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February 17, 2016

Week 5 – 21 day fix – 2016 Recap

OMG I am almost done with my second 21 day fix round you guys?! It feels amazing!! I have really been consistent and made sure to stick to my goals! I have meal prepped every week, been working out 6 days week and tracked all my food too!

Weightloss Update:
I am down ONE pound this week, that makes 7 lbs so far. And after last week the scale not moving I was SUPER nervous, BUT I know I am getting stronger and I know I losing inches. So to be honest, I am not as concerned with the scale. BUT it is a nice little bonus, when it moves. I will say, even when it didnt go down last week, it didn’t change anything. I still worked hard, I still knew that eating healthy was good for me. I think sometimes we get so dependent on the scale, that we forget ALL the AMAZING things that being healthy does for us!! Look at my PCOS, my hormones, my cycles, if I eat junk food, my periods are all over place. But if I eat what is good for me, if I workout consistently, my hormones are more level. Its not just by accident, that is because my body functions at its best when I am doing the work it deserves! 

I just honestly cant get enough of my buffalo chicken!! OMG you guys, its just so good and I need to eat food that makes me happy 🙂 I make my chicken in the crockpot while we are at church, so that its done when we get home later and I can finish the rest of my meal prep, this is SO easy!! I just added some broccoli, corn, black beans, quinoa & cheese this week and lunches were AMAZING! I also think this meal does really well when its reheated. Some things tend to get dry but this doesn’t!

I also like that its really flavorful and keeps me from getting bored. If I was just eating the chicken and broccoli I made get a little bored, BUT adding the spices and other ingredients keeps it interesting. I am all about eating healthy BUT it has to taste good right?! I pretty much have everyone in my current 21 day fix group making these LOL


So breakfasts this week have been super simple, just eggs, cheese, turkey bacon and fruit. Thats 2 red, 1 purple, and 1 blue. I am a HUGE fan of eggs in the morning and so is Annabelle (David eats cereal) so its easier for me to make breakfast every morning for the two of us. Annabelle also loves turkey bacon, so that makes me excited LOL. I started meal prepping some eggs and bacon for her, so that I can drink my coffee in peace 😉

Dinners this week have been pretty simple and BUFFALO inspired LOL. Okay I know its bad, but I just cant quit buffalo Chicken! Even David loves it! So I made a super yummy cheese buffalo chicken mac n cheese one night! I served it with a side salad and some broccoli, it was DELISH!! I also did a SUPER LONG run (keep reading) that day, so I was ready to eat all the carbs.

The next night I didn’t feel like cooking so we just had leftovers over spinach. Laziest meal ever LOL but it was so good! I’m also a huge fan of throwing some greek yogurt in with my pasta, it makes me feel like its creamy and fattening but really its super healthy! The 21 day fix has really taught me to pay attention to my ingredients and to measure everything! I LOVE tracking my food with My Fitness Pal!

So let me be the first to say I am not big into counting calories. I do track all my food and I follow the 21 day fix guidelines, BUT I used to get so stressed if I was over a 100 calories Or under. And I realized thats exhausting AND that its more about eating healthy food in the right quantities and to make sure you are getting the fuel your body needs. So I make sure to have lots of veggies, high proteins and healthy carbs.

I totally invited myself over to my Sister in Laws one night 🙂 And she made the most delicious meal!! I brought cheese, crackers and salami, super healthy I know. BUT it was girls night and I wanted to enjoy it! I have to say I was pretty good and stuck with extra veggies and only had a couple pieces of cheese. Thats what I LOVE about the 21 day fix, you can have cheese, wine and enjoy life without feeling guilty! Its all about planning ahead and moderation.

PS she made ground turkey meatballs, broccoli, mushroom risotto, & dark dark chocolate truffles! OMG y’all it was AMAZING!! I only had 2 truffles so I counted that as my yellow. It was so delish.


Let’s talk workouts, so this week I thought well maybe I will go a little further in my runs, I am feeling good so lets just see what happens! Let me say I used to RUN ALOT, like for years and I still struggled with losing weight, it was when I started incorporating weights into my fitness that I started seeing results. BUT I did miss the racing events, and having a GOAL event. So I have been so happy adding running in 3 days a week.

So anyway, on Monday, I took Annabelle and was suppose to run 4 miles, it was on my schedule, you can download my 90 day training schedule HERE. But I felt so good at 5 miles that I was like well lets just see what I can do. You guys, I did NINE miles!! What?! I can’t believe it!! So I am training for a nine mile race, but its not until next month. BUT I took it slow, I do run two minutes, walk a minute, so its not like I’m out there sprinting the whole thing LOL. I felt AMAZING!! I couldn’t believe Annabelle was totally okay for that long LOL, I’m pretty sure she ate a whole bag of goldfish. But I am just so proud of myself, for really getting out there and going for it.

What’s funny is Monday I was on Cloud 9, I felt GREAT! My run seems pretty easy to an extent. So the next 2 days I did weights at home and then Thursday I wanted to do 4 miles. And it was SOOOOO hard!!!! Annabelle was not having it and she kept trying to get out. I even went to the park before and let her play for at least an hour, I thought Oh good, shell be tired and just want to fall asleep. NOPE, not my child. She was making dinosaur noises and thrusting her body forward.

EVEN through it all, I still did 5 miles on thursday and maintained a 10 minute pace!! Thats huge for me! I learned something very valuable this week, some days it will feel easier, you will feel motivated and then other days it will feel impossible. It’s important to just stay consistent on both. I am probably more proud of the 5 mile run than the 9 mile, because it was harder, I had to push myself more and I am so glad I did.

So not all my days are just running, I do 21 day fix at home workouts 3 days a week. I have been doubling up, so I do an hour workout three days a week. I pretty much just add Dirty 30 to Lower Fix or Upper Fix. Then on cardio days I run. So not only have I pushed myself in my running this week, BUT I can now do ALMOST all the dirty 30 moves UnModified!!!! OMG you guys!! I have been doing these workouts over 6 months and they are HARD and even though its only 60 seconds its still so hard!

Planks, pushups, leg lifts, it sounds easy, but when you are tired and you already did a workout, its easier to just do the modified version. BUT this week, I wanted to really push myself and TRY to do the regular version. I still had to drop to my knees on the planks after 30 seconds, BUT I can tell I am getting stronger! That is so awesome, because just 5 weeks ago I was so hard on myself and I felt like I was so weak! It shows me that hard work pays off and not to give up!


It was also Valentines Day this weekend!! What did you do?! David and I had a date night at my favorite Thai Restaurant! Let me say that restaurants intimidate me, I think its the internal emotional eater in me. I used to always order a pasta dish or something SUPER unhealthy because Hey, we are at a restaurant, why not enjoy it. I was that way for YEARS, so I associated eating out with indulging. I have REALLY had to work hard on that and learn to not go crazy. It has helped doing the 21 day fix and learning about portion size.

Also tracking my food in My Fitness Pal has helped because I look up most menus ahead of time. So while we were at dinner, I looked up some general thai food. The chicken pad thai and Peanut Chicken dish was well over 1,000 calories!! Now that wasnt this exact restaurants menu, BUT it was enough for me to realize those probably aren’t the best options. SO I decided to go with a Thom Kha Soup (coconut soup) OMG y’all, its my fave!!! SOOOOOO good!! And then a flank steak salad for my entree. It was delish!! I also had a glass of white wine and I was able to stick to my 21 day fix plan AND still have a yummy meal! That was by far the biggest success this week! Proving to myself that I can eat out and still eat healthy!


Then to top it all off on Sunday, my sister and dad did a half marathon! They ROCKED it!!! My sister even did a personal record for her speed and she did AMAZING!! Did I mention she’s a mom of three and my super hero?! AND my dad who runs a full time construction business and works out of town runs in the hills of Georgia and sticks with his training during his busy weeks! These two, are my inspiration! They are what motivate me to keep going, to push myself and to always aim for the next goal!

It was AMAZING to see them finish and cheer them on! We went to Bono’s after and of course I wanted to Brisket Sandwich with garlic bread, fries, sweet tea and corn nuggets. BUT then I realized, #1- It was a rest day and I should be meal prepping AND I have worked so hard, don’t ruin the hard work. Let me clear, I am NOT opposed to enjoying food, enjoying a treat meal, BUT for me, at just 6 weeks of dedication, AND having an emotional struggle with food, its important for me to stay consistent. Because honestly I couldn’t just have one cheat meal, and then walk away. It would turn into a cheat weekend and then on Monday I would want to stop for doughnuts LOL. It is SO vital for me to prove to myself I can overcome those old habits. I ordered a brisket salad with balsamic dressing on the side, a water to drink and NO corn nuggets. It was still delicious and I was able to enjoy family time!

In other news I am working hard on my first ever Clean Eating Recipe E-book!! It’s still a work in progress and I am finalizing all my recipes, but its going to be SOOO amazing!! I am so proud and so excited to share it with you all!! So get ready, it will have over 20 recipes and be a mix of breakfast, dessert, and entrees. These are most of my Go To recipes and what my family enjoys too! PS I cant decide on the cover image yet, so its a work in progress. I am so excited to get this out!


Here’s to another week of staying consistent and proving to myself I can reach my goals!! Even if those goals are small, its always worth it! joinmygroup
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    Hi, I was wondering if you would share your buffalo chicken recipe and how much of the other ingredients you have in your dinner meals, please ? Also, how many of each container. Thank you! They look delicious?

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