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September 19, 2015

Coach Sneak Peek – Happy Hour

Okay guys so I’m pretty excited about hosting this months Coach Sneak peek – Happy Hour! As you know I am a beach body coach and I am absolutely LOVING my Team Rise coaches! These ladies are amazing and keep me motived so much! And we want to share a little more about what we do as Coaches, How we help people and of course, how you make money coaching 🙂

I became a Coach in May of this year, and let me tell you, it has been a roller coaster of a ride, but it has brought more joy, fulfillment and most importantly MORE TIME with my daughter and husband! As a coach, I can actually work less hours than I did when I had my Etsy Store, and be able to spend my days raising my sweet and very busy little Annabelle. I love making my own hours and the amazing opportunity of helping others reach their fitness goals is pretty spectacular!

Team Rise - Coach Sneak Peek

This Coach Sneak peek is only ONE HOUR! Tuesday September 22nd at 8pm EST. I am so excited to share my heart and passion about Coaching! I want to be very clear, this is NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Are you just a tad curious? Have you been interested in working from home, and want to learn more? Well then join us! If you want to hear more about the story behind the name: READ about TEAM RISE HERE.

Who is Team Rise:
We are an amazing tribe of women who aim to help people, who love building each other up, and we balance our business with our family! We make sure to make our own family a priority, and yet continue to find the balance of working from home! We are working on our own fitness and want to help others along the way. We are not perfect, we are not elite athletes, we are moms, wives, women who have a heart for people and a passion for teaching others!

We are women on a mission to continue our own fitness journey and to help as many people as we can along the way! We are teachers, employees, busy moms, world travelers, bloggers, but most importantly we have a passion for people! We are strong team and we support and lift each other up! We work from home and make our own schedules, in essence, we are highly motivated, passionate #GIRLBOSSES!


What can you expect for this Coach Sneak Peek – Happy Hour:
This will be ONE hour with everything you want to know about Coaching! We will go over: How do you make money coaching? What does it take to be a Coach? Can you be a coach if you are not at your goal weight? *SPOILER ALERT* You bet! We will go over what we as Coaches do every single day!

If you want to just be a fly on the wall and see more about who we are, what we do and just listen to some amazing women share their story, then please join us and reserve your spot today!

>>JOIN the Sneak PEEK<<
We will open the sneak peek, ONE hour BEFORE: 7pm EST. So grab that glass of wine, or cup of tea and join us for some fun!

As always don’t hesitate to email me with any questions:

Happy Saturday lovelies!!


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