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May 6, 2015

33 totally awesome things I’ve learned about being a Mom

I had the best of intentions to write this sweet Mother’s Day post, and talk about how amazing being a mom is. But after lots of coffee & lack of sleep decided to share these wonderful little nuggets of awesomeness I have experienced during my first year of being a mom!

#1. You will feel like your pregnant forever.
*Oh hello due date, nice to see you. Obviously your baby didn’t get that memo.

#2. You will find it incredibly  exhausting just to shave your legs while pregnant.
*It’s acceptable to wear pants to the beach right?!



#3. You will FINALLY give birth to your baby and experience a love that is BEYOND anything you could ever dream.
*Welcome to the world amazing little babe!

#4. You will see a new amazing side of your husband, and you will want to have 5 more babies!
*6 weeks isn’t too early to start trying for another one is it?!

#5. You will take a million pictures of your child taking a bath.
*And you will share those pictures with EVERYONE you know.


#6. You will dress your child up for halloween in an adorable costume and they will cry in every single picture.
*And you will find it hilarious!

#7.You will capture sweet moments with Great Grandma & your new bundle of joy!

*What special memories!
{Since this picture, Annabelle’s sweet Nanny has passed away at the age of 93 and I will forever be grateful for these sweet moments we captured}

#8.You will have two amazing Great Grandmas to share your little one with!

*So blessed with these two beautiful ladies in my life!

#9.Your baby will bring so much JOY & happiness to your Mother in law!
*Love seeing these two laugh together!

#10.You will have a whole new appreciation of your own MOM & you will love seeing her with your own child.

*I’m sorry for all the tantrums I threw when I was young, Mom!

#11.You will attempt to do adorable crafts for your child’s first Christmas.

*And you will fail miserably.


#12.You will LOVE seeing your sister as an Aunt, and you will text one million times a day asking “Is this normal?!”

*Group text for life!


#13.Your baby will grab your face/jewelry/mouth a thousand times a day.

*You weren’t trying to talk were you mom?!

#14.You will bundle your child up like a mini eskimo just to get them to go to sleep.

*Hat, check. Mittens, check, Swaddle, check. Fleece blanket, check.

#15.You will sleep just about anywhere because you are so ridiculously TIRED.

*This looks like a good spot to take a nap.

#16. You will come home to find your husband feeding your child out of a box.

*And you will move on about your day like this is in the realm of normal.

Mothers Day // Parenting

#17. You will LOVE seeing the bond between your little one and your pet!
*Besties for life!

#18. And then you will realize this bond is just a little TOO close!

*Mouthwash anyone?!

#19. You will NEVER let your child sleep in your bed, because that’s your peaceful master bedroom, only meant for husband and wife.

*Did someone say party in the bedroom?!

#20.You will ONLY feed your baby organic and healthy homemade food.

*Who the heck would give their BABY, baby back ribs?!


#21. Your child will GRAB anything and everything within reach, especially peoples hair!

*My poor niece is such a good sport!
Mother's Day

#22. Your child will crawl into every space in your house, and find ALL the electrical cords.

*Nothing to see here, move along.crawling

#23.You will buy your child expensive toys and they will be just as happy with a tupperware lid.

*Thanks for my awesome toy, mom!

#24. You will ONLY dress your child in adorable matching outfits.

*Guess it’s time to do laundry!

#25. You will overhear your husband reading to your baby and your HEART will MELT!

*I think my ovaries want another baby!

#26. You will attempt to take a picture with your child and they will accidentally give the finger.

*Now Annabelle we talked about this!

#27. You will feel like a NEW person when your child can FINALLY fit into the top part of the shopping cart!

*YAY for not having to bring the carseat to the grocery store!

#28.You will attempt to take pictures with your baby’s big cousins.

“You hold the head, I’ll take the body” was the exact quote from my 6 year old niece.

#29.Your child will ALWAYS wear shoes.

*It’s just a wee bit chilly in the mountains.

#30.You will ONLY stay in 5 star resorts with your new baby.

*Only the very finest for our little one.

#31.You will ONLY feed your child with plastic baby spoons.

*Metal butter knives are perfectly acceptable, right?!


#32. You will be incredibly thankful to be surrounded by the amazing MOMS in your life!

*Have I told you THANKS for being awesome, MOM?!

#33. You will LOVE this amazing, wild, crazy ride that’s called Parenthood.

*Hey, she’s finally wearing socks!
(They’re actually tights, we had to trick her)
Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms out there!

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  • Adriana

    I can totally relate to this Alesha! Thanks for the laugh and happy Mother’s Day!

    May 6, 2015 at 1:28 pm Reply
  • Jordan

    Super sweet girly!

    May 6, 2015 at 4:01 pm Reply
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