Chocolate Date Truffles


Okay guys, ready for a super easy healthy dessert?
Dessert, Mid-day snack, ya know whatever works! Dates also are a great healthy source of energy.
Ive made them a couple different ways, and you can really coat them in whatever toppings you like.

vanilla protein powder, oats, and cocoa powder coatings pictured below

healthy date dessert #eatclean #daterecipes
What I love about these is they are NO bake, SUPER easy and QUICK dessert!
Because come on, we all have things to pin, and netflix episodes to catch up on ūüėČ

sun date

Confession time, I always see this BIG box of dates at Costco for such a great deal but never bought them becuase
I had NO IDEA what to make with dates? I immediatly thought of prunes, and the idea of making a prune dessert just
totally grossed me out HA! So I did some research (aka stalked pinterest for a couple of hours) and realized
Dates are an awesome NATURAL form of energy and super sweet too! So I found a couple of recipes and
decided to tweak my own. Thus the Chocolate Date Balls.. I mean Truffles were born
(truffles sounds a bit more classy, wouldn’t you say?!)






Chocolate Date Truffles

1 package of Dates (about 12 dates PITTED)
Blender OR Food Processor (I recommend a food processor but I used a blender and it worked just fine)
Desired Toppings: Crushed nuts, PB2 powder, cocoa powder, etc
1 scoop of¬†[xyz-ihs snippet=”ChocolateMuscleMilk”]
1 CUP of all natural Peanut Butter
1/2 cup of rolled oats

1.Blend all ingredients (except for the toppings), in a blender/food processor.
2.Mixture should feel like a “dough”. Scoop out and roll into balls, pressing with palm of hand.
3.Roll each ball in desired topping. I separated each topping on an individual plate.
4.Store in refrigerator in a tupperware container.
Recipes makes about 30 truffles.

You can tweak the recipe by adding additional ingredients or toppings! Have fun!


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