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January 17, 2017

Third Trimester Workouts – {Fitness}

You guys, how am I about to have a baby any day now?! I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with our second little girl 🙂 This pregnancy is FLYING by, I don’t if it is because it’s my second one and I’m busy chasing a two year old?! But I can’t believe we are so close to meeting our little babe! I’ve been getting alot of messages and questions about workouts I’ve been doing during this pregnancy, so I wanted to share some tips!

Now that I am in my third trimester and the HOME STRETCH I can’t stress enough about MODIFYING your workouts! Of course talk with your doctor, and clear your exercise routine with them first. Here is a breakdown of what I have been focusing on each trimester:

First Trimester
{Heavy Morning Sickness}
I found out I was pregnant right around 6 weeks and at the time I was right in the middle of my half marathon training, so I decided to stick with my 90 day training program. My morning sickness was SO BAD y’all and I had to take my runs SLOW, I continued doing the 21 day fix workouts 2-3 days a week too. At that point, my body felt good, I was barely showing and my hips weren’t sore yet. So I mainly focused on keeping up with my training. You can download my 90 day running & 21 day fix workout schedule HERE.


I completed my half marathon at 5.5 months pregnant, the last 3-4 miles my hips were VERY sore so I had to take it slow towards the end, but overall I felt great! I was so proud of myself for sticking to the training and completing the run.

Second Trimester
During the middle of my pregnancy my morning sickness finally went away and I started to feel more “normal.” I kept up with my running schedule and completed my half marathon. After the race, because my hips were very sore, I decided to stop running and focus on just the 21 day fix and doing yoga. Its very common to have hip soreness during pregnancy because your body is releasing relaxin and your hips are expanding to make room for baby and give birth. After I had Annabelle my hips were sore any time I did cardio for the entire first YEAR. So I am hoping they will not be as sore this second time around. During my second trimester I switched out running for yoga and it was the BEST thing ever! I have done a combination of the Yoga from the 21 day fix program (with modifications) and the 3 week yoga retreat program.

My biggest tips is listen to YOUR body, you know yourself better than anyone else, and your body is working overtime. I would add in more water breaks and even substitute a child’s pose when needed. My advice is don’t do any new workouts that you weren’t doing pre-pregnancy, BUT don’t feel like you have to stop working out in general. The best thing I have done during both pregnancies, is to continue somewhat of a routine. Even though I may be slower and my workouts are not as intense, doing some form of activity will really help you have a healthy pregnancy AND will help your recovery for post partum too!

Third Trimester
{Pregnancy Fatigue}

For the last three months of this pregnancy, I have to say I have had it pretty good! With Annabelle I was OVER it by 7 months 😉 But now I feel pretty GREAT, I have the usual heartburn and sleeping can be difficult, but I don’t feel miserable like I did with Annabelle. The past 2 weeks I have noticed my hips are more sore and it takes me forever to get comfortable to fall asleep, but other than that, it has been a pretty great last trimester! For my workouts I have mainly been sticking with my YOGA and stretching. Adelaide was breech at 35 weeks so I had a whole list of exercises to do every night to try and get her to turn. I am SO HAPPY she finally turned head down around 37 weeks! So now I just try and do a 21 day fix Yoga workout a couple times a week OR the third trimester workout from Beach Body on demand with Autumn. I am working out 3-4 days a week and on the days when I don’t get a workout in, I just go for a long walk with Annabelle.

Towards the end its so easy to just stop all your workouts because let’s be honest, pregnancy is EXHAUSTING! But I know I want to be prepared for a healthy birth so I am trying to keep them up as best I can! 15894521_1180123215370366_4745985741187989021_n




One of my biggest tips for pregnant mommas is to just do what you can and don’t feel guilty if you need to take more rest days.
It’s more important to focus on overall health than trying to fit into a perfect workout routine. With Annabelle being a VERY busy 2 year old, I have had to be VERY flexible with my workouts. Somedays its 10:00 at night before I get them in and some days its a walk around the neighborhood instead of the yoga I had planned.

My current pregnancy saving grace right now is Halo Top ice cream! Have y’all tried this brand?! It’s seriously so good and high in protein!

My meals have been pretty simple lately, breakfast has been either a shake, scrambled eggs or this super easy banana french toast! With pregnancy I CRAVE sweets like crazy, so I have to try and have healthy options!

I get a lot of questions about is Shakeology safe to drink while nursing or pregnant? The answer is YES, but always check with your dr first! When I was nursing Annabelle I took my bag of Shakeo into my doctor and her pediatrician, I got the go ahead that is was safe to drink AND it actually helped me keep my supply up! Now that I am pregnant with our second, I continue to drink it every day! It helped me ALOT in the first trimester since it was one of the only things I could keep down (have I mentioned how awful morning sickness is?!). Now that I am almost done with this pregnancy, it helps to give me energy every day! The chocolate vegan is my fave! Whats your fave flavor?


I had my baby shower this past weekend that was thrown by Amazing Sister!! It was so fun celebrating our little Adelaide Jane! I cant believe in less than two weeks (hopefully) she will be here!! With Annabelle I was 42 weeks and induced, so I am hoping for a VBAC this time and hoping my water breaks on its own. For second time moms, how was your second birth compared to your first?! Any tips?!

We are in Week two of the Beach Body Health bet and my challengers are ROCKING this challenge!! As a Beach Body coach, these monthly challenges help to keep me on track and motivated in my own journey too! I am so proud of all my challengers and coaches for working so hard and staying on track in the new year! For those of you that have messaged and emailed me, I am planning on hosting another Online Fitness Challenge Group in February, depending on when Baby Addie decides to come, I will still host a group at some point in February!

To apply to my next Beach Body Fitness Group, Apply HERE!
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meal_plan_graphicDon’t forget you can download your FREE 21 day fix meal plan here.

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