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October 18, 2017

How to make a BOO kit for Halloween (with FREE Printable)

Halloween is coming up, and I was introduced to this fun craft / experience that you can do with your kiddos too! Making a BOO Kit is a great way to share some FALL fun in your neighborhood! Are you wondering what a Boo Kit is yet?

So apparently there is this “thing” calling “booing” your neighbors around halloween time. Have you guys heard of this? I was so excited when I opened the door and we had a cute little bucket with treats on our door, and when I say I was excited, you know I mean Annabelle was just as excited 😉

The graphic designer in me, just had to recreate the tags and printable and of course share on my blog with all of you!

This was so easy to put together and I promise it won’t take you very long, you can make it your own, add personalized stickers or treats but the best part is, its like a little Halloween surprise! So your neighbors can’t know who left it.

It was so much fun putting together our buckets and dropping them off in secret to our neighbors door, with Annabelle. She was pretty tempted to knock on the door, but I didn’t think her 3 year old feet could run fast enough so our neighbors didnt know it was us.

The fun thing about this boo kit craft is you can really do ANY theme you want! We headed to the dollar store to put together a “fall themed” basket, but you could easily make a candy one, a pumpkin one, I’ve even seen a “boozed” theme if you are feeling really generous and want to throw a bottle of wine in for your neighbor bestie 😉

Okay and I’m also thinking about doing a Christmas “Elfed kit”! What do you guys think? How adorable would it be to open your door and get a little note that says you’ve been ELFED! And have treats and candy and Christmas decor!

I think I’m going to make this a thing for every season you guys, hopefully my neighbors will appreciate the effort. It makes a really fun neighborhood game to all do together!

So lets talk about what you will need for you boo kit. First you will need a bucket or a trick or treat basket, whichever you decide; but you want something big enough that you can fill with a couple halloween treats.

Next you can go to your local Hobby lobby, or dollar tree or even Walmart and pick out some Halloween goodies to put in your basket! We had stickers, pencils, napkins, a little spider toy, slinkies and a notebook, which Annabelle was obsessed with and couldn’t wait to open her stickers and put them on everything.

The thing about the Boo kit, is you will actually be making TWO kits, to place on TWO different neighbors doors. So when assembling your buckets, make sure you have TWO of every item, you can make them identical or change them up.

For me, I wanted a Fall Theme and HOME items, so in our baskets I included: 1 Fall Glass, pot holders, kitchen hand towel, a pumpkin scented candle, a little pumpkin, and a leaf candy dish.

Of course I had my little helper, Annabelle, she was so excited to put these together! I think her love language is gifs, she gets SO excited to give them and receive them. For our baskets I just placed some colorful filling at the bottom so that the items were cushioned and it made it really fun!

Next place your items in your bucket, arranged so that you can see all of them at once. Print out your “You’ve been BOOed” poem and your door hanger (keep reading to get your FREE printable). Once I had all our items in the basket, I tied it with ribbon to finish it off.

After you complete your baskets, you wait until it’s dark and you pick out two neighbors to drop off your gift! Now you are suppose to “ding and dash!” with these, but that part is totally up to you.
You can ring the doorbell and make a run for it, OR just leave the basket and they will find their surprise in the morning.

It is really fun to get your whole neighborhood involved! IF you get booed then you will want to make sure you leave your “We’ve been booed” tag on YOUR house so people know you have already been gifted. You can print it out on copy paper or a thick card stock, punch a hole and attach a ribbon. You can hang it from your door knob OR from your wreath.

Download your You’ve been Booed Poem and Instructions sheet HERE.
Download your We’ve been Booed Tags HERE.

Who are you going to BOO this Halloween?! Can’t wait to see what you guys do!







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