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May 16, 2016

Fresh Wave {Product Review}

Sometimes life stinks, like literally with kids and pets its so hard to keep our houses smelling good! That is why I am SO excited about the Fresh Wave product line {Exclusively at Target}. I’m going to be honest, life with Annabelle is so messy! She’s a whirlwind of energy most days and leave a trail of toys, food, and smells behind her.


This was literally after I had wiped her & her high chair down and BAM two seconds later she has eggs in her hair, on her face and ALL over the floor. How do kids have this lightning speed ability to make a mess faster than humanly possible?!

AB_MesyA typical night in the kitchen while I am trying to cook. LOL Annabelle LOVES to help, but unfortunately we are still working on her kitchen skills. Rusty is never far behind hoping to get a free meal out of the deal.

messy_ABOh and trying to go to the bathroom with kids?! Annabelle is either in there with me trying to unroll the entire toilet roll OR getting into something while I pee in peace LOL. Seriously two seconds away and she doesn’t waste any time.

First let me introduce you to Fresh Wave works! They have been around for over 20 years, they use ALL NATURAL ingredients that are SAFE for kids and pets! As a mom its SO important for me to have items around the house that won’t harm Annabelle or Rusty. I just LOVE their mission statement below:

What’s our mission? That’s easy. To always provide you with the most effective go-to solution for safe, natural odor removal. Emphasis on the safe and natural. And we believe that by doing that, Fresh Wave can actually make your world happy, healthy and odor free. But here’s the best part. Call it good karma or just having a conscience, we want to make these great products without using harmful chemicals or wrecking the planet. It’s important to us, and we know it matters to you, too.

Read more about their STORY here:


Thankfully when life gets plain old stinky I have a new found solution! Fresh Wave Works {SHOP HERE}. The bundle I received came with the following:
Odor Removing Gel
Odor Removing Candle
Odor Removing Spray
Odor Removing Packs
Fresh Pod
Shop ALL Products

Typically when Annabelle makes a mess (OR Rusty) there’s food involved *Old milk bottles anyone. I’ll never forget the time she found an old bottle under her crib and decided to open it and pour milk all over her pillow.. OMG you guys I don’t wish that smell on anyone.

I have to admit my FAVORITE product from Fresh Wave Works is their odor elimanting candle! There’s a couple reasons I loved it! David has an extremely sensitive nose, I am not kidding, he can smell anything like a mile away! I LOVE candles you guys, but David’s super nose does NOT like scented candles (BOO!) BUT I finally think we have found a solution!! This candle is odor eliminating AND David didn’t have any sensitivity to it!! So not only did it clear the air of stinky smells, but it satisified my candle obsession, and appeased Davids Super Smeller! I’ll call that a win-win! I lit this candle almost every night while I was cooking dinner this past week and it was so nice. It’s all natural soy based and helps clear the air of any overpowering smells!

diaper_podMommas lets talk stinky diapers! OMG is there anything worse than walking into your childs room and being overwhelmed by old diaper smells?! I mean seriously its the worst! We have a small trashcan, have tried scented trash bags, and even a spray before and it’s still smells! So I was really excited to try these odor removing packs. You just drop one in the bottom of your trashcan THEN place your trash bag over it. After placing my pack in and then AB had a GIANT blowout, I was super skeptical. BUT later that night when she was fussing and I had to rock her back to sleep, I walked in her room and guess what I DID NOT smell?! That’s right I was able to put her back to bed without wearing an oxygen mask LOL.

car_freshwaveThe other “stinky” place with kids is USUALLY the car, am I right mommas?! Old food gets stuck in crevices, again those milk bottles seem to bury themselves under the seats and who knows what the heck is hiding in that carseat! That’s why I was SUPER excited to try the odor eliminating packs in the car too! I placed one under the passenger seat and next time I got in the car it didn’t reek of old food LOL. Let me clear, this is not an air freshener (which only masks the air with a scent) this is an ODOR ELIMINATING pack, so its job is to capture smells and get rid of them 🙂

top_trashThe other smelliest place in the house as I mentioned before is the kitchen, and I can just say how gross it is to be cooking and all you can smell is a nasty trashcan?! The STICK ON pod is PERFECT for the top of the trashcan! You can then insert the odor eliminating pack and replace it every 30 days. If you have a SUPER smelly trashcan you can also place one of the packs that I talked about before at the BOTTOM of the trash can too!

candle_twoOnce again I am just OBSESSED with their candles!! I have one in our bedroom and one in our kitchen!

An odor eliminating spray that is safe for pets and kids?! I have used this spray on our carpet, pillows, blankets, Annabelles changing table, on Rusty (hahah just kidding) BUT I love that I can spray it around the house and it is not harmful to dogs. Rusty usually naps on our couch (black lab on white pillows and blankets is another struggle) OR our bathtub, yes you read that right, he sleeps in our bathtub. Let’s be real, dogs can just plain stink! We give him a bath (sometimes haha) but then it just smells like wet dog?! Seriously #thestruggleisreal, so insert my LIFE SAVER! This odor removing spray is perfect for spraying around the house to get rid of that “dog” smell!

I hope you guys will try out the awesome Fresh Wave Products! My family LOVES them and they have found a new loyal customer! Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating healthy, its about have overall health ALL around, that means the products I use around the house too! Check out the entire Fresh Wave Works {Exclusively at Target} like we need another excuse to go to Target?! Or shop online

Visit their Website HERE:

Here’s to a stinky free home with our beloved kids and pets! Have you tried Fresh Wave? Would LOVE to hear your experience!!

*This is a sponsored post from Fresh Wave works, but all opinions are 100% my own.


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