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March 2, 2016

Week 7 – 21 day fix Recap {2016}

Wow 7 straight weeks of no cheats you guys!! Not going to lie this week was hard! For some reason I just wasn’t feeling as motivated and we had something going on every night so I was tempted to just skip my workouts and eat chocolate cake LOL BUT I didn’t, I stuck with it because I am choosing dedication over motivation!

Weightloss Update:

I lost 3 lbs this week!! I was SHOCKED when I got on the scale you guys!! I have yet to share my weight this year because honestly I was embarrassed, I thought I would NEVER go back up but after holiday extravaganza last year I put on about 15 pounds. So my day 1 this year I weighed 170 lbs. NOW I am down to 159!!! I am SOOOOO happy with that!! Felt so good to be back in the 150’s again! Honestly I feel like 145-155lbs is good for me and I don’t really want to get any smaller than that BUT 155lbs with muscle and 155lbs with pudge looks SOOOO different LOL So I am really focusing on nutrition and building muscle!

21 day fix Meal Prep - spaghetti squash // alesha haley #mealprep #21dayfix

For meal prep this week I made spaghetti squash with meatballs, steamed green beans and mozzarella cheese. Spoiler alert, it was SO GOOD that I made it again next week! I have really been trying to get more veggies in and was getting tired of just adding a salad to my meals, so I went back to spaghetti squash because its so EASY and it flavors really well! Its a great way to get extra veggies in without them being bland.

Meal Prep 21 day fix - Alesha Haley #21dayfix #mealprep
For my spaghetti squash I just bake it whole at 400 for about 45 minutes, THEN remove from oven and slice in half. I then drizzle olive oil, garlic and salt & pepper on each side. Put it back in the oven face UP and bake for another 15 minutes. Then mix with whatever you like!


Spaghetti Squash - 21 day fix #mealprep #21dayfix
As soon as I made my lunches I was like OOOO this is really good! LOL So I made some more spaghetti squash & meatballs for dinner too! This is one of my fave recipes because its SOOOO easy! Now I LOVE my buffalo chicken spaghetti squash recipe (FIND THAT HERE) BUT this is literally just poor some marinara and baked meatballs and BOOM, simple dinner!

Eggplant Lasagana // 21 day fix #21dayfix

Have I mentioned that when I like something I just obsess over it and make it everyday?! LOL These past two weeks I have pretty much made Italian everything and I don’t regret a thing! I made a SUPER YUMMY eggplant & spinach lasagna one night and it was AMAZING!! David said “this is so good” like 5 times, so thats a HUGE win in my book! I made my own recipe and will post on my blog, but if you just cant wait here is a SIMILAR recipe HERE.

I interrupt my food pics to talk about just how adorable my daughter is! LOL I mean she’s the cutest, right?!! Even if she does have a little bit of a mullet. I cant decide if she should just wear pigtails everyday or embrace the mullet style. HAHA The weather has been so beautiful lately so we have been spending our afternoons outside blowing bubbles! Annabelle also wakes up every morning saying “BUBBLES” so I guess when she finds something she likes, she obsesses over it too! I have no idea where she gets that from!

Speaking of spending time with Annabelle, now when I make my shakeology she hears my blender and says “choc choc” which let me interpret LOL “Chocolate” I now have to make an extra serving so we can share and I LOVE it!! She thinks she is just getting a chocolate shake BUT it’s actually really healthy! She was teething like a crazy person this week and I felt like a crazy person trying to get her to eat and she had no appetite BUT she was LOVING our daily shakes! It helped me to at least know that she is getting good nutrition even if she has goldfish for dinner LOL

Shakeology vs protein powder
So let’s talk about Shakeology for a minute. I get A LOT of questions all the time and I think there is a misconception about it:
it is NOT just a protein powder. It’s a form of nutrition, it’s high quality & has over 70 specific ingredients to meet your bodies needs! The benefits will be different for every person! For me it’s helped with my PCOS symptoms, gives me more energy & helps curb my cravings for junk food! If you are looking for strictly a protein powder, Beachbody has a brand new chocolate recover that I just ordered & it’s delicious too! Now I drink my Shakeology for breakfasts & chocolate recover post workout Let me be clear, its not a magic shake, its not going to help you lose 30 lbs if you still eat junk food and don’t workout. It is designed to be a BONUS to living a healthy lifestyle. There is no quick fix you guys, trust me I’ve looked LOL

BUT shakeology is a form of nutrition, I really don’t know how else to say that without making it sound so “professional”. It is hard to compare to protein powders because it is in a category all by itself. I thought it was just a protein powder when I ordered it, I didn’t really understand why it was that great, BUT within weeks I noticed my skin clearing up, my nails and hair were getting healthier, I had more energy, my cycles started becoming regular. I wasn’t exhausted everyday any more. It was like WHOA this stuff is AMAZING!! If you want more info about my story with shakeology let me know and I am happy to share!

Veggie Spiralizer
This week I released my FIRST EVER recipe e-book (You can find it HERE) OMG I am BLOWN Away by yall’s support!! It makes me soooo happy! I worked so hard on it and was nervous about selling it, BUT you guys were so sweet and showed so much support and it means the world!!! AND it made me think about making more!! I’d like to have a protein pancake e-book and another dinner one too!! I was so excited about my cookbook, I did a giveaway and shared my e-book AND a veggie spiralizer! I am so excited for the two ladies that won!

21 day fix workouts #21dayfix #homegym
So last week I told y’all that I can do ALMOST all the 21 day fix moves unmodified, so I was super nervous it was just a one time thing LOL But it wasn’t!! I did the 21 day fix 3 days this week and went on 2 runs, we had a busy week so I had two rest days (and still lost 3 lbs). I can tell that I can getting stronger with every workout! I also am thinking about upping my light weights, right now I use 5 lbs for my light AND 15 lbs for my heavy, but I might do 8 lbs for my light weights.


I did a 6 mile run on Friday with Annabelle and forgot my phone so I had to go by time AND I didn’t take a selfie!!!! OMG It felt like it really didn’t happen LOL So friday was tough, Annabelle was teething, as I mentioned  and David was working late and then going out of town so I was already exhausted just thinking about  the weekend. I did NOT feel like working out BUT I just got my pre workout this month and I have been LOVING it!! I drink it about 30 minutes before my workout and it totally helps! I don’t get jittery at all and it helps me to push past that “I dont feel like doing anything” feeling 🙂

You guys my next 21 day fix group is starting NEXT WEEK!! Let me know if you want to join us! It’s almost full,
Fill out my Challenge Group Application HERE.

If you want more info about what my challenge groups are, take a listen:


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