really mean it :)

The food is becoming very much a Habit, which is great! I am eating all the same foods but I still haven’t gotten sick of anything yet!
I am a little tired of my Egg White Muffins! HA but I figured I can suck it up, it’s only one meal of the day.


This weeks meal prep, nothing too crazy. Just the usual :)
-egg white muffins

-chicken, salad, sweet potato

Mix of chicken, veggies and lots of baked tilapia.

I just want to talk for a second about how my mindset towards food has changed in just 6 weeks!! I DO NOT consider this a DIET (I really hate that word and the label it creates) I love the (whisper tone) “O your on a diet?!” looks you get from people when you eat a salad.. “UM no Im just eating healthy, but thanks!” HAHA This program is a LIFESTYLE change. I am learning about what healthy foods my body needs to just live. I don’t “treat” myself EVERY day with Chick Fil A sweet tea anymore. Moderation is key! That is something I have always heard but had a hard time with. I think I have been so successful this time because I am NOT depriving myself of foods. I am eating every 3 hours and I am making CLEAN healthy desserts, and yummy filling dinners. I want these recipes to be things I will eat in the future, not just a quick fix to lose weight. One Night I made hummus crusted tilapia (I was tempted not to have the hummus since it was store bought BUT I looked at the ingredients, ONLY 3! And I reminded myself this is a LIFESTYLE! I don’t want these three months to be where I feel so deprived or starved that after I just go back to the way I was. I want to LEARN from this process and use all of these tools in the future. I really feel like I am redefining my relationship with food. I don’t have to treat myself with something super unhealthy when I have a success, I now WANT to get a pedicure OR buy a new workout tank instead! I am learning that I can be disciplined and work hard without feeling like I am missing out on something!


I also followed Jamie Eason’s recipe for Lemon Protein Bars!! DELISH!!
I made these a couple times and the middle was always soggy but the outer edge was cooked perfectly! So frustrating.. I finally decided to use my muffin tin to make a batch and they cooked all the way through.
I’ll be doing a blog post with the recipe soon!


One night I made a big bowl of Chilli (and I ate mine without cheese or sour cream OR cornbread!! EEKK big step for me! HA I used to drown my chili in cornbread, But alas it was still tasty and delish!)
I also made Tilapia lettuce wraps, I seriously ate these like 4 nights in a row! HA, Super easy to throw together and always taste so fresh.


I experimented this week with baking a new Healthy Treat! Skinny Whoopie Pies.
I used Greek Yogurt mixed with Cookies N Cream Protein powder (that I got for FREE from, HECK YES!!)  for the filling, OMG SOOOOOO DELISH!! And only 150 calories in each one.


Of course on Saturday I made Chocolate Protein Pancakes, MY FAVE!! I have to say if you were a fly on the wall in the Haley house …. you would have been very entertained!  I was such a hot mess making these! David was a really great sport when I almost cried because my pancakes kept bubbling up and getting burnt in the pan! UGH (Might I remind you I had a SUPER intense Leg workout Saturday morning and was just tired and hungry..haha I am a bit of a DRAMA queen when I get hungry!) After realizing I just needed more egg whites and a hug from my amazing husband, everything was much better and the pancakes turned out perfectly :) It’s the little things in life! (you know you work at Natural Life when you start quoting sentiment in daily life haha!)

My pancakes still turned out yummy and all was not lost! 😉



Let’s talk Workouts! 
Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 4.53.46 PM
I feel like every week there is always one workout that just takes everything I have to not give up. That was Day 40 this week. Shoulders and Cardio.
OMG I thought I was going to die! It was super intense. I had to do some alternative exercises since I didn’t have all the machines, but it was a great workout! It always feels good when during a workout I feel like it never ends, and then sure enough, WOOP its all over :) My energy level is definitely way up! And I feel recharged AFTER my workouts instead of completely exhausted like I was in the beginning.
Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 11.16.45 AM


I have to tell you a little story about this picture (above). It was Friday night, and I really didn’t want to go the gym! It had been a crazy day at work and for the first time in like a month, David had a Friday Night off and we were planning on going on a date!! FANCY! (It actually turned into well let’s just eat chili and watch netflix kinda date, but hey whatever works :) Anyway I just really wanted to go straight home and relax. BUT I got my butt to the gym determined to at least try to have a good workout. It was intense, and I was not feeling very motivated. After slowly trudging through my weights.. I hopped on the treadmill for my 30 min cardio session. 15 minutes into it I accidently pressed the emergency STOP button! NOOOOO!! All my calories, distances, everything was lost. And I don’t know if that has ever happened to you?! But it sucks! HA and you feel like you don’t want to keep going. I was feeling very defeated and like maybe I should just end my workout. UGH this was just not my day! But then Katy Perry’s ROAR song came on Pandora (okay don’t judge my music selection when I work out..haha!) And something about it just made me feel like YES I can do this, don’t give up! So I pulled out another 15 minutes and my second half of the run was WAY FASTER than the first! I left the gym feeling PROUD of myself for putting my big girl panties on and sticking to the plan.

Lesson Learned:
I am going to have days where I don’t feel motivated and I am just tired BUT that’s when I need it the most. To prove to myself I can do it! I am stronger than those doubting thoughts, and God has made me to be strong and determined, I just need to remind myself of that from time to time. When I got home I was going through my pictures and came across this picture from WEEK one, I couldn’t believe it! OMG did I really look like that?! Even though its only been 13 pounds, I really see a difference. I remember taking that first picture on the first day.. I was so excited to finally have a “cute workout tshirt” and not just old shirts. AND NOW that blue shirt is too big! This side by side picture comparison was just what I needed to remind myself NOT to give up, and even though I still have a way to go, LOOK HOW FAR I’VE COME! YAY! 


Feels great to be able to pull some of the clothes that are shoved in the back of my closet back out to wear! Yes I do wear real clothes not just gym sweats :)



Halfway through!! Only 6 more weeks to go! Can’t wait to share next weeks post about Week 7!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.57.34 AMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.07.33 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.07.49 PM
Phase 1 PDF                         Phase 2 PDF                        Phase 3 PDF

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