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August 5, 2017

Be Unapologetically and Fearlessly You

At 6 months Post Partum, I’m not where I thought I’d be.
I see other moms who “bounce back” or I even compare my second post pregnancy journey to my first.
This weekend I had an AHA moment from my 2 year old, while pointing at my wrinkly belly she said
“Mom you have a princess belly!”
I said What do you mean?
“Ya because you had Princess Adelaide & Princess Annabelle!”
She did this in two seconds than ran off & I don’t think she even realized the impact it had on me.

This “body” that I criticize so much, has carried TWO babies to 10 months, it has FED those babies, it has stretched more than I thought possible to house those babies, it has spent sleepless nights rocking those babies, it has cooked
dinner with a child on one hip.
This body has ran half marathons at 5 months pregnant & also had long walks to the parks with both hands full. I have literally GIVEN my body, THIS body to my children in EVERY sense of the word.
It is not perfect, it has flaws, stretch marks, wrinkles, but it has worked overtime for more than THREE years for my GIRLS.

There is a mom out there struggling with body image, struggling with negative thoughts, I want you to know your kids look at you & think “You have a PRINCESS body because YOU gave your body for ME”.

Be UnApologetically & Fearlessly YOU Mommas.
Be a little kinder to yourself, YOU are amazing just as you are.
Happy Weekend Mommas!

So I want to know, do you struggle with a positive body image?
How do you cope with it?

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