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December 10, 2015

Workout Gifts for Him: Polo Sport {Fitness}

This post was sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting goods. All opinions are my own.

Okay so every year for Christmas I rack my brain trying to figure out what to get David! He’s the kind of man who, when he needs something he gets it. Which is great, BUT not so great for his wife come Christmas and Birthdays 😉 Unlike me, David tends to buy good quality clothing LESS frequently. Where as this budget momma tends to buy cheap clothes all the time! I’m pretty proud of myself if I find a shirt for $9.99! HAHA But in my old age I am slowly learning that maybe David has a good plan! Buy NICE quality clothing and it will ACTUALLY last longer! HAHA What a concept!

So this year Davids Christmas came a little early, and I was quite proud of myself 🙂 As y’all know I am huge fan of Dicks Sporting Goods® and I LOVE their workout gear! I was so excited to find out that select stores just started carrying Ralph Lauren Polo Sport® gear! Okay so we all know the Polo brand and how they make classic clothes with GREAT quality, BUT I was super surprised to find out they started making workout clothes!! And guess what, DAVID LOVED HIS!!! Well let me back up.. Annabelle and I took a short little road trip to Orlando, FL to find the closest Dicks Sporting Goods that carried Polo Sport activewear!

Let me just say if you haven’t been to the Florida Mall in Orlando, YOU NEED TO GO!! They have a TON of stores, Santa was there and Annabelle and I had quite the day! But lets get back to the men! So the first thing I noticed about the clothing, its for ALL types of guys!! I saw stuff for David, BUT ALSO items that my dad would like, my father in law and my brother in law! There is literally something for everyone!! So if you need some help this Christmas finding the PERFECT gift, then check out my recommendations!

So I LOVE this red Polo Sport Shirt! Not only is it lightweight jersey material (very functional) BUT its also a classic with a twist! This to me, is David’s style! Young, trendy, BUT also sporty without being too serious! I loved this shirt, if your guy is into skating, surfing or running, this would be the PERFECT gift!
Shop the Polo Sports Men’s Graphic Tee HERE.

So next up, the SPORTY guy! Maybe you live in Florida like us and you don’t necessarily need a THICK winter jacket, this is the perfect track jacket for him! This is tech fleece material to help keep you warm WITHOUT being thick and bulky! If you do lots of outdoor activities than this is the PERFECT GIFT!
Shop the Polo Sports Men’s Track Jacket HERE.

Next up, the “I work outside and I may need a nice sweatshirt” Guy! This reminds me of my dad! He is always running outside and this is the PERFECT sweater for running in the cold! Its nice and warm but also comfy too! Its a classic style with simple branding on it. It comes in NEON if you do alot of night running or early morning runs. This is perfect for the outdoorsy guy who wants a NICE sweatshirt!
Shop the Polo Sport Men’s Fleece Hoodie HERE.


So maybe your thinking those are nice but what about stocking stuffers?! Maybe your guy plays soccer or rugby and he needs a NEW pair of socks! Well Polo Sport has some classic AND stylish socks to match your man friends new jacket!
Shop the Polo Sport Accessories HERE.

After all that shopping Annabelle was wore out! HAHA I hope you got some good ideas to help your man friend out this Holiday Season! Whether he plays sports OR just wants to look good doing chores, Polo Sport has something for everyone!  Shop the FULL Sports Line with Dicks Sporting goods HERE… you can shop online too!

I also got some more goodies for David, but I am waiting until Christmas! So stay tuned for even more fun gift ideas!

Happy Shopping!
SHOP Ralph Lauren Men’s Polo Sport®  HERE.

Thank you so much to Vocal Point for allowing me to share these gift ideas!


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