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October 9, 2017

What is Coaching?

After I had Addie, I really struggled with losing the baby weight. I really struggled with not having enough energy, not having motivation, feeling overwhelmed and not to mention the GIANT lack of sleep. 🙈

Going from ONE kid to TWO, really threw me for a loop, and was harder than I had anticipated. 😲

Somewhere around April / May I made a change, just simple changes like getting up earlier, putting my phone down more, doing just 3-4 workouts a week, and having accountability with my groups. 😍

Now I’m down 33 lbs since February, I am still nursing Addie and I have a great routine that I LOVE! I could NOT have done this without the amazing support of my beach body family. AKA my Tribe of Busy Boss Mommas

“I don’t have time to coach”
“I need to work on me first”
“I dont know anyone who would be interested”
“I dont have any social media training”
“I am too busy”

These are ALL things I thought just 2.5 years ago AND things I hear on a DAILY basis from women just like you. But I decided to DIVE in anyway, and become a COACH! It was mainly for selfish reasons at first 😂 I wanted to get back to healthy after having my FIRST daughter, and now here I am STILL coaching after 2.5 years, and I’ve lost the baby weight not ONCE but twice (annabelle and addie) 👭

I am going to go LIVE this week (October) and share how exactly I have lost my baby weight, found a balance with TWO kids, and how coaching was the CATALYST and the KEY factor to my health journey. 🙌

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