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June 19, 2017

Week Three – Body Beast Recap

Week three of Body Beast workouts and I think I am getting the hang of this you guys! After not meal prepping last week I decided to get back to it, it really helps me stay on track. Now let me say that this week started out as being SO HARD for me mentally! I just didn’t want to workout any day this past week and I had zero motivation. I don’t know what it was, or why, but I just had a really hard time getting into the groove. BUT the amazing thing is, for the first time since starting these workouts I felt like I was actually working out, not just struggling. I think that is why it is so important to not focus on your feelings and focus on habits instead! The ladies in my current group help me so much with staying dedicated, knowing they are doing everything right along with me, helps me so much!

For lunches this week I made super simply salsa chicken bowls, I added steamed green beans, corn, black beans and brown rice. They were delicious! For the chicken I just placed 4 chicken breast with 1 jar of salsa in the crockpot for 4 hours, then I shredded my chicken and added it back for about 30 minutes.

For breakfast I made my spinach egg cups, they are so easy & I usually top them with salsa or hummus. Also for those just joining me, I am following the 21 day fix food plan and doing the Body beast workouts. I looked at the Body Beast food plan and felt like it would be too much food for me, so I am doing the 21 day fix food part and adding in 400 extra calories since I am still nursing Addie.

Post workout I usually drink my shakeology, I add flax seed, oats, and greek yogurt to help with my supply too! I LOVE the cafe latte flavor so much! I have been drinking the chocolate vegan for about 2 years but I wanted to mix it up, I forgot how amazing the cafe latte flavor is! What is yall’s favorite flavor?

Alright so remember those amazing ladies I talked about, who help me with my goals? Well this week in our fitness group I asked them to share their WHY for being healthy! OMG I was blown away you guys!! These amazing women shared their heart and their goals and I couldn’t have been more proud. I LOVED hearing their WHY and their reason for committing to this 30 day challenge! So Many of them loved our may group they are actually joining me for my June group.

Dinners this week were kind of all over the place but I really wanted to make sure I got in lots of veggies, so steamed broccoli in my new rice cooker was so good! I sprinkled with garlic and parmesan cheese and it was so tasty, I also made bbq chicken one night and it was really good too!

buffalo_chickenSo y’all know I love buffalo chicken and I usually have it ON something like pizza, pasta, squash, BUT this week I just baked it in the oven and then served it with diced sweet potatoes and cauliflower! I LOVE the steamed veggies in a bag, they are so good and you can flavor with your favorite seasoning! I topped mine with my skinny ranch sauce 😉

I also use our salsa chicken for tacos one night and topped with lettuce too. I use the mini whole wheat tortilla’s {mission brand} and topped with greek yogurt and cholula hot sauce. If you follow my instagram you know I make tacos almost 2-3 times a week! HA but they are so easy and so good!

I was craving pasta on thursday night so I made a super simple whole wheat pasta and chicken dish with tzatziki sauce, this is a creamy cucumber sauce that I buy from Costco, you can make your own, but I didn’t have time. It totally satisfied my pasta craving and was really delicious!

Alright enough about my food, I have to brag on my AMAZING dad for a minute! My parents went on a three week vacation outwest so my dad could complete not one but TWO half marathons!! OMG I could not be more proud of him!! We live in Florida, so to go from running on flat ground to mountains at a high elevation is so incredible, he is a machine and inspires me daily!

Alright so week 3 of Body Beast is the final week of Phase 1 the BUILDING phase, next week starts the BULK phase which is 5 weeks **Spoiler alert I actually do Shaun Week workouts instead {will share more next week}. So remember when I said I had a really hard time mentally getting into my workouts? Well Monday was awful, I literally did anything and everything to avoid working out LOL and then finally I said Okay I HAVE to workout before I do anything else and it was hard to start BUT then I did it and had one the BEST workouts!! I literally feel like I am getting stronger and I can finally tell the workouts are paying off, not just physically but the actual moves, being able to do them and I don’t have to modify as much.


I think this week I NEEDED these workouts, not just to stick with my goal but to really prove to myself that I CAN do hard things even when I don’t feel like it. As y’all know Addie still isn’t the best sleeper and it is not getting easier, so I find myself just waking up tired. Can I just tell you waking up TIRED everyday for 4 months is so not fun 😉 Once I have my coffee I am better but I share that to say I could just skip my workouts, I could say I am not going to do it today, BUT that is when I need it the most! Sagi is such a GREAT motivator too, he always says I want a TEN from you, not a 6 not a 7, but give it YOUR all!! So this week I gave a TEN for every single workout and it was SO HARD but I felt amazing after!

I usually stream my workouts to my TV but I watched my nieces and nephew the other day and they wanted to watch a movie so I mixed it up and did my workouts on my laptop in the kitchen! HA I LOVE that I can make it work though! Leg day is really hard for me ALL THE SQUATS is crazy, BUT I upped my weight to 15 lbs and even held both weights for some of the moves, so even though it feels like it is the hardest one, I can tell I am getting stronger with it! And I SO wish I would have measured inches this time around, I can tell I have lost a couple inches in my legs!

I also wanted to really STOP and send myself a VERY important message. It is really easy to start out on a weightloss journey and to see yourself as a BEFORE, to see yourself as maybe not good enough because you need to lose weight. BUT I have done that before and I wanted to remind myself that YOU are GOOD ENOUGH right where you are!

Alright so week three and still the scale hasn’t moved! I could be super disappointed BUT instead I am focusing on Non scale victories and how AMAZING I felt with my workouts this week! I did push ups without modifying, I have worked out 6 days a week for 3 straight weeks, I have had my shakeology EVERYDAY and I have this AMAZING community of support with my current fitness group! So I am choosing to focus on HABITS instead of the scale.


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