Jamie Eason Live Fit – {Week 5} Recap

Jamie Eason Live Fit – {Week 5} Recap

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Weightloss Update:
Okay so YAY I’m so excited about this week! I was bummed when I didn’t lose anything last week, so when I stepped on the scale Monday morning I was really EXCITED to see 155lbs! I lost 3 pounds this week! I am now officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I was 155 when I got pregnant with Annabelle. Even though I was a heck of a lot more toned, its still good to know Im working my way back to it! I would like to lose maybe 10 more pounds & I’ll end up back to what I was when I finished Jamies program last time. And then at that point I really don’t care so much about the scale, just more about muscle tone. That’s why Im really excited to do Jamie Eason’s program twice this year too!
After finishing Jamie’s program last year I had gained about 10 back. I honestly think It’s because the last two weeks you do “high carb” and “low carb” days. It really really makes you lean out and lose weight quickly! It’s not something I think I will do forever, but it def works to get the scale down! So then when I just went back to phase 2 workouts and just eating clean, my body gained some weight back but kept my muscle tone.

Meal Prep: Week 5
Okay so I apologize I didn’t take any pic of my weekly meal prep from Sunday. But I made spinach and egg white muffins, I found myself not eating all of them. So I only made enough for 5 days worth. Then one day I just really really wanted real eggs so I made 2 eggs, one sweet potato, and one avocado for breakfast! It was delicious! The biggest change in Phase 2 is that you are limiting your carbs to earlier in the day. So no carbs at dinner. Insert sad face here :( But no pain no gain right?!
Honestly food this past week has been pretty boring. I wasn’t feeling too creative, so it was ALOT of the same stuff EVERY day and even for dinner!

I made a big pot of Ground Turkey chili, so we had some for lunches and dinner. I know in Phase 2 you’re really not suppose to have any carbs within 3 hours of bed BUT I opted to have veggie instead of rice. And it was such a long day I didn’t feel like making another dinner. So yes I had carbs (beans) for dinner one night. So sue me HAHA! Its not the end of the world. And its was flipping delish!

Hi my names Alesha and I have an addiction to Spaghetti Squash! OMG have you guys made it before?! Its amazing! Just roast your spaghetti squash then literally just take a fork and it comes out like noodles! We had it almost every night this past week! It’s a great way to get your extra veggies in at dinner. I love having just a simple baked chicken and sautéed veggies, was so good & so easy (my motto)
I season my squash with some herbs and Mrs.Dash then added some olive oil and cherry tomatoes and had a great snack too!

A couple nights I got crazy and mixed it up with Tilapia and avocado! Ha 😉 Honestly with all this cardio this past week I was pretty exhausted so I didn’t feel like trying new recipes for dinner, so we had a lot of repeats, but Im not complaining. It was all really good!


I made Jamie Eason’s Coconut Protein Cupcakes one night OMG they are amazing! I know I know, I say that about everything, but seriously they were so good! It was really nice to make something different this week. You can find the recipe HERE.

Jamie Eason Protein Cupcakes // Made with Love #eatclean
Workouts: Week 5
UGH is pretty much how I feel about phase 2 workouts HA! Their hard. Its not just the cardio, its also using a higher weight, more reps, supersets! OMG I def worked my butt off every day! It was super intense.

One of the hardest workouts this week was Back / Cardio. I really really struggled through this workout. I really wanted to skip some of the reps, but I stuck with it! As hard as these workouts are, I think back to just week 1 when I could barely do any of it, and now in just 5 weeks, Im getting a lot stronger. I still have SO FAR to go and want to see SOOO much more muscle definition, but Im not giving up! One workout at a time, I will get there :)
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So how are my Jamie Ladies doing?! Happy to have cardio back?


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