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February 10, 2016

21 day fix – {week 4} -2016

OMG I can’t believe its already Wednesday and I am just now posting about my Week 4 of the 21 day fix. Man what a whirlwind, this week has been crazy busy! But you guys, this past week was filled with some YUMMY food, get ready for picture overload LOL

Weightloss Update:
So the scale didn’t move this week, I am still down 6 lbs. But honestly I feel AMAZING!!! 4 straight weeks of eating healthy, tracking all my food and working out 6 days a week has been hard BUT also so worth it! I feel better every day! Keep reading to see some of my Non Scale Victories from this week.

21 day fix meal prep
For my meal prep I made this super easy Buffalo Chicken Bowls, its a mix of sweet potato, black beans, corn, tomatoes, cheese & spinach. PLUS my skinny ranch dressing to drizzle over top OMG these were so good I may have made them again this next week.

21 day fix Meal Prep // Alesha Haley Blog // Round 2 #21dayfix
Let’s just take a moment and appreciate this deliciousness! Eating healthy doesnt have to be boring, these are SO FLAVORFUL! And they keep me full! David even loved them, so I made a few extras so he could take them for lunch too!


I haven’t posted my breakfast in a while, so its been pretty simple this round. Just scrambled eggs, some spinach and turkey bacon. OH and I have been putting 1 TB of coconut oil in a blender with my coffee and it makes it SOOO GOOD!

Dinners this week have been pretty simple, but I did mix it up a little! I made  Chicken Caprese for the first time ever and it was AMAZING! You can find the recipe HERE. Now mine wasnt as pretty as hers LOL but it was so delish! I might even add this to next weeks meal plan. PS did y’all know if you join my 21 day fix groups, you get my weekly meal plans and grocery lists?! And its not just eat a banana & veggies LOL I am all about flavor and family friendly recipes!

I also made a crockpot chilli one night and it was delish! I use greek yogurt instead of sour cream & its so good. Greek yogurt is such a great source of protein and because its plain you can flavor it to make a sauce! I like to mix cinnamon & honey with it to pour over my pancakes. OR I mix some buffalo wing sauce to make a “buffalo mayo” to pour over tacos and its delish!

So let’s talk Dessert! This week marked 4 straight weeks of NO CHEATS! So I turned down baby shower cake, homemade brownies, pies, you name it, we have had a busy month with lots of social gatherings and I decided I just didn’t want to cheat, so I whipped up a healthy treat at home! And david and I snacked on it for about a week LOL These are the Peanutty Peanut Butter Squares from the Fixate Cookbook. I added some dark chocolate chips to them and they were so good! I used my yellow container to measure my portion and I had 1 bar about 2 nights this week.

PS did you know I giveaway a Fixate Cookbook every month for the person with the most participation points in my 21 day fix groups? This is an AWESOME cookbook I love it!

So I also had a girls night this week and this was a tough one! I made a risky move and made brownies, I didn’t want anyone to feel like Oh Alesha is on a diet, theres not going to be food LOL BUT I am happy to say I successfully cooked them, had them out & didn’t have ONE brownie!!! OMG thats huge for me!! I honestly didn’t even want them, I had a big salad, some cheese and crackers and slice of thin crust pizza. I was still able to stay on track with all my 21 day fix containers!

PS I sent the brownies home with my sister, I can’t keep that kind of temptation in the house LOL

Of course we have to have Pancake Saturday on the weekends!! I look forward to it every week! I made some Vanilla Cake Batter Pancakes, and David, Annabelle and I split them. They are SOOOO good!! I LOVE ABS Protein pancakes, did y’all see them on Sharktank?! Ashley the owner is such a sweet heart! PS use code: AleshaAbs to get 10%, SHOP HERE.

Okay so y’all know I said no to brownies on girls night, BUT I still wanted that sweet treat the next day. So I whipped up this super easy Quest Bar Pop Tart for a post workout snack! OMG will post the recipe on my blog, because THIS is a game changer!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing y’all!!! I love quest bars! This was the chocolate chip and I filled it with peanut butter, cocoa powder and water. And drizzled with greek yogurt on top.

Vegan SHakeology
I also am just LOVING the Vegan Chocolate Shakeology lately!! I add 1 banana, some ice, almond milk, and 1 TB of peanut butter and its like a treat!! But its so good for you!!!! It’s my motivation for getting through my workout LOL. This shake helps me SO MUCH with my cravings for junk food! Like literally it’s amazing!! It has also really helped me keep my PCOS in check and help me to have regular cycles again!

Whats your favorite shake recipe?

It wasn’t all poptarts and cheese this week, I doubled up on my workouts and did about an hour workout every day. I have been adding Dirty 30 workout to the end of every upper OR lower fix, and its been AWESOME!!! Because I am running 3 days a week, I like getting the full body workout the other 3 days. Those 60 second planks are INSANE!! I still do alot of the moves modified BUT I am getting stronger every workout!

My dad and I also went on a 4 mile run on Saturday. It was cold, rainy, and we both had plans in the morning so it would have been easy for us to skip BUT we decided we should still run, and I’m so glad we did! I can totally tell my workouts and eating is paying off!! Running is still challenging, BUT I am really starting to enjoy it!! And my legs are getting alot stronger that I can get my endurance up more!

You can download my 90 day 21 day fix & running schedule HERE.



EEEKK always makes me nervous to share my mom belly LOL BUT I feel like this will hopefully be encouraging to other mommas out there!

This week marks 4 straight weeks, of tracking all my food, drinking shakeology everyday, working out 6 days a week and NO CHEATS! The scale is only down 6 lbs, BUT I am down 13 inches y’all!! Mainly in my legs, stomach and chest LOL

I wanted to celebrate some NON Scale Victories:
-less cellulite in my legs
-tiny definition in my legs
-tiny definition in my arms
-less stomach bloat
-more energy
-doubled up on my workouts this week
-Getting stronger every workout
-went from barely able to run a mile to running 6 miles
-look forward to my workouts
-crave shakeology
-no cravings for junk food

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY I’m even MORE motivated to keep going!


Join my next 21 day fix Facebook support group! Have access to my meal plans, grocery lists and SUPPORT! Fill out my Challenge Group Application HERE.


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  • Kim

    Where can I get the quest bar pop tart recipe?
    Thank you

    February 10, 2016 at 2:47 pm Reply
  • Stephanie

    Have you ever tried Greek yogurt pancakes? I LOVE them. The recipes is only 4 ingredients and super simple. I like to get the personal size Chobani or off-brand to make them but you can buy the larger containers to save $ and the Earth. 🙂

    February 10, 2016 at 3:08 pm Reply
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