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December 9, 2014

DIY Pallet Sign

So I made this pallet sign last year,
and let’s just say I had a little dance party when I pulled it out of storage!
I just love how it came out, and get so excited getting to hang it up again every year
for Christmas!

A few things first, this project took about 3 hours total (mainly because of the drying time between coats).
It can easily be done over a weekend. I love the rustic look plus the fact this its sooooo cheap!!
Okay excuse me, inexpensive for my classy followers. You can seriously
pick up old pallets in the dumpsters behind any big store! No I’m not condoning stealing (go ask the manager), most
of the time they just throw pallets away!

Supplies Needed:
-hanging hardware
Thats it!

So Step One, you’re going to want to line your pallet slats up evenly. I had to
disassemble the pallet first then realign them in a square. And when I say “I”
had to disassemble, I mean my sweet handsome husband David. O you don’t
have a David?! Don’t worry their super easy to disassemble, just use a hammer and
remove the corner nails, then line up the wood pieces where you want them.

DIY Pallet Sign
This is the part of the tutorial where I unfortunately thought that I could use a kitchen KNIFE,
yes a knife to trim down my two back pieces.. UM I’m just going to act
like I didn’t do that?! Let’s just say that I decided the back pieces didn’t need trimming that bad..

Okay so STEP TWO, take two back pieces and using NAILS, nail them to all of your front pieces.
This will be the back of the sign, and be what holds all your pallet pieces together.
Pictured below is wood glue, um ya that didn’t hold!


Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 10.52.34 AM
Moving on.. forget the wood glue and just go straight for the nails! It works much better.
So you will basically end up with One LONG piece nailed to the left side and One nailed to the Right side.
Again, this holds the whole sign together. You will later use these pieces to nail in your hanging hardware.

DIY pallet Sign
Still with me? STEP THREE paint your background color.
I chose red, but I actually really love the rustic wood just plain.
So you could just paint directly on the pallet sign, without a background color.
DIY Pallet Sign #pallet #DIY #PALLET_PROJECT

This is the part that requires some patience, you have to let your background coat dry.
So ya know, do laundry, feed the kids, or just binge out on netflix for a bit! Whatever floats your boat.
After your background coat is dry, you can start drawing your design.
This would be STEP FOUR. I decided to free hand my sign.
But you could easily use stencils to create your words.



Wasn’t that fun?! I LOVED seeing the words come together!
Drawing the letters took me about an hour, mostly because
there’s no command+z, so every time I made a mistake, I had to
break out the red again. UGH this is why I love being a graphic designer,
not a painter.. anyway! back to the tutorial.

DIY Pallet Sign
I also added some snowflakes to create more detail. And then the last step.
STEP SIX {optional} Add a light stain on the corners to create a distressed look.
I just dabbed some on, using a sponge brush then quickly wiped it off.
I love the way it turned out!

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 10.27.53 AM
And then Final step. STEP SEVEN {not pictured} adding your hardware.
Okay I got too excited and forgot to take a picture, but you’ll forgive me right?!
You can buy a picture hanging hardware pack, from any craft store.
I just added two hooks (one on the left and one on the right).
And thats it! Super easy right?!

I really hope you make one this holiday season, you could honestly,
do any design you want! Not just for Christmas.

DIY Pallet Sign #christmas #pallet #DIY


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    So creative!! I love the distressed, kind of old-fashioned look!

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