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April 27, 2015

Jamie Eason Live Fit Recap {Weeks 10 + 11}

Hello there, did you miss me?! Don’t worry, I’m alive guys! Sorry I haven’t posted on the ole blog in a while, but I’m still plugging along! I actually finished Jamie Eason’s program and am currently starting the 21 day fix, BUT I wanted to still finish my recaps about Jamie’s program! My etsy orders have really picked up WOO HOO so I haven’t had much free time to post my weekly recaps, BUT I really wanted to still post them for the ladies still doing the program!

So week 10 & 11 of Jamie Eason Live Fit, went pretty well! Overall still totally sick of the sprints on the treadmill ha, but loving the food still and trying to mix it up each week!

Jamie Eason Live Fit // Alesha Haley #jamieeasonLet’s talk food. Week 10 & 11 was pretty much the same as the last couple weeks, but I mixed it up a little with making some banana protein bread for high carb days! You can find my banana protein bread recipe HERE.
So breakfasts were usually scrambled eggs, some veggies and protein bread. For low carb days I just ate extra veggies or fruit like some spinach or strawberries instead of the protein bread.

Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeasonJamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason

Of course I had to throw in some Protein Pancakes for PANCAKE SATURDAY, you can find that recipe HERE.
Topped my pancakes with a little honey, and some fresh fruit. YUMO!

Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason

Okay so we had some friends over one night, so I made a big ole dish of Eggplant parmesan and chick parmesan. NOW I did add CHEESE *insert gasp* which I know is not approved on the Jamie Eason foods list, BUT ya know sometimes you just gotta have some cheese people! I will post both recipes later this week. Or maybe next month, haha whenever I get around to it! 
Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason
For both the eggplant and chicken, I coated them in egg and then oat flour, baked at 400 for 30 minutes. They were delish! I added some spinach and tomatoes and topped with organic marinara sauce.

Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason
Then, because I wasn’t totally sick of eggplant I made eggplant “roll ups” one night stuffed with ground venison and topped with organic tomato sauce. Served mine with a side of green beans and a spinach salad with tomatoes. YUMO!

Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason
Served my chicken & eggplant parm with whole wheat pasta and some brussels sprouts! Worlds largest plate of food! HA but it was really good! And I’m glad I got to splurge and have the cheese 😉 

Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason
Okay lets talk zoodles! Zucchini noodles have become an absolute staple in the Haley house! OMG I love them, maybe more than I love regular pasta, not even kidding! They are so good! They’re perfect for a low carb dinner!

Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason
So I used my leftover egg plant “roll ups” top top my zucchini noddles! Just use a spiralizer or I love my VEGGETTI from amazon, to spiralize your zucchini, THEN just sautee on medium heat for about 8 minutes with garlic, onions & a little olive oil. Trust me, you will LOVE it! Okay maybe I can’t guarantee that, but I think theres a strong possibility you will at least like it! HA I really love my zoodles, I don’t miss the pasta and def don’t miss the calories. Now don’t get me wrong carbs aren’t bad, but with the end of Jamie Eason’s program, you have LOW carb days and HIGH carb days, so low carb days these meals were perfect!

Jamie Eason Clean Eating food / Alesha Haley #eatclean #jamieeason
Lets talk Week 10 & 11 Workouts!
So welcome to the big boys club! I don’t even know what that means, but I just felt like saying it, hoping y’all would realize just how intense these workouts are 😉 Okay so for example week 10 & 11, Monday was leg day, so theres only 5 total exercise BUT you have to do them for 30 reps, for 3 rounds! Did you catch that, 30 reps!! Yep so about 150 reps for each exercise! Out of control I tell ya! HA But I did it, whining and complaining the whole time 😉

Jamie Eason Live Fit // alesha haley
And thats just LEG DAY! OMG I was dying! The other days are just as equally crazy! HA
Trust me, these last couple of weeks of workouts, are INTENSE! PLUS you’re carb cycling, so it really helps
lean you out. Now I didnt lean out much, haha but I def felt less bloated! And felt ALOT stronger in the gym!
Time for a little transformation for ya! The left was a couple years ago, I can’t remember the exact date, and the right was week 11 of Jamie Eason Live Fit (2015). Theres prob about a 30-40 lb difference in the two pics BUT the biggest TRANSFORMATION has been my mindset! I look at food and eating differently, I make myself a priority and enjoy pushing myself in my workouts. I have realized over the past couples of years that you can’t give 100% to everyone else or everything else and put 0% back into you. Its impossible! SO now I take the time to make my healthy and fitness a priority and I become a better mom, wife, time manager, cook, you name it!

weightloss // Jamie Eason Live Fit I’ll be posting my FINAL recap later this week! Stay tuned AND I’ll be talking more about the Fun NEW workout program I’m trying NEXT!


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  • Danielle

    loved reading about your experience with the live fit trainer! i’ve always wanted to try it but have never actually committed to doing so…thanks for writing about it! maybe i’ll find the motivation to get started now 😉

    April 27, 2015 at 11:18 pm Reply
  • Beks

    Looking at your recipes just gave me an idea for a healthy swap for this classic chicken saltimbocca (I just learned how to use a meat mallet on chicken last night. LOL). I think I’m going to have to blog about it this weekend.
    Also, oat flour batter is absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to try that. I might even have to buy some eggplant to try eggplant parm again. 🙂
    You look fantastic! And zoodles are amazing. I feel so much better after eating them, as opposed to regular pasta. Much less tired.

    April 28, 2015 at 10:48 am Reply
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