Jamie Eason Live Fit Review {Week 7}


Yay! Seven weeks in & I feel great.  I have really seen the most changes in my body/workouts from this past week, it’s like all of a sudden I can really tell I have lost weight.
I am down 16 pounds!! Yep 16 whole pounds.. OMG feels so great!! I am really proud of myself. I haven’t had one cheat meal in 7 weeks! The food is very normal to me now, and all of my cravings for junk food have faded. Every now and then I’ll want chocolate or dessert, and I just make a healthy protein muffin or drink a protein shake. Again as I said in last weeks post.. this is a lifestyle for me, NOT a diet.

I am rediscovering / retraining my body how to eat food and make smart / healthy choices! I want this to be sustainable and a permanent change, not a quick fix. Because I am eating so frequently and eating well balanced healthy foods, I am never starving. Which is why I don’t want a cheat meal, I really like how I feel so far just from eating clean and I don’t have the desire to go out and have a Big Mac. At the end of the 3 months, David my amazing husband :) is taking my on a date night to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (A fancy schmancy restaurant). And I am going to have a BIG Ole Steak and definitely something chocolate and amazing for dessert!

I am counting down the days for that amazing dinner!! But what I think I have realized is, it’s about consistency and here I am almost 2 months in of clean eating and I don’t miss any of my old habits.

I have stuck to the plan and guess what.. I didn’t die?! HAHA Sometimes that’s my mindset, if someone had told me 2 months ago (and they actually did) to try coffee without creamer, I would have laughed and said NEVER!! But here I am drinking coffee every day with just one stevia packet and NO creamer! And guess what, I actually like it! I drink my coffee and then I move on. It’s amazing how once you change your thinking you can really do anything. Something as simple as not pouring a gallon of sugar filled creamer in my coffee has helped me to become healthier and more disciplined. It’s all those little decisions that really add up.

And for all my little decisions I have made for the past 7 weeks, I am really proud!!


Meal Prep: WEEK 7

So I am sure all my meal prep images are starting to look boring! It’s all the SSAAAAMMMMEEEE. But it just really works. And I like the food, so why change it.
I cook chicken every week and have had a couple people ask what kind of seasoning / marinade I use. For my meal prep, I just simply pour about 1 TB of Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinaigrette on top (first I use a fork and poke holes in the chicken so the dressing seeps through, and then sprinkle with a little Mrs Dash seasoning (Garlic and Herb). Thats it! Then I baked in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. And the trick is, if you want juicy chicken, after its cooked let it sit for about an hour in the juices, the chicken will absorb the juice and be really tender!


This weeks lunches were broccoli, sweet potato, and baked chicken.



For Dinner I mixed it up a little, this was (pictured above) Hummus Crusted Tilapia, with rice pilaf and a salad. OMG it was soooo delicious!! The fish just literally melts in your mouth.

Okay I know this looks pretty boring, but don’t let it fool ya, this meal was packed with flavor! Baked chicken, sweet potato and sautéed mushrooms, onion, squash and zucchini. Sometimes the simplest meals can be perfect!

Time for my weekly baking experiment! I decided to have wishful thinking and pretend its actually Fall here in florida, so carrot cake (pictured above) sounded yummy! I followed Jamie Eason’s Carrot Protein Bar recipe. I baked them as “muffins” and then topped with Greek Yogurt and Cinnamon mixture. Easy and delish! A miniature little deceptively healthy carrot cake.. yes please! I’ll be posting the recipe later next week.

Workout Time!

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 3.02.32 PM
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 3.02.26 PM
Week 7 Workouts, were intense, no suprise there! I was very proud of myself, I finally used 30 pound dumbbells for my squats!! The first week I could only squat using 8 pounds.. WOW!! It’s so awesome to see the changes (literally I can look back through my notebook). Like I said earlier, I really feel like I have noticed the most changes from this week.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 4.39.57 PM

photo 1
When I look back at the first week picture.. Its shocking!! I am so excited that you can actually see a difference! I took this picture on Wednesday, and it is crazy it is only a  16 pound difference. But I feel like it even looks like more than that, I am really gaining muscle. I feel so energized after my workouts! My goal is to lose 30 pounds by February. I am already down 16 pounds in just 7 weeks!! I am right on track to my goal and I think I might even reach my goal before then. 😉  We will see! I think what’s great is I am establishing HEALTHY HABITS, instead of a quick fix weight loss trick. Working out consistently and eating healthy consistently is going to be sustainable and something I WILL continue doing in the future.


EEEEK! I can finally see more muscle in my arms! YAY!! Its crazy to see the difference from week 1 in my arms. Just in finishing week 7 I am already excited to do this program all over again. I will be taking a 2 week break (still going to workout and eat healthy) and then START the program all over again! I am so excited for the changes by February, that will be 6 months of clean eating and working out! I am doing the Donna Hicken Half Marathon (this will be my 6th half marathon!!) BUT I want to be in the best shape! I have done the Donna Hicken Half the last two years, and it’s a great 13 mile run! BUT even though I could go out and have great endurance, having a consistent workout schedule was never in my daily plan. NOW I enjoy going to the gym, its my time to destress and get in the zone!

I’m guna get deep for a second.. ya’ll ready?!

I have had so many people ask how I stay so consistent & motivated?

“Wow, you haven’t had one cheat meal?!”

“O I could never do that!”

“I don’t have time to work out.”

I used to say those same exact things, FOR YEARS!

Until I decided to make a change.  At the beginning of this journey I made a decision & gave my health and fitness to God, I know this might sound crazy to some! But I really prayed about it and knew this was an area I have struggled with and just didnt make my health & fitness a priority. I was working 70 hours a week between my full time graphic design job and my etsy shop. I was burnt out, tired and had no energy! I KNEW I could not do this alone, and everyday I continue to thank God for all he is doing in my life and for giving me the strength and determination to continue! He has not let me down and I truly believe he has taught me a new mindset. He wants to see me at my best and through the past 7 weeks I have grown closer to him. I truly believe that what was once an area of my weakness will be an area of my strength! It’s all about changing how you think. And that has been KEY in my journey.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

I also hit another milestone this week. Because I was down 16 pounds, I wanted to treat myself for all my hardwork. Instead of binging out on junk food, I went workout clothes shopping. To my suprise I had to go down a size!! WHAT?! OMG feels so great to have those kind of victories! I only really have like 3 workout shirts and I just rotate them, HA. But now I have a couple more cute gym clothes and I don’t have to wear old tshirts! I totally did the Happy Dance in the dressing room. I cant wait to start Week 8 so I can wear my cute new workout outfits 😉

I have had so many people ask what my grocery list looks like. So I have put together this handy dandy word document of my grocery list, example meal plan AND my chocolate mousse recipe. Feel free to use it and let me know what you think!

Alesha_FOOD_list_09_28 <—— CLICK here to download the Word Document
Alesha_FOOD_list_09_28 <—— CLICK here to download the PDF Document

EEEK! Just one more week of Phase 2, then it’s on to Phase 3, The Home Stretch!!
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 4.25.45 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.57.34 AMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.07.33 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-07 at 12.07.49 PM
Phase 1 PDF                         Phase 2 PDF                        Phase 3 PDF




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