Fed is Best

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while, but somehow couldn’t find the words. Last night as I was feeding my 3 month old, who wanted nothing to do with nursing and instead wanted a bottle. I realized something pretty simple, whether you bottle feed, breast feed, nurse in public, nurse in your car, formula feed or nurse with a blanket covering you, A FED baby is a HAPPY baby!


There is so much pressure out there to breast feed, to breast feed for a certain length of time, 3 months, 6 months, a year. But if you nurse for too long, you’re crazy. There is so much pressure to make enough milk, to make 3 oz, 5 oz, to drink lactation teas and milks to ensure your supply stays up. There’s nipple shields, all sizes of pump funnels, manual pumps, electric pumps, lanolin cream in case your nipples are sore, cracked and overall just plain hurt. If you can’t make enough milk then you’re doing something wrong?!

There is so much pressure to formula feed, if you’re not making enough milk why aren’t you just switching to formula?! Why even TRY to breastfeed and stress yourself out?! If you’re doing formula why would you even nurse at all?! Did you get the sensitive formula, the FULL of iron formula, powder or liquid one?

Do you see my point yet? There is an OVERWHELMING amount of info for breastfed AND formula babies. And there is also a TON of opinions about both! But maybe, just MAYBE the only opinion you need is YOURS. As a mom its okay to say “Hey you know what, I don’t make enough milk, so I am going to switch to formula” Or MAYBE it’s okay to say you know what I enjoy nursing and will stick it out through the hard season because I enjoy it and I want to breast feed my baby.

At the end of the day YOU’RE the MOM! If I have learned anything from having two kids, it’s to trust your mothers intuition AND not be afraid to seek advise. Go meet with that lactation consultant, talk with your pediatrcian, drink that lactation tea & eat those granola filled cookies, but don’t beat yourself up if those things don’t work for you. Mom guilt is REAL and with social media at an all time high, avoid the MOM GUILT and just do the BEST you can, whatever you’re BEST looks like!


#AFedBabyIsAHappyBaby #NoMoreMomGuilt


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