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November 8, 2016

21 Day Fix Pregnancy Workouts

You guys, I actually sat down and blogged a weekly recap!! It’s been too long and I missed journaling my weekly journey! Just to update you guys in case you don’t follow my 20 daily social media updates 😉 I am in the Second Trimester (26 weeks) with our SECOND little girl! I am due in January and we could not be more excited to have another sweet babe!

I’ll be honest, my first trimester I barely worked out and I ate honey nut cheerios every day just to get through the morning sickness. But now I am feeling GREAT and back to normal so its back to a routine! Two of my fellow coaches and I are cohosting a November Challenge Group and its been so motivating to be doing this round with other ladies!

Just to be very clear, here are the modifications I am making doing this round of the 21 day fix.
#1- I am NOT focused on weightloss
This is shocking right?! LOL But the scale has gone UP, UP, and UP since I found out I am expecting, but I know its just part of the joy of being pregnant 😉 I have gained about 10 lbs so far and honestly it doesn’t really bother me. At first it was hard to adjust, mentally I am so used to being focused on LOSING weight, but I know its for my growing babe and I am totally okay with that number.

#2- I am modifying the workouts
Some of the moves in the 21 day fix are not exactly pregnancy friendly, mainly the crunches and moves on your back. So anytime there is a move that either I can’t do or I need to modify, I just swap it out for a move that I can do. So I might do extra lunges or squats but I try to stick to the workouts. I have also been mixing in Autumn’s Maternity workouts too! Instead of doing two cardio days like the schedule for the 21 day fix, I swap them out for maternity workouts on demand.

#3- I am NOT counting calories
So if you’ve done the 21 day fix, you know that you will fall into a Calorie Target Range and then use the handy dandy containers to measure your food. Since I have done the program MANY times I am comfortable just eyeballing my containers and not focused on calories. Being pregnant I am eating around 1800 – 2,000 calories a day if not more, but I am not tracking them super strictly. I am eating 6-7 small meals a day and you will see I eat A LOT of food 😉 I am focusing on making healthy decisions for me and the baby and just overall being more AWARE of my food choices.

So the first thing that I did to prepare for week one, was come up with my meal plan and print my workout checklist.
You can download my FREE 21 day fix Workout Checklist HERE.
You can also download my FREE 21 day fix Meal Planning Worksheet HERE.
It’s helpful for me to plan ahead so coming up with a quick meal plan helps me stay focused at the grocery store and allows me to know exactly what to get.

For breakfast this first week I made spinach and tomato egg cups, I’ve made these before but it’s been a while. They are really easy to whip together and I top them with salsa and greek yogurt during the week. Just 30 seconds in the microwave and you have a healthy protein breakfast on the go!

For lunches this week I made ground turkey with peppers into lettuce wraps. These are SUPER easy because you ONLY have to cook the meat and everything else you just divide up! I bought these plastic condiment cups at walmart and I just wash and reuse them to put salsa, cheese and greek yogurt in.

Even though I work from home, meal prep is STILL super helpful for me to stay on track! I simply just heat up the turkey and peppers then spoon it into the lettuce wraps and top with the salsa, cheese and greek yogurt. Super easy and DELICIOUS!

By Thursday I was getting a little bored with just egg cups for breakfast so I used two of them to make a breakfast quesadilla. I just chopped up the egg, added some cheese and mini whole wheat tortilla’s to make a quesadilla. I pretty much use any excuse to put salsa on everything 😉


I’ve been really consistent about getting my daily shakeology in! For any other pregnant mommas I would recommend taking a packet in to your dr and getting their opinion. I’ve had the green light from my doctor so I drink my shakeology as either a mid day snack or post workout drink! My fave is 1 scoop of shakeology, 1 banana, ice, almond milk and a little water.. Its so good!

On a side note, we got Annabelle a BIG GIRL bed this week and I think I cried a little!! Can’t believe she is TWO and no longer my little baby! If you know Annabelle, you knows shes a busy little spitfire with SO MUCH personality, she is pretty much the OPPOSITE of David and I 🙂 She keeps us VERY busy and on her toes, SO I totally thought she would try to get out of the bed at least a million times to play. BUT to our surprise, she has stayed in her bed every night and she gets SO EXCITED before bedtime! I am SHOCKED that she is doing so well with it!  Annabelle and Adelaide will share a room just like my sister and I did, and I think it’s why we are so close!

Okay back to all the food posts! For dinner this week I did NOT skimp on flavor! I wanted to make sure these were 21 day fix approved meals BUT were also really delicious and family friendly. Zoodles with chicken and marinara sauce was Monday Night and it was DELISH!! If you have never used zucchini to make zoodles, you are missing out! You can save those precious yellows and still have a filling meal!

On Thursday night my sister came over so I made Buffalo Chicken Pizzas and they were as usual, SO DELICIOUS! You can find my recipe HERE. These are so easy to throw together and I love using the tortilla as a pizza crust!

On Wednesday night I made Chicken Fried Rice, I used the steam in the microwave rice packets from Aldi. It has red quinoa and brown rice and its so easy to just heat up for busy nights. I cooked my chicken, scrambled my egg, and sautéed my veggies then threw it all together with a dash of low sodium soy sauce 😉

Last food post, is your mouth watering yet?! If you follow my instagram you know I LOVE pancakes and for the past 3 years I obsess over Pancake Saturday. I whipped up some shakeology chocolate pancakes topped with melted peanut butter and fruit. You may have heard that if you bake with shakeology, some of the ingredients get broken down when introduced to heat. However since I drink my daily shakes I don’t consider my pancakes as my shakeo for the day.

I mixed together one scoop of vegan chocolate shakeology, 1 banana and 2 eggs (and some water). Cook just like regular pancake batter and there you have it! Yummy chocolate pancakes!

All in all this first week back following the 21 day went great! Any other pregnant mommas doing the 21 day fix?! I would LOVE to hear how its going!

You can download my FREE 21 day fix Workout Checklist HERE.
You can also download my FREE 21 day fix Meal Planning Worksheet HERE.



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