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May 12, 2014

Maternity Style :: Dressing the Baby Bump

We’ve all seen them, the CUTE LITTLE pregnant girls on Pinterest with their size 0 and ALL belly pictures!
O & heels are a must right?! Um what world is that? Give me some flip flops and a tank top please.
I am a curvy girl in general so dressing my bump has been a bit of a learning curve HA! Get it.. see what I did there?

So let me start off by saying between this last year I have gone through HOLY BODY IMAGE changes!
I went from feeling chubby & uncomfortable to losing 30 pounds and gaining muscle, (finally feeling pretty
darn good in my body), to a WHOLE new CHANGE of HELLO Prego Body!

Being pregnant is a HUGE blessing that I am so thankful for, especially given our fertility struggles
over the past 3 years {READ more about that HERE}. I absolutely LOVE feeling Annabelle kick and move!

HOWEVER, with that being said,  I am not too crazy, about the heartburn, gas {sorry ladies, but let’s be real},
nausea {thankfully that is over!}, swollen feet and  not to mention I’ve gone through 3 new bra sizes! OMG literally I didn’t think
these things could get any bigger and I’m not even breast feeding yet?! Ha! I won’t even go into some of the other
fun little suprises that I LITERALLY HAD TO GOOGLE “is this normal” HA! Like seriously, women deserve an award!
Let’s just say I’m not one of the those women who “just LOVES being pregnant and feels beautiful all the time”
Um no, so far I’m feeling pretty darn unattractive ha!

photo2_maternity copy

My closet is a bit of a Bipolar Explosion right now! I have “yay I finally met my goal weight clothes”  that now can’t
even fit over my belly ha! Sad face.. but you will keep me motivated you  little tiny section! And then there’s the “maternity comfort”
& “maternity stylish” section, it’s a mix of loose dresses and tank tops & Belly Band Pants, because ya know I like to look presentable
but still feel comfortable.

Being 6 months along, I am wearing almost all Maternity clothes. But I also wear ALOT of dresses that I had pre-pregnancy, with the
Florida Heat they are the most comfortable.. Do you notice a pattern yet? How many times have I said “comfortable?!”

As much as I LOVE dresses, there’s only one issue.
It means I have to shave my legs.. OMG have you tried shaving your legs pregnant?!
It should be an olympic sport. I am sure I am a pretty sight to see trying to suck it in and crouch down, all while holding
the shower wall with one hand for balance.
HAHA its nearly impossible! And Im only 6 months! Good Lord help me.

The biggest fashion style or rule I’ve stuck to is balance. Either a Tight tank top with a loose skirt.. OR a loose fitting top
(usually with a belt above my belly) paired with a skinny jean. Can I just say that OMG how flippin comfortable are Maternity Jeans?!
I’m never going back to regular jeans HAHA!

photo3_maternity_styleMy face pretty much sums up my feelings on shaving my legs that day! HA NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

{pictured above} 
Top: TJMAX (non-maternity) Ive had it FOREVER I think I paid $9.99
Pants: H&M Mint Maternity Jeans 
My sister gave me her Mint Maternity Skinny Jeans from H&M and I LOVE them! I also have the same
pair in red and they look great paired with a black or white top.

photo 3 copy

{Pictured above}
Maxi-Skirt: Target  (non-maternity) $19.99
Tank: Target (non-maternity) $12.99
I absolutely LOVE Maxi skirts being pregnant! Like literally I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday.
There’s some days where I just don’t feel like being  constricted in pants, {ya know its asking alot for me even to put makeup on & wear clothes ha!} and so these flowy skirts are perfect!
I also love that they are non maternity so I can wear them after the baby too!

But let’s be honest, I’m guna be rockin my Maternity Jeans for a while Post-Baby 😉

{Pictured Above}
Top: Motherhood Maternity ON SALE $19.99
Pants: Motherhood Maternity ON SALE $19.99

I’ve fallen in LOVE with Motherhood Maternity! They have really great sales ALL the time!
And their clothes are so flattering. For most of my tops I try and buy a little bigger size so
they will last me the rest of the pregnancy.

Now that I am 6 months its obvious I am pregnant. No more of the lovely “awkward chubby” stage.

A little bump progression for ya! Its funny in the first trimester I couldn’t wait to have a BELLY!
And now I look back and think “O to be small again” HAHA Im still learning to Live in the Moment
and ENJOY the pregnancy journey. It’s a big change emotionally & physically but I know
everyday brings us closer and closer to our little girl!
I try to pair clothes together that accentuate my bump instead of hide it. Empire waisted shirts are
a must, and maxi skirts are super comfortable but still stylish!

Only 13 more weeks till we get to meet our baby girl! I know it will ALL be worth it 🙂
Come on August 11th!!

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  • Joyce

    You ARE beautiful, inside and out! Can’t wait to meet my first grand daughter in August!! Wow!

    May 12, 2014 at 8:33 am Reply
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