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January 18, 2016

21 day fix {week one} – 2016

Alright who’s excited for me to do weekly recaps again?! ME ME ME!! HAHA I know y’all have missed it! So this past week I decided to get back to weekly meal prepping and actually be SUPER dedicated when it comes to my workouts and food on the 21 day fix! I was out of town last weekend at the Disney Marathon that my family did .. You can read more about our Trip HERE.

It was SO MOTIVATING and it really made me want to get back to running too! So I decided to sign up for a 15k Race (Gate River Run) thats in March. BUT I know my body and I know that running alone is not enough. So I will be doing a mix of the 21 day fix at home workouts too! I love lifting weights and what it does for my body, so I am excited about the combination! I am still following the 21 day fix food plan too! I will be tracking ALL my food and blogging weekly for the next 12 weeks! I want to really give myself the opportunity to get back to a healthy foundation! OH okay before I go into a million food pictures, I have to tell y’all the BEST part of this past week!!!! I LOST TWO LBS!!! WOO HOO!

I am going to real open and for the past couple of months I have really struggled with my own health routine. OMG I know, its my job, as a coach right?! I should always be motivated right?! LOL well nope, I have been so busy building my beach body business that I kind of didn’t stay consistent and I gained back about 15 lbs!! UGH I kept asking myself this week, how did that happen? When did I just stop trying?! And the answer is I didn’t, I just didn’t give it my all! As a mom its a daily struggle to make time to workout and eat healthy. I do great for a couple days or even weeks and then an event rolls around and all of a sudden I just want to eat the entire cookie aisle LOL. So I said NO MORE! I am actually going to stick to it this time! I KNOW THIS program works and I have my monthly Facebook groups of other awesome ladies doing it with me too!

The BIGGEST key factor for weightloss as well as my PCOS is nutrition, I know just how important it is! So I meal prepped some yummy tilapia and shrimp, steamed brussels sprouts, and a quinoa and kale mix for my lunches!
I get alot of people who say they could never eat the same thing everyday or that they could never eat leftovers. BUT for me, this is food that I LOVE! I’m really into sauces and dips that make it interesting AND I LOVE cooking new recipes! Meal prepping is fun for me and it really helps me stay on track. I change it up for dinners and thats where I do different meals too!

I also prepped some yummy veggie and chickpea cakes to have as snacks during the day too! These were so good! They are almost like the texture of a crab cake and I topped mine with a tahini dressing from Aldi. Will post the recipe on my blog!


During the week my breakfast is either scrambled eggs OR a shake on the go! Depending on what all I need to do that day. My favorite has been the Chocolate Vegan shakeology! I add ice, milk, 1 banana, some peanut butter and its SOOOOO GOOD! It tastes like a milkshake and I call it my mommy fuel! HA I can’t imagine not drinking this stuff everyday! It really has helped me so much with keeping my PCOS and hormones in check!

So let’s talk food, this is just a sample of the some of the meals I have made this week! AND if your thinking well I could never make that? You could!! And the girls in my group have access to all my recipes! PLUS I post alot of them on my blog AND I am working on a clean eating recipe e-book, so the answer is YES you can have YUMMY, filling and easy to do, meals for you and your family! This is what I eat to lose weight and let me tell you, I am not deprived, I am not craving junk food, I am not eating a celery stick in the corner at a party LOL. I eat real food and I get creative so that I actually ENJOY my meals! My goal this week was to REALLY focus on coming up with new recipes, so I branched out a little and wanted to make some new ones!

This Buffalo Chicken Pizza was probably my favorite!! If you want the FULL recipe click here. All of my dinners I make for my husband and I, so I have to come up with healthy recipes that will work for both of us! I might even make this again next week, it was just SOOOO delicious!
Then one night we were watching Cook’s Country on PBS and they had this couscous & kale stuffed tomatoes. I was glued to the TV and went out and bought the stuff to make them the next day! They were AMAZING!! Super delicious, flavorful and will def go on my monthly menu! I will post this recipe on my blog soon too! For the full recipe CLICK HERE.

 Are y’all getting sick of my food pictures yet?! Never right?! LOL But I just really hope that when people see my blog and weekly recaps that they realize you CAN eat healthy & feel satisfied and have some AMAZING meals! Okay so have you tried Zoodles yet?! Zucchini noodles are my FAVE when I have used all my precious YELLOWS (carbs) for the day! I use a vegetti to spiralize my veggies then I threw some pesto chicken on top and VIOLA.. YUMO!!

Mabe by now your thinking okay that stuff looks okay.. but I want something really AMAZING for dinner! WELL get ready to have your MIND BLOWN! These honey lime chicken tacos with cilantro slaw and avocado were seriously AMAZING! Like I blew my own mind haha! This was by far the BEST recipe of this week and it was sooooooo dang flavorful and melt in your mouth delish! Will post this recipe on the blog too! Don’t worry y’all I’m blogging as fast as my little fingers can go 😉

Okay last food post,  I promise LOL. But pancake saturday is BACK!! I whipped up these yummy protein pancakes using the Kodiak Cake mix, topped with peanut butter and syrup and strawberries. OMG DROOOOOLLL!!! Highly recommend getting the Kodiak Cake mixes, they are healthy, REAL ingredients and high in protein!

Alright enough about food, let’s talk about the workouts! Since I am doing running as my cardio, I stuck with just the UPPER Fix and LOWER fix workouts. Even though I am used to these workouts, they still get me evertime! HAHA Those dang bonus workouts and 60 second planks are CRAZY! I am excited to really stick with the workouts and I LOVE that I can just do them at home while Annabelle is napping.

Then on Saturday my dad and I went on a 4.5 mile run. I LOVE and missed doing saturday runs with my dad, so I am excited to get back into it! And honestly after NOT running for the past almost 2 years, I did pretty good for my first week back! It was hard and def pushing a stroller with a very busy 1 year old was a challenge LOL. But I DID IT!! I was slow but I completed all my runs and did about 12 miles this week!

For my reward on Sunday night, I made a chocolate shakeo peanut butter MUG CAKE. It was AMAZING!!! Thats what I love about the 21 day fix, you can trade in ONE yellow (carb) for a healthy dessert or glass of wine! It truly is a lifestyle that can be done forever! It’s all about moderation AND being prepared! Overall this week was AWESOME!! I am beyond proud of myself for giving it my all and sticking to all my healthy food AND losing two lbs!! That is the PERFECT weekly amount to lose! My aim is 1-2 lbs per week 🙂

Join my next 21 day fix Facebook support group! Have access to my meal plans, grocery lists and SUPPORT! Fill out my Challenge Group Application HERE.


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  • Jenna

    Great job getting back! Especially starting back with running xD very impressive. I’m starting back this week. Christmas was delicious but now I wanna get back on the right track. Also, interested in those sauces and dips you mentioned!

    January 18, 2016 at 11:13 pm Reply
  • Stacy

    I have joined your Facebook group coming up. How soon can I get on to see the meal plans and list so I can plan ahead? I like to freeze meals ahead so when I just am too tired to cook I have a healthy back up plan!

    February 5, 2016 at 11:32 am Reply
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