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June 15, 2014

DIY Baby Mobile

So I haven’t done a DIY tutorial in I don’t like over a year?!
But don’t worry kids, I’m back!

With only 2 more months till Baby Annabelle gets here .. EEEEK!
My nesting is finally starting to kick in, so #projectnusery is in full swing!

We have nothing else for the room yet, HA but she will at least
have cute pom poms to stare at!

For months I have been trying to figure out a “theme” for her nursery. I wasn’t crazy
about the typical baby decor, so of course I decided to make my own. I want her room
to feel like a chic bedroom, not a baby room.

Coral + Gold + Grey = Chic Baby Room
We will also have pops of cream and mint.

Supplies Needed:
-Embroidery Hoop
-Fabric for flowers
-Twine, yarn or ribbon to wrap mobile
-hot glue gun

Total Project Cost: only $5.00! for fabric & embroidery hoop.
I had all the other supplies.

Step One (optional):
I chose for my mobile to have two layers of the embroidery hoop.
However you could just do ONE hoop and it would still be cute!

You will want your mobile layers to hang straight. Now I had a heck of time getting these badboys
to line up, UNTIL I figured out marking the 4 cross hairs and then glueing the twine to those points.
Then mark the same 4 points on the smaller hoop and glue the other end of the twine.

Make sure your 4 strands of twine or ribbon are the exact same length. This will ensure the two layers
hang straight.

I wanted one hoop to hang higher than the other, so I made the twine a little long, but you could shorten if you want.

Step TWO:
Wrap your embroidery hoop with twine.
This part is pretty easy, however it takes FOREVER! Be patient my dear, grab some
coffee and think about what an amazing mom your guna be with your handmade
mobile. Thats the only thing that counts right?! 😉

Once you’ve covered your entire hoop with twine, cut the twine and hot glue to the hoop.


A little behind the scenes, crafting is just a little messy 😉
I covered both my hoops in twine, took about an hour and a half.

Create your pom pom flowers.
Don’t freak out, theres a lot of steps for these little cuties, but trust me they don’t take too long.
I chose to have a couple different fabrics for my mobile, but
you could always do just one color.
1. Cut circles out of your fabric. They don’y have to be perfect circles.
For my size mobile each pom pom required about 14 circles of fabric.
2.Place a small dab of hot glue in the middle of your circle, then fold in half,
and then fold once more creating a triangle. These will become your “petals”.
Attach 4 “petals” to a fabric circle then three more on top.
You will end up with TWO halves of fabric pom poms.



3.Glue your string to one half, (you will use this string to attach to the hoop)
and then hot glue the other half together.
Repeat as many times as needed for pom poms.

I created 8 pom poms for my mobile. You can create more or less and choose
any fabric that matches your nursery.

Okay so now give your self a big highfive! Your almost there!

Step FOUR:
Attach your pom poms to your embroidery hoop.
Now you could do this before you wrap your hoop in twine or after. It’s up to you.
I chose to attach my pom poms BEFORE covering my hoops in twine.

 Just simply tie your thread (with your pom pom on the other end) to your hoop.
You can have each pom pom have a different length of thread so they will hang higher & lower on the mobile.
Make sure not to tie the strings too tight, in case you want to move your pom poms up or over.
Now hold up your mobile and make sure you are happy with the placement.

Yay I’m happy with my pom pom placement.
It’s the little things people, or maybe my lack of sleep but this gets me excited!
Once you have them all the desired length, I secured my tied on thread with just a little dab of hot glue.
To make sure the pom poms won’t fall off.
Hanging your baby mobile.
Now you could hang yours with ribbon or twine or clear string.
I chose to hang mine with twine. So I tied three long strands of twine to my top embroidery hoop.


And there ya have it! isn’t it beautiful?! I am just so excited to finally have a start on Annabelle’s room!



Happy Crafting!

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