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October 27, 2015

3 Day Refresh – Product Review

Last week I tried something totally new, I did a 3 day “refresh.” I had such a great experience I wanted to share! Let me say first of all, this is NOT a lose weight quick fix, this is a JUMPSTART to a healthy lifestyle. This is NOT to be done any longer than 3 days, and it will not benefit you, if you go back to eating unhealthy after its over.

What this CAN do for you is: reduce cravings, reduce bloat, increase energy, teach you the difference of hunger and boredom, kickstart when your feeling stuck!  So I decided to give this a try because I was feeling SUPER bloated from vacation, and I just felt unmotivated to eat healthy and workout, which typically happens after I totally binge out on junk! HAHA I had a great vacation, but it was time to get back to a routine! In the past (years ago before I understood the concept of healthy living) I have done a 10 day juice fast, which I thought would totally jumpstart my healthy goals and I would feel great and it would be THAT thing I needed to lose weight. Well after 7 days I had horrible headaches and I was starving and I just felt even worse, after it was over. I realize now that I did it for TOO long, that I wasn’t getting enough protein AND that I just went right back to eating junk, so it didnt help my body at all! Well lesson learned and this was a totally different experience.

So let me break it down. This is 72 hours of NO carbs, NO meat, and NO dairy! You eat (unprocessed) fruits and veggies, drink superfood + protein full shakes PLUS a fiber sweep. This handy dandy kit is super easy to follow. I bought mine from Beach Body, with my awesome Coach discount, and I LOVE how everything is spelled out for you! When I got my kit, I thought 3 days, thats NOTHING, I can do this! OMG by lunch on day one, I was really starting to doubt myself! LOL It really is mind over matter and I can tell you that day one is the hardest part! I craved junk food the ENTIRE day, I thought about food (unhealthy) food ALL day long, like literally it was insane, BUT I realized that my body was in shock HAHA And I just had to push through. I kept myself busy with work and chasing little Annabelle around. I also made crockpot chilli the night before, so I wouldn’t have to cook dinner for David for the three days. Ain’t no way I’m guna be munchin on carrots whilemaking him a steak dinner! HA

Heres a breakdown of what I ate:
Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shake mixed with water and 1 banana
**You can have coffee, but it is recommended to have it black, with NO CREAMER. That sounded awful so I opted out of coffee entirely LOL
Fiber Sweep mixed with water

Lunch: Vanilla Shake mixed with water and 1 banana
+ carrots and hummus

Dinner: Sauteed mushrooms, onions, zucchini
After dinner: Vanilla Shake mixed with water and 1 banana + cinnamon

Again, this is only to be done for three days, this is NOT enough calories for a normal daily diet, but with the shakes, fruits, veggies and fiber, you are literally getting everything your body needs! Its a matter of retraining your MIND to work WITH your body! Let me say, I would get hungry then I would drink my shake and eat the small meal and I would be full for about an hour or so, then I would drink the tea and be okay, but then about an hour later I would get hungry. So I added in some extra veggies, my biggest piece of advice, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you start to feel lightheaded then eat something, stick with the veggies and watch your portions, but its sooo important to do this SAFELY and monitor what you are doing. Don’t go get a Big Mac LOL But eat extra veggies if you need something in between.

ALSO I didnt workout at ALL during the 3 days. Which was great LOL But I really couldn’t have fathomed doing an intense workouts with this food, it is recommended to just do light walking or refrain from exercise all together, your body needs the calories to FUEL it, if you workout, then your calories will go towards the energy you used for the workout. So take it easy and enjoy the break!


Look at  this beautiful box! Isn’t it so pretty?! LOL I love how organized it was!

I also realized that I REALLY liked the taste of the Chocolate Vegan shakeology. I typically drink my shakes with almond milk, not water. BUT after doing the refresh, I actually switched next months shake order to be Vegan. It almost tasted richer, and was great with just water and a banana! So I’ll take that as a win 🙂

PS I have had a couple moms ask if this is okay to do breastfeeding and in my opinion, its not. Because you are only eating around 1,000 calories, it is NOT enough for you and your little one OR to keep up your supply. When I was nursing I was eating around 2,000 calories per day, so I would recommend doing this AFTER you are done nursing.

So Day 1: was the HARDEST, I craved junk food all day, I was super cranky, my poor husband! HAHA
Day 2: I felt BETTER, I didnt have near as many junk food cravings
Day 3: I felt AWESOME! This was the best part, I felt energized and really proud of myself! I had ZERO cravings!

So lets talk about this fiber sweep. I was nervous, I had heard so many people say OMG its horrible, I had to choke it down, the texture is gross… blah blah! HA So I had pretty low expectations. Well let me be completely honest, it wasn’t that bad! It wasn’t necessarily my most favorite thing to drink LOL But honestly it tasted like lemon and it really wasn’t too bad to drink! All I can say is, suck it up! HAHA Its only 3 days, and you only drink it once a day, AND your body needs the fiber, so just deal with it 🙂


Like I’m not kidding when I say this program is completely spelled out! Even the box has instructions as well as the booklet PLUS theres these handy dandy dividers so you know exactly what to have each day. And the booklet is great because it has recipes and even juicer recipes to use with this program.

Then there’s the Vanilla Fresh. This is a little different than Vanilla Shakeology, and honestly I thought it tasted fine. Like I said with water it wasnt AMAZING, BUT mixed with a banana and cinnamon, it was like dessert after dinner! I actually liked the Vanilla Fresh, I am so used to my Chocolate Shakeology, so the vanilla flavor was great!


For dinner, its recommend to eat veggies of some kind, so I sautéed some onions, zucchini, and mushrooms, with just a little coconut oil. I LOVE veggies so this part was totally fine! I will say it was a little hard when my husband was eating chili and cornbread and I was stuck with my zucchini haha BUT it was still good. I think next time maybe I will make zoodles instead. I ate this for dinner all three nights.

Also that reminds me, how often should someone do the 3 day refresh? It is totally personal preference, for me, I might do it every 6 months or so. Because I am usually pretty healthy and eat pretty clean, I don’t feel like I need a “tune up” too often, but this can be done whenever you feel like you might need a jumpstart. But again, this should NOT be done any longer than 3 days.

So what were my results? Would I recommend it?
Well I lost 6 lbs, although I wasn’t doing this for the weight loss but it was a nice little bonus. The biggest thing that I learned and the main reason I wanted to do it, was just to push myself, I wanted to show myself that I can do hard things, and that I can go 72 hours without having a cheat meal and I did it!! It may not seem like that long, but like I said on day one I had the craziest cravings BUT then by day three, I felt AWESOME!!! I woke up on day 4 with so much energy, I had NO cravings of junk whatsoever, AND I felt so much LESS bloated!! I honestly felt great, and its exactly what I needed to get my MIND + BODY back in the game!

I have said it before, but living a healthy lifestyle and trying to lose weight is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, it takes consistency over time! And this helped me so much just to believe in myself again, to teach my MIND that food does NOT control me, and that its mind over matter! It also really helped me figure out the difference between when I am actually hungry and when I just get bored and want to snack. That is usually where I trip up, is in the middle of the day or late at night, I just get “bored” with food and I just want something sweet or something salty, and then a whole bag of chips is GONE! HA

This was a GREAT experience and I truly learned ALOT about myself in just 3 days. Even with doing the 21 day fix, in between rounds is typically where I mess up, so I really wanted to just try something totally different to get my mojo back! HAHA I would 100% recommend this, now let me say, it will be HARD, you will think about food ALOT, haha But if you want that jumpstart then you should totally give it a try! To get YOUR 3 day refresh KIT: CLICK HERE.

So what do you think? Would you give this a try?
Have more questions?
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  • lizzy

    I really want to try this Alicia, love your review! I am ordering now!!!

    October 27, 2015 at 7:14 pm Reply
  • Danielle C

    Cant wait to get mine!!

    October 27, 2015 at 9:34 pm Reply
  • Dani Nicole

    Hi Alesha! So…I ordered this from BeachBody, umm, a couple of months ago…and have been putting off getting started (shameful). My main reason for this is that I cannot make the shakes while I am at work (I don’t live close enough to pop home at lunch). Any suggestions on how to get around this? i.e. would the shakes keep if I made them all in the morning and brought them to work with me? Your advice is appreciated 🙂

    November 25, 2015 at 10:53 am Reply

      Hey Dani!
      So YES you could make the shakes in the morning! And if you dont have a fridge, even a cooler bag with an ice pack. So it would stay cold. I typically drink my shakes for breakfast or lunch. AND sometimes I even make shakes with just my shaker bottle, some fresh ice and water! So you wouldn’t need a blender.

      December 10, 2015 at 7:16 pm Reply

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