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December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Y’all!

Merry Christmas Y’all!
I just wanted to say I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with your family & friends!
I know we are loving having Annabelles first Christmas!

She is officially 4 months old today!! Seriously where has the time gone?!
AB loves to laugh & giggle!
She found her toes this week & is always holding them.AND bonus she’s sleeping 10-12 hours straight most nights!!
If thats not the best Christmas present ever?!



David & I went to another tacky Christmas sweater party this year! It was O so fun!!christmas_comparison

This picture points out a couple things:
1) Yes I rock the same Christmas Sweater each year and I like it! HAHA I made it three years ago and gosh dangit Im guna get my moneys worth!
2) After having a baby this year, and my weight once again fluctuating (Gaining and losing 30 pounds). I still (3 months post baby) weigh less than I did 2 years ago. When I think about my habits in 2012 (overly stressed, eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and working out only once a week). I am so proud of how far I have come. Just two months after that picture in 2012 I ran in my 3rd half marathon. I never considered myself out of shape. But Heres the deal, you can work out, kill yourself with cardio AND still not be reaching your fitness goals. I finally realized it’s an every day choice and a lifestyle to maintain my goals, and lifting weights does wonders!!
3) It’s not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. Time is going to go by either way, you have the choice to look back and see your the same, OR see your progress! It’s not about a number on a scale, but feeling healthy and happy in your own skin. I still have along way to go to get back my to “pre baby” body but everyday I am one step closer!

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas today!!

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