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June 6, 2017

Week One – Body Beast Recap

Wow you guys, so much has happened since I’ve last checked in on my little ole blog! New house, NEW BABY, and now I am starting a new workout program! I can’t wait to share Adelaide’s birth story with you guys, as soon as I get a pocket of time. I am not going to lie, having TWO kids was an adjustment and especially nursing Addie its been BUSY as ever. But we are finally finding a groove and a routine and she is already almost 4 months 😉

Seeing our girls together OMG #allthefeels! I LOVE These girls more than anything and that leads me to my first point. I waited till Addie was 3.5 months till I decided to get serious about my workouts again. I did the same with Annabelle & it was honestly the BEST decision for both of my girls. The first three months is such a whirlwind and with barely any sleep and being new to having TWO kiddos, I really wanted to just get the hang of things before throwing on the stress of an intense workout and food program.


A little about Body Beast, its a 90 day Beach Body workout program, I do all these workouts at home during nap time or have my girls join in. I decided after looking over the food plan that it seems like WAY too many carbs for me and my body so I stuck with the 21 day fix food portions BUT with adding 500 calories since I am nursing. So I am actually eating around 2100 calories a day, I am tracking ALL my food using my fitness pal. meal_prep02
For this first week I felt a little overwhelmed with getting back to meal prepping so I kept it pretty simple. Its been a hot minute since I’ve meal prepped and I just wanted to do something that was quick and easy.
Here’s the list of what I made:
Breakfast: Spinach Egg Cups
Snack: Cucumber Salad
Lunch: Venison, Broccoli & Brown Rice (Flavored with soy sauce)
Snack: Shakeology
Dinner: Fresh every night
Snack: fruit, veggies or yogurt

Here is the deal, I want to listen to my body and I want this to be a LONGTERM plan. The program is broken up into 3 phases, and workouts are 6 days a week with one rest day. The workouts range from 30-50 minutes. So that is why I am kind of creating my own food part to this program, ONLY because I want this to work for me and my family. I don’t want to have to make two dinners or to stress over calories or containers. I LOVE the 21 day fix containers but after two years, I feel confident that I know the portions that I need. I am LISTENING and if I am hungry after an hour I’ll eat a snack, I am not worried about being “perfect” I am more concerned with consistency!

My go to breakfast for week one was my pre-prepped egg and spinach cups with salsa, I had them with either spinach or a carb like chickpeas. For me coffee I am doing brewed coffee with 1 tsp of coconut oil, almond milk and a bit of honey in my blender till frothy! OMG so good!

Our dinners were different every night and one of my faves was this BBQ chicken pizza on a whole wheat tortilla. You guys, it was AMAZING, it felt like a cheat meal! I had it with a salad too and was stuffed! I LOVE these tortilla pizza’s because they are super quick and so easy to throw together.

My second favorite was the Buffalo Turkey Stuffed Zucchini Boats. Y’all know I LOVE anything and everything buffalo flavored so I mixed it up using ground turkey and stuffing some zucchini. I made these with a side salad and brown rice, for me it’s about something I can throw together quickly (cooking with two kids and one is usually attached at the hip!). So all of these meals were really easy to throw together. The biggest adjustment was just really planning ahead and making sure to eat LOTS of veggies!

I also made ground turkey stuffed mini burritos one night, once again so easy and delicious! I served these with a side salad too, sure I could have sautéed some veggies but I am limited on time so a quick salad is usually my go to.

Y’all know I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so by far the HARDEST about week one was making HEALTHY choices. Good news is I ate all the chocolate in my house before I started HA! So I whipped up these really easy protein snacks so I could have 1-2 at night for a sweet treat. They also will help with my supply too! I am still nursing Addie and I want to keep it up, so I am adding in lots of greek yogurt, flax seed, and oats to help too. I didn’t notice any dips in week one, BUT I want to prevent it from going down too!

weekOne_progress_picsSo enough about food, let’s talk about the workouts for Body Beast. I was EXTREMELY nervous to start these workouts and I really didn’t know what to expect! I took for REAL progress pics, not high waisted, good lighting, great angles pics BUT REAL, no filter pics! It was SCARY but it also made it serious for me! I knew I wanted to make this a BIG commitment and progress pics will allow me to see my progression week to week. As always I am super open and as nerve-wracking as it is for me, I LOVE sharing my journey with you all. I am trying to be completely open and honest with myself and share it with you all too. Every month I am going to take another progress pic, same outfit, same poses so I can really see how my body is changing.

Let me say these workouts SCARED me so much, I have been doing the 21 day fix off and on the past two years and even did running while I was pregnant, so I haven’t done a hardcore weightlifting program in over 3 years. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t even know if I could do them. Here is the low down on Body Beast, its a 90 day weightlifting program broken up into three phases. The Build phase is first and you workout 6 days a week with one rest day, you need a bench or stability ball, weights (light and heavy set). I actually went out and got some 5 & 10 lbs because my lowest weight I had was 15 and that was WAY too heavy #humblingmoment.

I stream all my workouts to my TV with Beach Body on Demand. I have a full year Pass so I have access to EVERY one of their programs! This first week I mainly worked out with Annabelle running around like a mad woman and Addie in the bouncer. It was hard and I really wanted to workout while they napped but then that left me no time to get actual work (etsy & beach body work) done. So alas the girls joined me and honestly it wasn’t too bad. I could usually just throw pirate booty at Annabelle and she was pretty happy with her toys and snacks.


For most of the workouts you do 3-4 sets. The first is 15 reps using a light weight, then you do 12 reps and go up in weight, then you do a drop set (8 reps at your heaviest weight then NO REST and 8 reps at a lighter weight). And you do this for every move. It was crazy INTENSE and yet honestly refreshing coming from the 21 day fix. The first day I was like OMG what in the world did I get myself into?! Where the heck is the modifier?! #IMissKat But if I couldn’t do a move I would just do pushups or do squats or do a move similar. I made sure to be constantly doing SOMETHING if I needed to modify. These workouts kicked my BOOTY the first week, but I was SO impressed that I actually stuck with them and did ALL 6! That is not because all of a sudden I have this crazy motivation, I have to say it has alot to do with the community of support I have in my current fitness group! I am cohosting a May Group that has over 45 ladies in it and seeing everyone get their workouts in and log their Shakeology, it really keeps me motivated and in check! There is accountability there and I know I am not alone!

So in the spirit of transparency, even though it scares me and is out of my comfort zone, here are my current stats! My starting weight at 14 weeks Post Partum is 182 lbs (I gained 32 this past pregnancy). I was SUPER nervous to hop on the scale this first week but to my surprise, I LOST FOUR pounds!! I couldnt believe it! I knew alot of that was water weight and I know I won’t lose that much every week BUT for week one, that made me really happy! My goal is to get back in the 150’s, that is where I am most comfortable and feel my best.

I will be blogging every week about this workout program and my experience, I am excited to see how this goes over the next 90 days! If you are at all interested in joining me on this journey and would like to join my Fitness Group, then fill out THIS application! I would LOVE to help you on your health journey too!! Let’s do this together!

Also make sure you follow me on Instagram, and Facebook because I post daily about what I am eating and how the workouts are going!

My video on week one is on my youtube:



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  • Amanda

    You are seriously so amazing!! I love your quick and easy recipes, they all sound so delicious 🙂
    Thanks for keeping us all motivated!!

    June 6, 2017 at 5:24 pm Reply

      Yay!! Thanks girl!!!!

      June 8, 2017 at 4:38 pm Reply

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