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June 10, 2017

Week Two – Body Beast Recap

For week two of Body Beast, I was a little all over the place. Between Memorial Day, My Birthday and then Davids birthday, my schedule was off BUT I still stuck with ALL my workouts and was about 90% healthy with my food. In the past I wouldn’t have even started a workout program if i knew I had an event, or holiday during it BUT I was really proud of myself for not letting this “FUN” week throw me off! I didn’t meal prep at all but I just made healthy food choices and then had some birthday splurges on the weekend. I have to say I was REALLY proud of myself for not going crazy, skipping workouts and even turning into a “cheat” week instead of just a day.

I was telling the girls in our current Fitness Group, that this is a LIFE journey, and there is no finish line, there isn’t a prize for whoever loses weight the fastest. In the past, especially when I did the Jamie Eason Live Fit program, I was SUPER strict with my food and didnt have one cheat (you aren’t allowed CHEESE either!) Yes I lost weight (30 lbs) but after the program was over it was like I didn’t know how to cook with “real” food, I didn’t know how to order out at a restaurant, so being strict can be GREAT but it also has its Cons. Being a busy mom of two and still nursing, I am giving myself so much grace this time around, I am being SUPER strict about my workouts and not missing a single one, and I am still tracking all my food and making healthy choices, but if its a social event (birthday dinner, BBQ, etc) I am allowing myself to ENJOY food, just in moderation and proper portions! I want this to be a lifestyle change and I don’t want to obsess over being perfect.


We spent Memorial day with these cuties over at my in laws and just enjoyed relaxing by the pool! Since you are only allowed one rest day a week, I skipped Monday’s workout then doubled up on Tuesday. Which I HIGHLY do not recommend LOL. It was about an hour and 40 minutes of CRAZY intense weight lifting and I was exhausted! But I made a commitment to stick with ALL my workouts, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall off.


It was also Dave’s 30th Bday that weekend so I surprised him with Concert tickets to the Grand Opening of our Local Amphitheater! We saw the Tedeschi Trucks band and they were AMAZING!! I brought some food for us to eat before and I was very proud of myself for getting a couple salads, a chicken wrap (that we split), fruit, hummus and pretzel chips. If this had been before starting Body Beast, I probably would have grabbed fried chicken, potato salad and chocolate chip cookies, BUT I wanted to still stick with my food even on date night!


Even though I didn’t meal prep this week I still had some pretty amazing lunches! I whipped up these easy tortilla pizzas during week one, so I made them again for week 2! I will add chicken if I want extra protein or eat with a side salad too if I am still hungry.

I also am making it a point to get my Shakeology in everyday no matter what! Chocolate Vegan is my favorite right now and I usually blend it with ice, almond milk, half a banana, and 2 tsp of peanut butter, Its SOOO good! I have been drinking shakeology for a little over two years and I just honestly cant imagine not having it everyday! It helps me so much with my PCOS hormones, keeps me full and helps with my cravings too. Since I didnt have my prepped egg cups for week two, I pretty much had shakeology every morning for breakfast. I am also adding in oats, greek yogurt and flax seed every now and then to help keep my milk supply up for Addie.

A couple of mornings I would also make a super simply yogurt and fruit bowl with coffee and that was really yummy! I can definitely tell that meal prepping helps me with being on auto pilot of what food to eat but I was proud of myself for still making healthy choices with a busy week!


I am retraining my mind to think about Food as fuel, instead of just eating mindlessly! I LOVE using My Fitness Pal to track my food, and then the Beach Body Tracker app where I run my monthly groups, allows me to track my workouts and shakoelogy! I am also eating every 2-3 hours so that helps me stay full and not go crazy with my portion sizes.

I also turned 29 this week you guys, (SO CLOSE TO 30!) and in the past I would have said its my birthday week, I am eating cake everyday and definitely not working out LOL. BUT new habits y’all, so I got up had breakfast with Dave and the girls and then got my Birthday workout in! These workouts are still SO HARD and I feel like I have to modify so much, BUT I am still enjoying it! I like really pushing myself and surprisingly they go by fast (when I don’t have to double up).

I have also been streaming my workouts with Beach Body on demand, which I LOVE and then I downloaded the workout calendar to my phone and open it in iBooks. Its really handy! Basically there are TWO options with Body Beast, you have LEAN BEAST workout schedule if you want to lose weight and build muscle and then you have BULK BEAST where you want to just build muscle mass. I am doing Lean Beast and its going really well!


It is pretty comical watching these three huge guys workout and I am in my living room with my purple weights and babies running around! LOL I was worried that I wasnt lifting heavy enough, but I am happy with my 5, 10 and 15 lb weights. Towards the end if I need to go heavier I will, but for now these weights work for me. If I had to pick the hardest workout, I would say either LEGS or Chest and Tris. The Good news is I am not as sore this week, I think week one my body was in our shock. Now its adjusting and slowly getting used to being active 6 days a week.

Just be prepared for tons of workout selfies over these next few months y’all. I need the accountability so it really helps me to take pictures everyday and share them in my fitness groups and with y’all! I think I mentioned this last week, sorry we are still sleep deprived over here with Addie, but I don’t have a bench so I use either my stability ball that I got from Marshalls OR our coffee table LOL For some moves I can just do them on the ground like In and Outs but for tricep dips I use our coffee table. We have a really fancy home gym you guys LOL.

So let’s get down to week two weight loss, I didn’t lose any weight this week, BUT honestly with memorial Day, date night, and my Birthday dinner I did indulge in some not so healthy food, so I wasn’t surprised. I was really glad it didn’t go up though! I am learning to not just focus on the scale though, but to focus on HABITS instead. I can say that two full weeks, and working out everyday is becoming a habit. Even Annabelle wakes up and says Mom can we Work up yet?! It’s an adjustment and usually my workouts take longer but I love the convenience of working out at home and having my girls around. I am still at the same weight as week one, but since I lost 4 lbs the first week I am okay with nothing lost this week. My goal is 1-2 lbs per week, so I am right on track!

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