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March 30, 2016

Week 12 recap – 21 day fix (2016)

lyOMG you guys I have totally been slacking on my posts!!! I haven’t blogged since week 8, but I can promise you I have been sticking with my workouts and continuing my 21 day fix and running! I have just been super busy and every now and then I get overwhelmed with blogging and a very busy little girl 😉 I have been trying to ENJOY the busy days with Annabelle and taking her to the beach more. Instead of stressing about EVERYTHING I have to do.


Being a work at home mom, its easy to just try and rush her around to get back to nap time so I can work. BUT I got to the point of being SO STRESSED everyday so I had to take a breathe, and reprioritize. Annabelle is ONLY this little once and its a blessing to be able to stay home with her, so I have started getting up earlier, enjoying our days, having playdates, beach time, and working more at night. For now, its working and I have a sense of PEACE. So that means blogging has not been priority, BUT I am getting back to it!


I have been sticking with running 3 days a week and its going awesome!! So y’all know I set a goal to do my 9 mile race! In January I watched my dad, sister and cousin do a FULL marathon and I knew then that I wanted to get back to running. So I found a 90 day running plan and tweaked it. I added 3 days a week of at home 21 day fix workouts. Then with the running, I started out just running 1 minute, then walking 1 minute. I really believe that ANYONE can be a runner, just start and take it slow. AND you can always walk 🙂

So in January I registered for this race and I was SO NERVOUS! I was thinking can I really do this? Can I really get back to running and actually achieve this goal? I am not new to running y’all, I used to do half marathons, BUT when I had annabelle, my hips hurt so bad when I did cardio. So I stuck with lifting weights the first year. Which I LOVE, but I missed having a goal event, I missed having a race day and getting a medal!

So I DID IT y’all!! On March 12, I completed my nine mile race!! It was HOT, and the week prior I came down with a bad cold so I only ran once the week of the race, BUT all in all it was a GREAT run! My dad and I stuck together until about mile 6 then I finished the last three on my own. MY sister is SUPER FAST lol so she ran ahead the whole time. I maintained about an 11:30 minute mile and I am honestly really happy with that! I wanted to take it slow and focus on the distance and not so much on speed. AND I felt GREAT during and after!

I am SO thankful for my dad and sis for helping me stay motivated and motivating me to get back to running! We all did great and I am so proud of us for completing the race! I totally recommend writing down your goals! I wrote down this race and hung it on my wall and looked at it everyday! I focused on sticking with my training and just staying consistent! It helped me so much!

So to recap the last couple of weeks, here is a look at some of my food 🙂 For breakfasts I have pretty much just been doing eggs, bacon and fruit! Annabelle LOVES scrambled eggs in the morning so its easy to just whip these up!


I also got to try the NEW cafe latte shakeology flavor this past month!! Its SOOOO good y’all!! If you LOVE coffee then you will love this flavor! I decided after a couple days, as much as I enjoy it, I missed my chocolate vegan flavor! So I switched back to the chocolate, I enjoy having a warm cup of coffee in the morning so I didnt want another “coffee” flavor later in the day.. Thats crazy I know LOL But I just LOVE and start to crave the chocolate vegan shakes!


As far as dinners, I really haven’t branched out too much! I pretty much find something that works for us and stick with it. I have made tacos pretty much every week this month! They are just so easy and so good! Annabelle and David love taco tuesday 😉 
I’ve also been obsessed with sweet kale salad from publix. I’ve bought it EVERY week you guys!!! Its so easy and it has a nice crunchy texture, its almost like a coleslaw. I have been using it as part of my weekly meal prep. It comes with a poppyseed dressing thats DELISH!!!


With all my running I have def been STARVING at dinner time, so I have been making a lot of whole wheat pasta dishes with veggies! Basically just steam or roast any veggies and throw them with some pasta and marinara! Its SOOOO good! And I LOVE that its all 21 day fix approved too! I still measure my portions using the containers if I am unsure about a certain meal.

And the other night I bought this spinach and mozzarella stuffed flank stank from Publix, it was SOO GOOD! IT came in an aluminum dish, so you just take the top off and bake at 375 for 25 minutes. It was AMAZING!! Super flavorful and went great with a side salad.

This past weekend I had a really good girlfriend come in town and we went out for sushi! I haven’t had sushi in literally almost 3 months, so it was AMAZING!!! I LOVE the rainbow roll with the fresh fish on top! I could literally eat sushi every night and never get sick of it! And can I just say how thankful I am for good girlfriends! They truly make life better and Nicole and I hadn’t seen eachother since I was pregnant with Annabelle, but we just picked right back up and it was such a fun weekend!

Then it was Easter Sunday, this past weekend (excuse me while I recap the last 4 weeks of my life LOL) We went to a Sunday night church service then Sunday lunch with my family and dinner at the in laws. Annabelle looked adorable in her Easter dress, if I do say so myself. She is just getting so BIG so quick, its crazy! I really need time to slow down!


Alright here it is the FINAL comparison you guys!! My 12 week results, thats 90 days of tracking ALL my food, eating around 1600-1800 calories a day, running 3 days a week, and weight training (21 day fix) 3 days a week AND drinking shakeology everyday!


MY FINAL 12 week results! This past weekend wrapped up my 12 weeks of 21 day fix + Running: 90 day training.. I’m not going to lie, I set a pretty HUGE goal, I was hoping to lose 20 lbs, BUT I can honestly say I am MORE than proud of myself for sticking to this & meeting some other GREAT goals!

Over the past 12 weeks I have :
-lost 12 lbs
-lost 26 inches!!
-worked out consistently 6 days a week
-tracked all my food
-drank shakeology EVERYDAY
-went from running 1 mile, to running 11 miles
-completed my GOAL race (9 mile run)
-created NEW healthy habits
-created new recipes that my family loves
-finalized my recipe e-book
-pushed myself
-didn’t give up
-put MYSELF first 

Man oh Man,that last one is SO HARD! It’s so easy as a mom for me to put myself last and to just skip a workout, or to just skip a meal, I’m busy, I don’t have time, etc. BUT thats why it was so crucial for me to take the time to make myself a priority again. It’s so important for ME, to not just focus on the numbers, but to focus on the healthy foundation I have created.This journey is my own, and it is SLOW, and I am learning to enjoy the process. I hope this encourages you to just START, no matter where you are at, you CAN and WILL reach those goals, put your head down, work hard and don’t give up!

You guys my next 21 day fix group is starting in a couple weeks!! Let me know if you want to join us!
Fill out my Challenge Group Application HERE.


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  • Melissa

    Congratulations on completing your first marahon and for the weight loss! Its great that you get to spend time with your daughter, the beach sounds so lovely…. I just started working towards losing weight and hope to have lost at least 20 lbs by end of July. I think I need to step up my workouts to really lose more. You’re such an inspiration.

    March 30, 2016 at 6:53 pm Reply
  • Kate

    YAY! So glad to see another blog post, and what amazing results! 90 days and all those things you have achieved, you are beyond motivating!!!! Congratulations on all your hard work 🙂 Do you have plans or another goal you are looking to achieve in the next 90 days? I loved being a part of your March challenge group, looking forward to continue with more of your groups!

    March 31, 2016 at 7:40 am Reply
  • Gena

    Your awesome! Thank you for inspiration

    June 6, 2016 at 10:39 pm Reply
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