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August 5, 2017

Be Unapologetically and Fearlessly You

At 6 months Post Partum, I’m not where I thought I’d be.
I see other moms who “bounce back” or I even compare my second post pregnancy journey to my first.
This weekend I had an AHA moment from my 2 year old, while pointing at my wrinkly belly she said
“Mom you have a princess belly!”
I said What do you mean?
“Ya because you had Princess Adelaide & Princess Annabelle!”
She did this in two seconds than ran off & I don’t think she even realized the impact it had on me.

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June 21, 2017

Fed is Best

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while, but somehow couldn’t find the words. Last night as I was feeding my 3 month old, who wanted nothing to do with nursing and instead wanted a bottle. I realized something pretty simple, whether you bottle feed, breast feed, nurse in public, nurse in your car, formula feed or nurse with a blanket covering you, A FED baby is a HAPPY baby!

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September 20, 2016

Jellyfish Jungle – Gender Reveal and Birthday Party

It’s hard to believe our little Annabelle turned TWO in August! It seems like she was literally just born and yet that we have had her forever. With her first birthday party I knew right away I wanted to do a Flamingo Theme and spent MONTHS planning it! You can read about her Flamingo First Birthday party Here.

So all of a sudden it was about a month until her SECOND birthday and I was stumped! I had no ideas and zero motivation to craft & binge on pinterest. That could be due to having a second little bun in the oven. In case you missed it, we found out this summer that we are expecting another little babe! You can read more about our pregnancy announcement HERE.

So with a little help from lots of coffee and group texting with my sister, I decided on a Jelly Fish theme for Annabelle’s second birthday party! AND it was kind of perfect timing to ALSO do a Gender Reveal at her party. I would be about 20 weeks at Annabelle’s Birthday, so it seemed fitting to just go ahead and knock out two parties at once.

under_the_sea_ birthday party

We decided to do another pool party at my parents house since its so hot in Florida and the kids LOVED swimming last year! I told myself I wasn’t going to be the CRAZY party lady that I was last year. And I have to say I am very proud of myself, I didn’t go TOO overboard (if you don’t count making 20 jellyfish lanterns) and I wasn’t stressed out at all! The morning of the party I actually went swimming and just relaxed before people came over! It’s actually weird, something about being pregnant I am like this LESS stressed more easy going Alesha version.

Anyway, enough about my hormones, lets talk Jellyfish! I designed Annabelle’s invite and had them printed at Costco, which I highly recommend! You can shop my Jellyfish invite design on my Etsy Store HERE.

Jellyfish Party Invite
About two weeks before the party Annabelle and I basically camped out at my parents and got to work on her jellyfish lanterns! My sister and Mom were a HUGE help! We knocked out all the decor pretty quickly, and it helps that my sister is obsessed with party planning as much as I am and she just happen to have 20 spare lanterns lying around.

The lanterns were super easy to make, we just used regular chinese lanterns, then hot glued streamers and ribbon to the bottom and then finished them off with either thick ribbon or tissue paper. I LOVED how they turned out, clearly Annabelle was not impressed LOL.

It also worked out perfectly doing a gender reveal too, so everything was pink and blue! My parents have the downstairs of their house as my dads work office and I nonchalantly transformed it into Jellyfish Jungle.

The night before the party I had all these leftover over pink and blue streamers, so I made some garland and then hung the rest of the streamers over the window where the food would go.

My dad also has this giant white board that I quickly took over and turned into our Annabelle collage. My parents are pretty great about letting my obsess over parties too! It worked out great just printing some pictures of Annabelle and having them on the white board.

gender reveal vote
I also wanted people to VOTE whether they thought baby #2 was a boy or a girl. So I whipped up this little voting sheet. David and and I both were TEAM BOY and pretty much so was everyone else.

The day of the party it rained and I wasnt sure if it would rain later on, so we just hung a couple decorations outside and most everything else was inside. And actually the rain stopped by the afternoon and the weather was perfect!

In going with the Under the Sea theme, my sister saw these really cute turtle lanterns on pinterest, so naturally we had to make some for the party!

Turte Lantern
The turtles were WAY easier and less time consuming than the jellyfish, just used some construction paper and a marker and they were so easy to make!

My nieces and nephew were my little party planners and got just as excited about the party theme! The girls made flip flop cookies and rice crispy sushi!

Going with the sea theme, we made a blue punch with Hawaiian Punch, sprite, and gatorade. It was suppose to be blue ombre, but apparently I layered them wrong and so it was just one shade of blue. Which let’s be honest, kids don’t care and it still tasted delicious!

We also used a kiddie pool filled with ice for the bottled water and juice packs outside. Which I have to say was pretty smart and kept the drinks cold!

This is where I have to give MAJOR props to my mom and sister! Remember when I said they LOVE parties just as much as I do, well they really stepped up for our little Annabelle. My mom made these clamshell cookies using a yogurt raisin in the middle and blue & pink icing for the filling. She also put vanilla waivers and oreos in the food processor to look like real sand.

My sister and nieces made these adorable rice krispy sushi rolls using gummies and fruit roll ups! They came out so cute.

My mom also made a spinach and artichoke dip and then topped it with a big bell pepper in the shape of an octopus! The kids thought it was hilarious!

So I saw these cute little jellyfish shaped peanut butter sandwiches on Pinterest, well being in RELAXED mode this year I thought I would make it easy on myself and just do a giant pack of Uncrustables from Costco. I had the best of intentions to use a fish cookie cutter, but then we realized they would just ooze jelly and it would make a big mess. So we decided to leave them in their original shape and call it a day 😉 I still think they came out cute with the Peanut Butter and Jelly fish Sign.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Fish
The jellyfish cake pops and cake were the REAL show stopper!! This is where my sister gets like 1,000 coolest Aunt Ever points because she always brings the BEST cake pops to Annabelle’s party! Last year she had custom flamingo cake pops made and this year she had the same baker make these jellyfish shaped ones in blue & pink.

I can’t get over how stinking cute they are and they were sooooooo good y’all! We actually had a different set of cake pops that we used for the actual gender reveal, but the jellyfish ones were for everyone to eat during the party.

Then as if my sister didn’t do enough, she had another baker custom make a jellyfish birthday cake too! It was chocolate flavored and was super yummy!

For other snacks, I wanted to keep it pretty simple so we did a bunch of goldfish in a beach bucket for the kids. I tried to pick food that we would still eat the leftovers and Annabelle’s favorite snack ever is goldfish!


My mom also saw on pinterest to take blue jelly beans OR m&ms and put them in a fish bowl with goldfish, once again, adorable and the kids thought it was so cute!

My nieces made these flip flop cookies using nutter butters and icing.

And again with easy snacks, pretzels as driftwood and now Annabelle has lots of new beach toys!

My mom really out did herself with the food! She made a crab pasta salad an italian pasta salad and both were a hit! We knew the adults would want something more than just peanut butter and jelly, so this was a great addition.


Of course we had to get a Nemo Pool float for the party and my parents already had a lobster pool float. I pretty much think we will always do a pool party for Annabelle’s birthday!

The BEST part was just spending the day with our closest friends and family!

Remember that Flamingo Float I had for Annabelle’s first birthday?! Well shes still alive and kicking! It took my like an hour to blow that thing up last year and she has literally stayed a float this entire year! The kids LOVE piling on top of her!

Annabelle was one happy little jellyfish having her favorite people and LOTS of cake at her party!

Look at the proud grandparents! I LOVE having my in laws and parents all together! So funny story, David and I actually met when we were about Annabelle’s age THROUGH our parents! They were all friends and we used to all get together and they would joke about David and I getting married one day. Well now here we are with our own little kiddos and we joke with our friends too!

Of course my bestie came with her adorable little man! Love seeing how much the kids grow and how much fun they have together!

So after all the food and cake pop galore it was GENDER REVEAL time! A couple weeks before the party I had an ultrasound and told the tech to put the gender results in a sealed envelope. My sister gave that envelope to the cake pop baker and she made special white cake pops just for the reveal. So nobody knew the gender at all!

Now I will say David and I were both expecting to see bright BLUE when we bit into them! I was about 99.9% sure it was a boy, we even had a boy name and everything. But then we took that first bite and they were PINK! We couldn’t believe it! David of course is thinking “Oh man thats two weddings I have to pay for!” HAHA

We couldn’t be more thrilled to add another sweet girl to our family and Annabelle is beyond excited to have a baby sister! Those of you that have followed my blog for a while know about our previous infertility & PCOS struggles so it truly is a miracle to have TWO precious girls! We are over the moon excited to meet Adelaide Haley 🙂



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August 16, 2016

Baby #2 – BIG NEWS!

So just in case you haven’t been stalking my Facebook or instagram, maybe you didn’t see, that I announced that I am PREGNANT with Baby #2! Annabelle will be Two this August (25th) and we really can’t wait for her to be a big sister!
I wanted to share more about how we found out and how my pregnancy has been so far!

Big Sister - Second Pregnancy Announcement
So let me say, that this Baby was a SUPRISE to say the least 😉 Y’all know our previous fertility struggles (you can read more about that here) It took us 4 years to get pregnant with Annabelle and after failed fertility treatment & my PCOS, we decided to take a break and I started focusing on my health. After losing 30 lbs in 2013 we found out I was pregnant naturally with our sweet little AB! Now she is the BUSIEST little person ever and seriously keeps me patient, humble and on my toes 🙂

Also funny story when I posted this collage photo on Facebook I totally put January 2016 LOL Can you tell I have prego brain?! I had to fix it before it published to my official blog 😉

2nd Pregnancy Announcement
Annabelle has the BIGGEST personality and people kept asking us when we were going to start trying for another. I guess thats what you do, someone pops out a kid, and you’re like So I know you’re not sleeping and all, but don’t you want one more?! That is when I would politely say, well not for a while. Annabelle keeps me so busy and she is AMAZING but also such a handful, I was like maybe we should wait till shes three LOL

For a couple reasons, I didn’t think I was ready. Because of our emotional fertility journey previously I didn’t think I could handle another 4 years of trying. I didn’t know how long it would take, but I was nervous it would take just as long and I was also nervous that I would be stressed out again like I was previously. I just wasn’t ready to go there. So we decided to just wait. We were in the “well we are not “really” trying” phase, if you know what I mean. What can I say, I am a TOTAL open book y’all 😉

Well apparently God had other plans for us, and at around 5 weeks I started to feel that familiar nauseasness that I knew all too well. I think part of me thought it would NEVER happen. I kind of thought Annabelle was more of a one time miracle and maybe it wouldn’t be the same for a second. But here’s the really amazing thing, and what really blows me away. God sees our struggles, our thoughts, he hears those inner most worries and he is literally saying, “Don’t worry, let me take control”

And that is EXACTLY what happened! Without the struggles, without the emotional roller coaster, without my PCOS even being an issue, I am pregnant with BABY #2! It just shows how big and amazing God really is. We tried for the perfect time to have kids years ago and now BOTH of these pregnancies have been a surprise and also the BEST thing that has happened to us!

As I mentioned I found out when I was about 5 weeks. Ever since I had Annabelle and stopped nursing my cycles have been SUPER regular (which was pretty amazing with my PCOS), so when all of a sudden I was “late” I knew something was up. When I took that first test, I thought, there is no way, this is totally not going to be positive, we aren’t even trying really?! Then BAM positive test! I couldn’t believe it! I think I even started laughing, like OH my Gosh is this really happening?!

At first I was shocked, then I told David and he was even more shocked LOL then after it suck in, we told Annabelle and seeing her excitement and hearing her talk about the baby made it so amazing!

Now I am about 4 months and we have seen the baby a handful of times! My shock has turned to absolute LOVE and joy and we could not be more excited! Annabelle prays for and kisses my baby every night. She even tried to dig the baby out of my belly button the other day LOL I know we are in for some BIG adjustments here pretty soon, but we cant wait to meet our sweet little babe! Coming soon January 28th 2017.

Just a quick workout update, before I found out I was pregnant I had already registered for my 4th Half marathon for September 11th of this year. Well then I found out about the baby and was like OMG am I really going to do this race pregnant?! After getting the go ahead from my doctor, I decided YES, Yes I am going to keep my training up and be healthy for me and this little one! I have been running and training for a while now so my body is already used to the longer distances, so I will be about 20 weeks by the time my race comes around.

I may be a heck of a lot slower, and have more walk breaks but this training has really kept me motivated and on track!
I am also lifting weights about 3 days a week doing the 21 day fix. My goal is to just focus on staying consistent with my workouts and sticking with healthy food. It has been a STRUGGLE but so far I am really proud of myself! I am still coaching my monthly challenge groups and continuing to train my team of coaches! Being a beach body coach has been the BEST thing to keep me motivated during this pregnancy! I love seeing all my challengers rocking their workouts and it pushes me to stay consistent too!

On Annabelle’s second birthday party we will do a Gender Reveal & find out if its a boy or girl! I am totally thinking Team Blue this time but who knows 😉 We are beyond excited to welcome a second little babe to our family!

Give God your struggles and he will give you his strength