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So if you’re like me, sometimes its hard to feel motivated to work out or eat clean. I have talked about this before, but Jamie Eason’s 12 week program was not the first weightloss program I tried. I’ve done weight watchers, a juice fast, the “Im going to only eat salads” diet…and YES I lost weight, but for me personally it was not sustainable.

I was always HUNGRY and felt deprived.

Quick Update: I met up with my BFF this past weekend, I have lost almost 30 pounds since we last saw eachother!! Feels so good to see the progress pictures :)

It wasn’t until I made a LIFESTYLE change, that I knew I could stick with being healthy. Jamie’s program allowed me to lay a foundation of clean eating and working out, in a NEW way that I had never done before. I retrained my MIND and body on how to eat food and make working out enjoyable for me.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, well if you just want it bad enough you’ll stick with it. For me personally I struggled with this, I WANTED to lose weight, I WANTED to get healthy but it seemed that “LIFE” always got in the way. I was too tired from work, or there wasn’t enough time or I’ll start next week. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own body but I didn’t know where to start. Anyone else ever feel this way?! I have met so many women that struggle with the same exact issues. It can be OVERWHELMING at first, but you DO NOT have to do it alone!

For a long time I felt “ashamed” of admitting that I needed to lose weight, I didn’t want anyone to know, and would try and hide it. I probably didn’t weigh myself for over a year, I was in denial & didn’t even want to know what the scale said!

BUT this always left me feeling worse about myself, it wasn’t until I opened up and went “public” with my weightloss journey that I realized I am NOT alone in this, and I have nothing to be embarrassed about!

One of the HUGE keys in how I have stuck with a healthy lifestyle is constantly STAYING Motivated! When I started my “weightloss journey” just 4 months ago I wanted to stick with it this time. I was sick of trying and then giving up. I was sick of feeling self conscious or bad about myself. I knew I wanted this to work and I knew I needed help! So baby steps… I FOLLOWED every single fitness motivation inspiration account I could on Instagram / Facebook!

I felt like such a stalker! HAHA anyone who #JamieEason on Instagram, I would follow! I NEEDED that accountability, and seeing other people’s food prep and progress helped me stay focused. I also joined a Private Facebook Group of other women doing Jamie’s program. This was HUGE!!! We could vent or talk about how hard it was, or ask if anyone knew what the heck “Donkey Calf Raises” were?! HA We would swap recipes, or post inspirational messages! This group of women pushed me to be better, and I would get soooo excited when I saw them succeed too!

Here is just a handful of some of the AMAZING fitness women that I follow!

What inspired me is that, these are REAL women! With full time jobs, families, husbands or single moms, SUPER busy schedules and real life! They ARE relatable! If they could do it, I could do it! They are inspiring and they want to see other people succeed too! If they can help me stay on track I know they can help you :)

YES there are pics of women in Bathing Suits or Sports Bras.. They have WORKED THEIR BUTTS off to have their Bodies, so I celebrate their Confidence and applaud their Openness. ROCK that bikini!!

Brittany Eats Clean
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This girl right here.. OMG her transformation pics were what sealed the deal in my decision to try Jamie’s program! SHE IS AMAZING!! And is now 9 months into her workout journey and is STILL inspiring and motivating others along the way! She blows my mind with her work ethic and drive to succeed! I relate SOOOOO much to her story and LOVE seeing her transform!

Becky Fulton
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Becky Fulton is SOOOOOOOOO INSPIRING yall!! OMG she’s lost over 80 pounds the healthy way, No tricks, no surgery, no SHORT CUTS! Just eating clean and working out. She is a full time student and her story is sooo inspiring! She was at her heaviest when she ended up getting a divorce from her first husband. Going through such a hard situation, she refused to let it stop her or define her. She made the decision to take back her self worth and started out by just walking on the treadmill. NOW almost 2 years later she has a ROCKIN body and is STILL pushing herself to new goals!! She also ended up meeting her now FIANCE who is a bodybuilder and they keep eachother motivated and accountable! I LOVE this girl, and her journey and HONESTY has kept me motivated!

Jessica Gilmartin
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Jessica is AMAZING!! Single mother of a beautiful little girl and FULL time flight attendant, which means she is CONSTANTLY on the go and super busy! She has lost OVER 100 pounds!! WHAT?! She completely changed her life and is an amazing role model to not only her own daughter but to SOOO many women! She is the epitome of a classy woman who motivates others and wants to help other people achieve their goals!

Brenna Alexander
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Brenna is another AMAZING woman! Shes lost 60 pounds and kept it off for over 10 years! I LOVE her attitude on NOT letting the scale control you!
“Here are my stats for any new followers! I’m 5’7” and around 180lbs currently. My goal weight? Who cares really! I’m just working to stay happy, healthy & look goooood AF in my clothes (and naked emoji) I started by just walking an hour a day/5 days a week for a couple months. Then I joined a small gym & I began strength training + cardio 5 days a week emoji Consistency is KEY!!!!!!!!!! I did Weight Watchers for a few months towards the end of my journey & learned a lot about portion control however I was not eating clean & my body fat % was higher than it is today! Eat clean 80% of the time. Exercise consistently & you’ll see results!! Xo”
-Brenna Alex

Estelle Archer
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Estelle is AMAZING!! My fellow Graphic Designer! She spent the last year focused on her health and fitness and went from being overwhelmed & self conscious to confident and NOW teaches FITNESS CLASSES!! She just opened her first studio and teaches “Sweat” Classes and sells her workout and meal plans on her website! She is open and honest about her journey and has found a new LOVE of helping others get fit too! I am blown away by her dedication and passion for health & fitness! She has completely transformed her life! You go girl!!

Mama Laughlin
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So Mama Laughlin (ya know I actually don’t know her first name :) Is first of all HILARIOUS! Her blog always keeps me laughing.. sometimes I find myself cracking up by myself! HA She is soooo honest and I LOVE how real she is. She is a mother of two beautiful boys, a wife and works FULL time! Not to mention she has an amazing blog too! I LOVE how she is honest about motherhood and is an amazing role model of how to balance motherhood, career and just life itself. She is currently training for a FULL marathon!! Her website has a TON of great advice, recipes, motivation and always gives me a good laugh :)

So who INSPIRES you?! 

I hope that you will support these amazing women too! And they can bring you the motivation that you need! No one should have to feel ALONE in trying to get healthy!

Do you follow any amazing women that inspire you?

Would LOVE to hear what keeps you going!

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