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October 9, 2017

What is Coaching?

After I had Addie, I really struggled with losing the baby weight. I really struggled with not having enough energy, not having motivation, feeling overwhelmed and not to mention the GIANT lack of sleep. 🙈

Going from ONE kid to TWO, really threw me for a loop, and was harder than I had anticipated. 😲

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In Fitness, Mom Life on
August 5, 2017

Be Unapologetically and Fearlessly You

At 6 months Post Partum, I’m not where I thought I’d be.
I see other moms who “bounce back” or I even compare my second post pregnancy journey to my first.
This weekend I had an AHA moment from my 2 year old, while pointing at my wrinkly belly she said
“Mom you have a princess belly!”
I said What do you mean?
“Ya because you had Princess Adelaide & Princess Annabelle!”
She did this in two seconds than ran off & I don’t think she even realized the impact it had on me.

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In Fitness on
June 19, 2017

Week Three – Body Beast Recap

Week three of Body Beast workouts and I think I am getting the hang of this you guys! After not meal prepping last week I decided to get back to it, it really helps me stay on track. Now let me say that this week started out as being SO HARD for me mentally! I just didn’t want to workout any day this past week and I had zero motivation. I don’t know what it was, or why, but I just had a really hard time getting into the groove. BUT the amazing thing is, for the first time since starting these workouts I felt like I was actually working out, not just struggling. I think that is why it is so important to not focus on your feelings and focus on habits instead! The ladies in my current group help me so much with staying dedicated, knowing they are doing everything right along with me, helps me so much!

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June 10, 2017

Week Two – Body Beast Recap

For week two of Body Beast, I was a little all over the place. Between Memorial Day, My Birthday and then Davids birthday, my schedule was off BUT I still stuck with ALL my workouts and was about 90% healthy with my food. In the past I wouldn’t have even started a workout program if i knew I had an event, or holiday during it BUT I was really proud of myself for not letting this “FUN” week throw me off! I didn’t meal prep at all but I just made healthy food choices and then had some birthday splurges on the weekend. I have to say I was REALLY proud of myself for not going crazy, skipping workouts and even turning into a “cheat” week instead of just a day.

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