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September 14, 2015

The Lord is my Strength

This was originally a Facebook post, but it seemed to speak so much to people so I wanted to share on my blog too! To see the original Facebook post CLICK HERE.

I struggled with posting this because I didn’t want to come off as complaining. So let me first of all say, I am NOT complaining LOL But I am hoping that by opening up, someone can relate!

This month has been hard, in every aspect. From trying to balance a very busy 1 year old who is into EVERYTHING these days, running two businesses from home, a blog, and still making my own health and fitness a priority. Every single day has been challenging, every single day has been overwhelming.

I am by no means perfect and I feel like somewhere along the way I have let my circumstances dictate my emotions. I have let my “to do list” overwhelm me and I have gone to bed at night wondering if I could have done more, HOPING that I was enough today. Hoping that I did enough for me, for my husband, for our daughter, for my business. Questioning if I gave my all, it can be exhausting.

I realized today as I literally sat on the floor and cried over the load of laundry that I had to rewash because I forgot to take it out last night, (#MomMeltdown) that something needs to change. I realized that there will ALWAYS be a to do list, there will always be people who NEED me, and I can either let that drain me or fulfill me. I realized that I have been relying on my OWN strength instead of God’s. I had a wake up moment and realized “Alesha, no wonder you are a big stress ball….YOU are trying to do it all on your own!”

Let me be clear, I don’t think God is going to literally help me do the dishes LOL BUT I do believe he can help give me the strength to get through the day, HE can help provide the PEACE at night allowing me to sleep. HE can be my strength when I am weak. HE can HELP me, when I can’t help myself. HE can provide answers, when all I see are issues. HE can be my rock, when I feel like I am treading water.

So today, right now. I am giving it to him. I am giving him my stress, my worry, my complaints, and I am letting him in. I am letting HIM help me.

“The LORD is my Strength…” Psalm 28:7

Tank Top is Clothed in Strength, you can find it HERE.

The Lord is my StrengthHappy Monday everyone! Can you relate to this post? Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Monique

    You have no idea how much I needed to hear your story. Such a wake-up call for me. I, too, am overwhelmed with having 3 kids and trying to find a tiny bit of motivation to do some exercise and eat right, it hasn’t come yet. I just feel like I want to run away instead of running to Him! I must keep reminding myself that He is my strength and I can cast ALL my burdens onto Him. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    January 23, 2016 at 12:45 pm Reply
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