September 1, 2010


Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Alesha Haley. I am a wife, mom, graphic designer, beach body coach, crafter, lover of Jesus and blogger. I have PCOS, have dealt with infertility, weight gain, weight loss, and this is a little glimpse into my world. I LOVE clean eating and cooking is one of my passions.

In 2013, I  lost 30 pounds after completeing Jamie Eason’s 12 week Live Fit Trainer!

Read more about my Jamie Eason 12 week recap: HERE.

Shortly after I to my surprise I got pregnant naturally with my precious Annabelle! After I had Annabelle I quickly realized I wanted to get back into shape but also wanted to share my story with others! That’s how I found Beach Body,I started with just wanting to do an at home workout program, and now its turned into my full time income on part time hours!

Now,I am a full time Beach Body coach and have a team (Team Rise) of over 30 coaches. Together we help others on their fitness and health journeys by motivating and supporting them! I never thought I would be a coach, I felt like I needed to lose more weight first, or even know MORE about fitness. BUT as coaches, we are not personal trainers, that is what Beach Body provides! They have TOP trainers like Autumn Calabrese (21 day fix) Tony Horton (P90x), Chalean Johnson (Chalean Extreme) and they are the ones that are SUPER knowledgable with personal training. It is my job to just support and be a voice of positivity in other womens lives!


I LOVE working out at home and doing QUICK workouts now that I am a mom. I don’t spend hours in the gym, I eat healthy foods every 3 hours, and only workout 30 minutes a day. It’s all about balance and finding what works for you!
If you want more info about how I become a coach and what exactly we do, check out my story!

If you can relate to my story and want more info about coaching, let’s talk!!

Annabelle is the highlight of our life, after suffering with infertility for 3.5 years and battling PCOS we were able to get pregnant naturally in 2013! Motherhood is by far the BIGGEST blessing in my life.

Being a multitasker, I didn’t want to give up my Graphic Design career when I had Annabelle. So I left my job of 4 years doing Product Development and decided to stay home with Annabelle and find my own job. I opened my ETSY store years ago selling party invites and now it’s taken off and allows me to work from home and on my own schedule. Shop my ETSY store HERE.

I hope my blog encourages you and that my own struggles can help inspire and motivate you. I am not perfect, I am not even where I want to be yet, BUT I am a work on progress who is leaning on God to help her do life.