Jamie Eason Live Fit – Week 1 – Round 2

Jamie Eason Live Fit – Week 1 – Round 2
Okay guys so Here I am, back at week 1. As you know I did Jamie’s program in August of 2013
and lost 30 pounds! You can read more about my last transformation HERE.
After having baby Annabelle, I’m so very excited about starting BodyBuilding.com’s Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer once again!

Boy O Boy, where do I even begin to describe my FIRST week?!
It was definitely a mix of emotions! It almost felt like “going home” in a way, I forgot how yummy all the food I made last time was! Ya I used some of the recipes while I was pregnant, but I wasn’t being near as strict as I was the first round. So it felt AMAZING to get back in the kitchen and gym routine!

Okay so let me start off by saying the O so FUN part about this program.
So after I had Annabelle I lost 20 pounds like NOTHING by 8 weeks. I think it had ALOT to do with nursing!
I am still nursing her at 4 months, but I started noticing my jeans were ALOT tighter these past couple weeks.
I didn’t really want to weigh myself because honestly I am just enjoying being a mom and trying to focus so much on Annabelle.
But when I hopped on the scale last week to see my STARTING WEIGHT, I was pretty shocked it was back up to 170 lbs.
I was 183 lbs when I delivered Annabelle, and I gained a total of 30 pounds during my pregnancy.
That number just gave me the motivation and confirmation, that it was perfect timing to do this program again.
So *drumroll please* when I stepped on the scale this morning, my weight was 163!!

What?! Crazyness? I was sooo shocked! I’m literally following the plan to the “T” and making sure I’m getting lots of extra protein since I am still nursing.
This past week the workouts were only 20 minutes for 4 days a week. And I lost 7 pounds!

Let me repeat “You do not have to cardio, to lose weight!”
So many people think they will just sneak cardio in this first phase, but Jamie is so specific about NO CARDIO until Phase 2.
And look it works!! Your body will take all those calories and use them as fuel instead of building muscle.
I used to kill myself on the treadmill and took me a month to lose 2 pounds! Im not kidding!
Clean Eating + Weight Training does wonders!!
Jamie Eason Meal Prep // made with love

For Meal Prep this week, it took me about 4 hours since my little bundle of joy just kept wanting to nurse the whole time! HA
Have I mentioned that everything, like everything takes 10 times longer with children?! And my baby doesn’t even crawl yet!
Lord help me when I try and get anything done with her zooming around! HAHA
Okay enough about my baby, back to the food!
This week I made Egg white Muffins with spinach and mushrooms.
You can find my EGG WHITE MUFFINS recipe HERE.
I ate them every morning with half a cup of chickpeas.

Not going to lie at first it did take a day to get used to eating every 2 hours again.
But I just KNOW that it works! And the food is seriously so good! I love it!
Meal prep helped me really stay on track this week, and I make dinners fresh every night so I don’t get bored.

Week One Meals:
Breakfast: 2 Egg white muffins & half a cup of chickpeas
Snack: 2 Turkey Muffins with 1 TB of Hummus
Lunch: 4oz of chicken, half a sweet potato and broccoli
Snack: 2 Pumpkin Protein Bars
Dinners vary throughout the week!
I also throw a Vanilla Protein Shake {with almond milk}  in there whenever I finish my workouts!

Jamie Eason Live Fit // Eat Clean // Made with Love
And as my reward, on Saturday I made Vanilla Apple Protein Pancakes!
OMG you guys!! Their flipping amazing! I made protein pancakes every saturday
last round and I really looked forward to it and it was like my reward for getting through the week!
I used Jamie Eason’s Vanilla Protein Powder for the pancakes and topping!

You can find Jamie Eason’s Protein Powder Here.

Vanilla Apple Protein Pancakes // Made with Love #eatclean #proteinpancakesI’ll be posting the Vanilla Apple Protein Pancake recipe soon, so stay tuned this week!

Another one of my favorite foods from this week, was my Sweet Potato & Chickpea Patties!
OMG seriously delicious! This is why I love this program, you can eat really healthy, fresh,
filling foods, that keep you fueled up AND full!

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Patties with Greek Yogurt Sauce #eatclean #jamieeasonlivefit
I’ll be posting my Sweet Potato & Chickpea Patties recipe this week too! So stay tuned :)

Jamie Eason Live Fit // Week one

So now that were all hungry, let’s talk workouts!
Week 2 Workouts:
20-30 minutes x 4 days a week

Alright I’m guna let you in on a little secret, I have not “lifted” weights like for real consistently lifted since I was like 4 months pregnant.
So it was definitely intimidating getting back to the gym. And if I have to sum up this weeks workout with one word:

I literally struggled through every pushup and squat! My body is not used to it anymore! When I was pregnant I tried to do squats every night,
so I would be prepared for labor. Anyway, I haven’t done squats with WEIGHTS since like a year ago!
So let me tell ya I was really having a hard time walking this week haha!
I looked like an 80 year old woman trying to go up and down our stairs.
But I do take BCAA’s and drink Amino Recovery on my workout AND rest days.
So that really really helped with my muscle soreness!

image_prodprod1060034_largeImage_X_450_white                                           BCAA
You can find the Amino Recovery Powder HERE.              You can find the BCAAs HERE.
Jamie Eason live fit // week one // Made with Love
Okay it’s embarrassing how I have literally NO muscle tone anymore! HA But the awesome thing is I know that I will in just a couple weeks!
I think by week 5 last time I could really tell in my arms! I definitely have an excitement starting this time, because I know how QUICKLY you will see changes, 3 months is nothing!

I feel like this week was really more about making meal prep and getting in the gym a routine again!
The workouts were tough, but because their so short, they don’t seem that bad! But OMG I remember just how crazy it gets in the next couple of weeks!
So for now, Im enjoying the 20 minute workouts :)


Overall I have to say I think the biggest challenge so far is just doing this program
now that I’m a mom. I also work from my home and my husband works from home as well.
So we are both trying to work and spend time with
our 4 month old baby girl. So meal prep, and even just getting her calm so David can watch her so I can go to the gym,is like a feat in itself.
But what better motivation than my daughter?! She keeps me going and inspires me to be a better mom!
One of the days, I had to do my workout at home with our free weights, and it was so hard!
Annabelle was so fussy and I kept wanting to just stop, but I knew I had to get through it.
And Im so glad I did!

 I’m really loving being back in a groove and routine!
Im really excited with my week 1 results and can’t wait to keep pushing myself next week!

fb_groupYou can still join my Facebook group!
Theres ton of women at all three phases doing Jamie Eason’s program!
To join the group CLICK HERE.

screen-shot-2013-10-07-at-12-07-33-pm Phase 1 printable workouts - Jamie Eason Live FItscreen-shot-2013-10-07-at-12-07-49-pm
final-print-ready-phase-1    final-print-ready-phase-2     final-print-ready-phase-3
Click the links above to download the Printable Workout Sheets for each phase.

Free meal plan & workoutYou can download my Clean Eating grocery list & 1 week Example meal plan Clean Eating Grocery List PDF.
Download the Word Document Version by clicking —-> Grocery LIST – Jamie Eason Live Fit



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