Jamie Easons TOP 5 tips

The TOP 5 things you need to know before starting Jamie Eason’s workout program!

Okay so if you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I followed Jamie Eason’s 12 week LiveFit trainer back in August of 2013 and lost 30 pounds!! You can read more about that HERE.
I started the program AGAIN last January BUT after finding out I was pregnant {after trying for 3.5 years!!} I had HORRIBLE morning sickness! So I never finished my full second round. You can  read more about our pregnancy story HERE.  I pretty much just ate saltine crackers and ginger ale the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy! HA:)

So after a baby, a year of perspective and a lot less sleep…. Ive decided to start 2015 off by doing Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program again! I hope that you will follow along with me and join in!

I have some tips below if you are thinking about starting! Now I know we’ve all done the “this year Im going to lose weight” New Years Resolution. And trust me I have prob done it the past 4 years and always fell through, BUT seriously this year, Is your Year!! You can do it! I believe in you! Whether you want to lose weight, or just  want to try a healthier lifestyle. We can do it together!

Jamie Eason Live Fit ROUND 2

Tip #1 – Stick with the workout plan. Yes that means NO Cardio the first phase.
I get ALOT of people that ask me “Did you really do no cardio the first month” The answer is YES!
Bodybuilding.com and Jamie Eason put ALOT of thought and processes into this workout plan, it is laid out with weights only in the first phase, for a reason. If you’re a regular at the gym and you want to add cardio then that’s your call. BUT I truly believe that if you follow this program AS IS you will get great results! Just like I did. Ive said this before, but I have ran three half marathons and was doing cardio regularly and still couldn’t lose the weight. It wasn’t until I started lifting weights that I lost inches and pounds! Stick with it, I know it works!

clean eating Meal Prep #cleaneatingTip #2 Follow the meal plan.
If you’re like me, I had to google “Clean Eating” I had no idea what it was!
Basically it’s just simply eating foods closest to their natural state. So that means little to no processed foods, think about it as
grocery shopping the OUTER edges of the store, mainly fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains.
Meal prep was HUGE for me! It really helped me stay on track! I cooked ALL my meals for the week (excluding dinners) on Sunday. Took me about 3 hours. I chose to cook my dinner fresh every night so I wouldn’t be eating ALL the same meals every day. Honestly it made my life soooo much easier!! How many times have you heard OR been the one to say “O man I don’t have time to eat healthy, fast food is WAY easier!” And yes driving through Chick Fil A (my weakness 😉 is WAY easier in that moment, BUT if you spend just a couple hours a WEEK you can literally have “fast healthy food” at your fingertips ALL day! And trust me it’s way better for you!

Tip #3 Find your motivation.
I found Michelle Myers Cross Training Couture workout line and I fell in LOVE with the positive messages and motivating verses! This is one of my personal favorite tanks to work out in!


Why are you doing this program? To lose weight, to eat healthier, to put yourself first?! Whatever your reason is, you’re going to need inspiration and motivation to stick with your goals. For me it was finally putting my health and fitness first which relayed into making myself a priority for the first time in YEARS! And I needed help with it! First of all my FAITH played a Huge Role. I have shared this before, but I used those 90 days to draw closer to God. To lean on his strength instead of my own. And I dove into his word to lead me. I prayed everyday to continue to give me the strength and determination to follow this workout program. Sounds kinda silly eh? With all the problems in the world why would God care about my little ole workouts?! Because he loves me thats why! He wants whats best for us and wants to see us succeed and prosper!

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”

I have heard that verse SO many times, but never really got it. It wasn’t until I really put my faith first and stepped out of my comfort zone that I really understood it. God hears our cry, he sees our weakness and he truly CARES what happens to us. He cares about the decisions we make and wants whats best for us! Sometimes that means we have to start a new journey, a new lifestyle, a new workout program, whatever it may be, he wants to see us have HOPE! For me personally that was giving our fertility struggles to him. I mean truly 100% giving it to him! And little did I know how working out and eating healthy would result in getting pregnant! What we had been praying for, for over three years! So whatever your reason is, to get healthy remember your motivation.

Tip #4 Have a strong support system.
For some of you this may be the first time you’re setting foot in the gym. Maybe your the only one in your family who actually wants to eat healthy and workout. Choosing to change you’re lifestyle is a BIG deal, and it’s not going to be EASY! It is going to take hardwork, dedication and ALOT of changes to get the results you want. BUT it is so very worth it! I had a lot of women tell me that they would meal prep and cook all this food and their husband or kids wouldn’t eat it. Which made it SO MUCH harder for them to stay on track. I know how hard that is, but if you really want to make changes I truly believe you have to have your family on track as well. Your husband or wife may not eat your asparagus and broccoli every dinner, and thats okay! This is YOUR decision. If they have to make their own dinners, let them! We are all grown ups here, YOU have to know your doing this for you and no one else. This is YOUR health and they need to support you. My husband David was AMAZING the first round, he would be my taste tester with my burnt pancakes, crumbly protein bars and spinach smoothies. He didn’t always like it, but he knew how important this journey was for me so he supported me.
Whether its your faith, your family or friends, find a good support system and let them remind you constantly why you’re making this decision! I started my own private Facebook group with 800 of my closest friends HAHA to motivate and keep us all on track! If you’re interested in joining the group CLICK HERE.


{I get ALOT of requests to join the Facebook group and it is hard to sift through the SPAM accounts, if you are interested in joining the Facebook group please message me on my Made with Love Facebook page HERE}


Tip #5 Write down / track ALL your food!
My fitness Pal - food tracking app FREE

Okay this sounds like common sense right? I know what I eat every day right? But one thing I found that really helped me stay on track was using the APP “My Fitness Pal” I would log ALL of my food and workouts EVERY DAY! It helped me stay accountable & have to be honest with myself with what I was putting in my body. It is also a great way to see the “protein / carb” ratio that is in the food I’m eating. This is a FREE app and its super easy to use! I found that if i was keeping track I was less likely to eat an entire bag of chocolate HA! I knew I would have to log all my food so I tried really hard to stay on track. I completed Jamie Easons program the first time with NOT ONE cheat meal! That’s right I ate clean meals and followed the program to the “T” for an entire 90 days! It was NOT easy and SOOOO out of my comfort zone, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. But if I can do it, I know you can do it!

If you want to follow me on My Fitness Pal my user name is: ahaley01
Whether you use an APP or a food journal I highly recommend tracking your food and weights to keep yourself accountable!

So I could go on and on with all kinds of random tips for Jamie’s program but I will let ya’ll find your own tips when you start with me on January 5th 2015! I’ve put together a starter kit to help you guys out complete with a grocery list and all the printable phase workout plans! You literally have EVERYTHING you need to get started! Did I mention this is all FREE?!

Free meal plan & workout Click the links below to download and print the workouts PLUS my example grocery list and meal plan.


Phase 1 printable workouts - Jamie Eason Live FIt  screen-shot-2013-10-07-at-12-07-33-pm screen-shot-2013-10-07-at-12-07-49-pm
Phase 1 Workouts PDF     Phase 2 Workouts PDF     Phase 3 Workouts PDF

To download my Word Document version click here —> Grocery LIST – Jamie Eason Live Fit

So you’re going to make this YOUR YEAR right?! And meet your fitness goals with me?!
I Can’t wait to start this journey with all of you!


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