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August 26, 2016

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken {Recipe}

I get so many comments on my buffalo chicken crockpot recipe that I wanted to share! I seriously made this for about a month straight until David told me I had to PLEASE make something else LOL but its just so good!! I love that I can just throw it in the crockpot and then use it through out the week on salads, wraps, pizzas, you name it!

Below I list out some of my top recipes that you can use the crock pot buffalo chicken with.

One of my most popular meal preps has been these buffalo chicken salad bowls! I make the buffalo crockpot chicken then just steam 2 sweet potatoes and slice them up. In tupperware I add the shredded chicken, cheese, sweet potato, black beans, corn and tomatoes! These are great if you are going to work and need a healthy option! Top with my skinny ranch sauce, its SOOOO good! (skinny ranch recipe below)


Another great recipe that goes good with the crockpot buffalo chicken is topping it over a veggie pasta dish!
You can find that RECIPE HERE.



Another great recipe to use the crockpot buffalo chicken is my stuffed spaghetti squash! If you want to have your mind blown, you need to make this recipe!! OMG its soooo good and secretly healthy 😉
You can find my buffalo chicken stuffed spaghetti squash recipe HERE.

Another great recipe is to put it on pizza! Now the picture below I sautéed my chicken BUT if you have some crockpot chicken you can easily
switch it out and put it on the pizza!
You can find my 21 day fix approved Buffalo Chicken Pizza Full recipe HERE.

And you what goes REALLY good with the kick of buffalo? Creamy ranch! BUT typical ranch is usually high in fat, so I like to make my own with plain greek yogurt. I take one 8 oz container of plain greek yogurt, add a couple teaspoons of ranch seasoning then some water until you reach
desired consistency. Now the ranch seasoning packet is not 100% clean, BUT its a healthier version than the buttermilk ranch dressing. I’m all about making healthier options and being aware of ingredients.


Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken
3-4 Chicken breasts (frozen OR thawed). Place chicken in crockpot, ADD 2 cups of Franks Buffalo Sauce & 1 cup of water. Cook on LOW in your Crockpot for 6 hours. AFTER 6 hours, remove your chicken, shred by hand with a fork, place it BACK in the crockpot. Cook for an additional hour.

I eat the shredded chicken on salads, zoodles or with lettuce wraps, topped with plain greek yogurt. It’s delish! But if your craving some carbs, the pasta is the perfect addition!

Have you tried any of these recipes? Would LOVE to know what you thought!signature


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  • Staci S.

    How do you count your containers on 21 day fix for the buffalo chicken salad bowls? I was guessing 1 Red (chicken), 1 Green (spinach & tomatoes), 1 Yellow (potato, corn & beans), and 1/2 Blue (depending on the amount of cheese), and 1 Tsp. for the oil from the buffalo sauce, then maybe another 1/2 Red for the dressing?

    FYI, I have made crock pot buffalo chicken before, but mixed plain yellow mustard and apple cidar vinegar with it and it makes it a little more tangy. I wasn’t using “Frank’s”, so I will try it this way for my next round. Thanks!

    December 13, 2016 at 2:50 pm Reply
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