Clean Eating Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving CLEAN eating – Round Up

I almost thought about titling this weeks post:
Turkey and Pretty Flowers. Seems fitting right?!


A little hodge podge of yummy foods + a pretty flower arrangement + Being surrounded by family= The Perfect Thanksgiving!

Where does the time go?! Am I the only one still scrambling to figure out what to make for Thanksgiving?
I thought I would share some Clean Recipes to keep everyone on track during the holidays!

In the past I have always just made my thanksgiving meals with plenty of butter, cheese, cream, and tons of sugar! Maybe not all in the same dish, but ya know let’s just say I was not “aware” of what I was eating. And Lord knows I didn’t want to count calories on thanksgiving.

But alas after our “Feast” I’m always left feeling soooo full and the inevitable food coma, in which I say “O my gosh I ate too much” but then three hours later “Who wants turkey sandwiches?!” Ha! Well this year I am turning a new leaf.

Yes I am going to have Mac N cheese, turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing on Thanksgiving. But what I am NOT going to do is stuff my plate and mouth FULL of food and be oblivious to how much I am actually eating. Since completing Jamie Eason’s week workout program I have gotten used to smaller portions, and it has actually been really great! I get full very fast and I am in tune with my body so I know when to stop before I get the dreaded “food baby.”

Here’s some of the recipes I am going to be trying out this thanksgiving :)

Let’s start with Dessert, shall we?! Let’s be honest, that’s all we really care about!

Clean Pumpkin Pie

Clean Apple Pie
{The Gracious Pantry}
Garlic & Herb Smashed Potatoes
{Linda Wagner}
Paleo Green Bean Casserole
{Fed and Fit}

Greek Yogurt Mac N’ Cheese
Clean Cornbread
{The Gracious Pantry}
Clean Corn Bread

Clean Eating Turkey Stuffing
{Dayna Deters Fitness}
Clean Eating Turkey Stuffing #eatclean #cleaneating

Quinoa Stuffed Turkey Breast
{Skinny Supper}
Quinoa Stuffed Turkey

Pomegranate-Glazed Stuffed Turkey
{Clean Eating Mag}

Pomegranate-Galzed Stuffed Turkey

In addition to Eating Healthy it’s also nice to have a pretty table!
I LOVE adding fruit slices to my flower arrangements for that extra pop of color!

DIY Orange Slices Arrangment

DIY Orange Slices Arrangment
I have done this same trick in a previous Post: SUMMER PARTY. I LOVE the color that it brings to the table and it is soooo easy!

DIY Lemon Slices Flower Arrangment

Citrus Flower Arrangement
*I aplogize in advance, for not having images of the process. I forgot to take pictures.

Supplies Needed:
-Clear Vase
-Smaller cup or glass to fit INSIDE the large vase
-6-8 oranges / lemons
-knife (to slice fruit)
-burlap or ribbon (to tie around vase)
Step One: Slice your oranges / lemons. I like the mixture of both, but you could stick with just one fruit.
Step Two: Take your small cup & place INSIDE your large vase. There needs to be enough room in between the two pieces of glass to slide your slices in.
Step Three: One by one stack your fruit slices in between the two glasses, creating a wall of oranges.
Step Four: Fill the small cup with water and place your flowers inside. This allows the flowers to remain in fresh (orange free) water.
Step Five: Tie a ribbon or burlap trim to the outside of the vase to finish it off!

Have a great Thanksgiving Everyone!! 

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