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August 18, 2015

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Shopping Trip

I get questions all the time of where I get my workout clothes. And honestly I usually say whatever is on sale! LOL My wardrobe is about 80% workout clothes and the rest is “real clothes” and I’m totally okay with that. I am always on the lookout for cute workout clothes, so I wanted to share some of my recent faves!

I was recently selected to participate in a review of Dick’s Sporting Goods.. and OMG how excited was I?! I LOVE their workout stuff!! We have a store about 10 minutes away so its perfect! I found some goodies and I am so excited to share.

Okay ladies so lets get real. I have the HARDEST time finding a supportive sports bra. These girls are usually flapping all over! HA And its so frustrating! I loved finding some comfy options that provided support but also were SOOO cute!! I opted for the bright pink one and I absolutely LOVE it!! Lets be real I don’t need any extra jiggle while I’m workout out! HA And the Under Armour sports bra is perfect!

They also had a ton of cute shirts and workout headbands! Ya’ll know I’m obsessed with headbands!!

So if you follow me on instagram you know I’m obsessed with crazy workout leggings! They are so fun! I loved these two!

AND if you’re looking for a great deal on free weights?! They have weights starting at only $5.00! I tell all my 21 day fixers to get either a resistance band or weights for the program, and I am def going to start recommending Dick’s Sporing goods. And look at the fun colors!!


So there was a time when I absolutely swore I would NEVER workout in shorts, because I hated the way my legs look. I always felt like they were so jiggly and cellulite city HA! BUT I have worked really hard to make my legs strong and no they aren’t perfect , but they have come a long way AND guess what, they are the only legs I’ve got! So I bought these super comfy workout shorts and I can’t wait to try them out!  Oh and I LOVE my new pink and grey under armor shirt! Sometimes its nice to have a regular shirt instead of just tanks all the time. And I love that I can wear it as a regular shirt too!

I cant wait to try out my new cute wardrobe with my workouts this week! Be sure to check out Dick’s Sporting Goods online and in person. They are always having AMAZING sales!! Everything I got was either 50% off or MORE! Heck yes! CLICK HERE to shop!

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.


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