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February 25, 2016

My very FIRST Cookbook + GIVEAWAY

You guys. Today is the day! I can’t believe all my hard work from the past couple of months has turned into my very first Recipe E-Book! Last year it was a goal of mine to put together an e-book, between my etsy store, beach body business, mom life and just plain old business, I didn’t make it a priority. BUT I didn’t give up! This year I wrote down my goals and putting together a recipe book was at the top of the list!

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I created this cookbook for many reasons:
#1- I want to share my love of cooking with others! Let me let y’all in on a little secret, I used to be a terrible cook. I could whip together spaghetti or scrambled eggs, but I knew nothing about cooking! Our first year of marriage we ate out 4 nights a week and then David made dinner the other nights. I might have thrown together a frozen dinner but I didn’t even want to cook. That all changed when Pinterest came around! I started pinning recipes left and right and decided to just go for it! There was A LOT of bad meals LOL David can attest, BUT I learned so much along the way and mainly I learned that cooking can be fun!

#2- I want to share that cooking healthy can be flavorful and family friendly! When I set out to eat clean and get healthy I started with the basics. Brown rice, chicken and broccoli. I thought I had to keep it super simple to lose weight. BUT I quickly got bored and wanted to actually enjoy my food! I started the Jamie Eason Live Fit Program is 2013, read more about my weightloss with JELF HERE and with inspiration from Pinterest, I started getting creative in the kitchen! I made my own sauces, used different vegetables that I had never used and just had fun! I found some amazing staples for my family and started to blog those recipes. I have had such amazing feedback from YOU ALL that I continued to share my recipes.

#3- This cookbook is for YOU! It’s for the busy momma who needs a healthy meal but has no idea where to start. It’s for the working woman who eats the same food over and over and doesn’t know how to branch out. It’s for the women who are used to eating healthy but want to kick up the flavor! This cookbook is for anyone who wants to enjoy their food AND get healthy! I even forget my own recipes LOL So I wanted to compile them all in ONE place so that I (and you) don’t have to search my blog every time your looking for a certain recipe!

I have added in a couple of my most popular recipes from my blog AND some that I have never shared before!


What to expect in this recipe e-book:
-20 Family Friendly recipes
-Breakast, Dinner and Dessert recipes
-Clean Eating 101
-A little bit more about me

This e-book is instant download, Save it to your tablet, computer, iPad, or iPhone! (iPhone users save it to ibooks and you can start cooking tonight!) Here’s a sample of just some of the recipes in my book!

My Buffalo Chicken Pizza is an all time fave on my blog, & if you LOVE that recipe, you will LOVE my cookbook!
Want to try out this recipe first, CLICK HERE.

21 day fix - Mexican Casserole #cleaneating #21dayfix
Mexican Casserole is one of my families favorites and its SO EASY to whip together! I knew I had to include this in the book! If you want to try this recipe CLICK HERE

So maybe you’ve tried those two recipes and your hooked, you want more healthy recipes! Here’s some of the other recipes I feature in my book.

Dark Chocolate Protein pancakes, these are SOOOO good y’all! I LOVE protein pancakes and it has been a tradition of mine to eat them every Saturday for the past couple of years LOL. This is one of my favorites!

If you liked my Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash recipe, then you will LOVE my caramelized onion & shrimp boats! OMG you guys, these are DELICIOUS!!!! Have you ever cooked spaghetti squash? It’s a great low carb dinner and it holds flavor really well!

Who has a sweet tooth?! My sweet potato & oat chocolate chip cookies are SOOOO GOOD! I make these about once a month because if I make them more I will eat them all LOL It’s perfect for that sweet tooth AND they are great to bring for a party too!

Clean Eating E-book // Alesha Haley #cleaneating #recipes
If you are so excited and can’t wait to start cooking these recipes SHOP HERE & download your cookbook! PS get 10% off if you share your purchase on social media!

Clean Eating Cookbook - GiveawayI know you guys will LOVE using these recipes and make sure to tag me on instagram and Facebook!! Can’t wait to see your recipe pics! AND because I want to share the love, I am doing a GIVEAWAY (ends Saturday February 27th), you can win ONE copy of my recipe e-book AND a veggie spiralizer!! I LOVE my veggetti and use it ALL the time to make zoodles!
Enter my GIVEAWAY on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy Cooking!

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    Hey! So I randomly found you on Instagram and starting following you, I just wanna say how I love how you are incorporating God and bible verses into your and beach body coaching! And you are doing a great job! It is really inspiring!

    April 13, 2016 at 7:28 pm Reply
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