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November 30, 2013

Fitness Update + a Giveaway

This weeks post is a bit longwinded – so grab o’ cup of joe and stay a while!

I have some very EXCITING news to share with you all!!
I have partnered with Quest Nutrition to do a giveaway!!

Earlier this week I recieved an AMAZING sampler pack of my own from Quest Nutrition! I had reached out to them, wondering if they would be willing to do a giveaway on my blog. To my suprise they agreed AND wanted to send me my own box of goodies! It felt like Christmas Morning when I opened my box. Seriously had to control myself from trying all the flavors HAHA, Double Chocolate Chunk is my fave!

So not only do I get to try these yummy bars BUT you have the chance to win them too!!

We will be giving away TWO sampler packs (thats 15 bars per pack!!), The Contest Ends TUESDAY December 3rd 10:00 P.M.

Head on over to Made with Love’s Facebook Page to enter the GIVEAWAY!

In Other news I thought I would give a little update on how my fitness has been going. Well guys, I am proud to say I have finally hit the 30 POUNDS down mark!!!! I started Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Challenge on August 17th, and after completing it about a month ago, I have continued to do Phase 2 workouts & eat clean.

You can read more about my Jamie Eason Recap HERE.
Jamie Eason Weightloss

I have worked SOOOOOO hard and have been shocked week after week when the scale continues to go down. I’m guna be really honest, when I started my “health journey” it was the scariest thing EVER to think about blogging about my experience. I was sooooo nervous I wouldn’t be able to lose weight (I had tried so many times before and never stuck with it) OR that people might judge me or look down on me. But being open and honest has helped inspire others AND I am blown away by all the support I have recieved through my blog! I have met some of the most AMAZING women and created longlasting friendships!
Made with Love: Jamie Eason weightloss

I have gone from 175 lbs to 145lbs in just under 4 months! No tricks or special drinks, just eating clean and working my butt off in the gym. I never would have thought I could actually lose weight AND continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I was SOOOO overwhelmed at first and didn’t even know where to start BUT Jamie Easons’s program has helped to light a FIRE inside of me and I now LOVE this new lifestyle I have adapted. I actually enjoy working out and love having that “me time” in the gym. I really learned to put myself first again! And I realize now that I need to treat myself as a priority because I deserve it! I thought that by working hard at my job and doing my Etsy, that it would be enough. But I ended up burnt out and unhappy in my own skin. I am soooo proud of how far I have come and cant wait to do Jamie Eason’s program a second time!

Made with Love: Alesha Running

It has been a very busy couple of weeks since finishing Jamie’s program BUT I have stayed active! My sister and I completed a 6 mile run this past week and I am soooo proud of how amazing she has done.

Let me take a moment to Brag about my AMAZING sister... yall don’t mind do ya?!
This woman is a Mother of 3 amazing munchkins, a devoted wife and also manages my Dad’s Construction Company full time! That’s right she is a career woman, has children and just 8 weeks ago she started EATING CLEAN and working out consistently! With her busy schedule she decided to give Yoga a try! She now goes regularly to Yoga classes 4-5 days a week and she has lost 15 POUNDS yall!!! I never thought she needed to lose weight in the first place, she has always been in amazing shape (such a stinker! HAHA) BUT I am blown away by her dedication and hardwork! I never thought that my workouting out would inspire anyone let alone my own family! It has been great keeping eachother motivated and I LOVE having this girl as my accountability partner!! I seriously look up to her so much!

Made with Love: Yoga Bar

So the other week my sis says to me, Hey you should come to a yoga class with me! I immediatly tried to think of an excuse to get out of it haha I have always been sooooo scared of YOGA!! I have only ever been to two classes in my life and each one I about died! So the thought of going with my sister, who at this point is a total pro, sounded a bit unappealing HAHA. BUT I gave in and thought okay well I have been working out, I’ll give it a try.

What I thought was a 45 minute class was “O by the way this is a 90 minute class taught by our friend Candice!” Who just happens to be the co-owner and an AMAZING instructor!! O God I immediatly started sweating and breaking out in hives HAHA Could I really survive an hour and a half yoga class?? AH I am NOT flexible and I still need a beginners class first! O geez.. WELL I have to say it was an emotional roller coaster the whole class!! LOL

photo 3

At first I thought wow the peaceful music and the dark class was soo relaxing “This isn’t so bad?!” Then about 30 minutes later I was pouring SWEAT and wanted to Kill my lovely sister! HAHA What had she talked me into? But then to my suprise I was actually able to keep up with the class. I was shocked at how lifting weights has actually helped me with my core strength and I was actually getting a really great workout. It was challenging yall, I’m not guna lie it was super intense BUT Candice is an AMAZING instructor and it was soooo doable to follow along! I was nervous I wouldn’t know the moves (which I in fact didn’t know any of them except downward dog HAHA) BUT she showed us every pose and kept everyone engaged! By the end of the class I was already thinking about when I want to come back to do another one.

If you’re in Jacksonville, Florida you should Check out YogaBar Jax! Seriously AMAZING classes and they have childcare too! They are always doing amazing workshops like Date Night or AcroYoga!!


Head on over & LIKE YogaBar’s Facebook: YogaBarJax
Check out their website:

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